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mercredi 23 mai 2018

China : 130 million international trips new record

China : 130 million international trips new record 

Chinese travelers travel abroad in record numbers: 130 million international trips according to Ctrip and the Chinese Academy of Tourism, which has had an unprecedented impact on the environment. From planes to plastic bottles, travel has an incredible effect on our ecosystem. Fortunately, environmentally friendly hospitality and tourism companies are reorganizing their activities to offer luxury vacations that do not harm the fragile and pristine environments in which they are located. But does environmental sustainability even concern Chinese travelers?

Are operators prioritizing their ecotourism initiatives rewarded by growing activities in the growing market? 

"Chinese travelers are increasingly aware of environmental issues and the need to integrate responsibility into their daily lives, even on vacation. The Chinese market has been very quick to embrace and participate in environmental sustainability, "says Bernhard Bohnenberger, President of Six Senses, who believes that Chinese luxury travelers are in tune with the brand's philosophy.

"The Chinese market is also aware that it's Six Senses that created the responsible tourism niche in 1996 and is the brand that continues to set the standard in the hospitality industry."

Six Senses' commitment to green operations also opens up new opportunities.

"As Six Senses becomes more known in the Chinese market, we are receiving interest and development requests from Chinese homeowners who are aware that Six Senses brands have great value for raising awareness of a responsible approach to hospitality."

Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain opened in 2016 with ecological elements such as purified drinking water served in reusable glass bottles, Tesla cars for airport pickups and a large organic garden serving its farm restaurant in table. Opportunities for families to experience first-hand agriculture, as well as access to clean air, attract many wealthy clients.

New wawe of Tourists, Chinese millenials 

source http://tefmedu.com/understanding-chinas-millennials-the-rise-of-digital-native-consumption.htm

Similarly, the Gili Lankanfushi luxury eco-resort in the Maldives is experiencing growth in the Greater China market in 2018. Gili Lankanfushi is also engaged in green operations.

"We find that Hong Kong customers have a stronger connection to their green skills and sustainable thinking than customers in mainland China, as evidenced by their booking motives and conversations on the island," said the team. Gili Lankanfushi.

"That said, guests from mainland China and Hong Kong are united and committed to our sustainable development and environmental policies while visiting the island."
source Jingtravel

Chinese Influence 

With the growing influence of the Chinese market on destinations and tourism activities around the world, a 2017 survey of 430 Chinese citizens of Mainland China attempted to understand the perceptions and preferences of Chinese tourists vis-à- nature tourism.

The aim was to help form new destination planning and marketing approaches to better attract these segments of tourists and sustainably manage tourism resources.

A high degree of interest in participating in nature tourism among Chinese tourists. Older and older Chinese travelers are more interested in visiting natural environments. Potential nature tourists from China prefer to visit places associated with sea views and take photographs of artificial, non-commercial and artificial activities. Nature tourism takes two primary forms for Chinese travelers: education and relaxation (experiential), and convenience and accessibility (functional) We expect that as the Chinese transmitter market becomes more sophisticated, the commitment of luxury travelers to environmentally friendly operators will be harder to convince, with ordinary tourists preferring to prioritize the environment before the cost

dimanche 6 mai 2018

School life in China

School life | Prep School goes green with paper recycling

The Prep School’s prefect team have already been very busy since the start of the year, as they’ve developed the Wellington Values reward card system and various other projects and proposals. This term, recycling has been the focus of their attention, as they have set out to make Wellington a greener place through a new paper recycling project.
Achieving truly effective recycling in China can often be a tricky prospect, however, so it took a lot of effort to find a company who could help make this idea a reality. After lots of research, the team finally found Green Initiatives, who have agreed to make collections every two weeks to pick up all the paper that the College has saved for recycling. Wellington is the first school in Shanghai to take such an active stance on recycling paper and it’s all due to the dedicated efforts of the Prep School prefect team, ably supported by Mrs Mulliner.

“We got the project started by having 24 recycling points placed all around the college and we encourage everyone to put their paper in these boxes. Each week, we prefects take the boxes to the big recycling bins and sort them into two categories – white paper and yellow paper – so it’s all ready for Green Initiatives to come and take it away.” – Jonathan, year 8 prefect

Once the collection is made by Green Initiatives, the paper is taken away to a recycling plant in Ningbo. Eventually, the idea is that Wellington will be able to directly buy back all the paper that it has recycled, which can be reused between 4 to 7 times. Since paper is an essential, everyday resource in any school, this system has four distinct advantages:
·         Saving the school money on paper supplies
·         Aiding the environment

·         Promoting the benefits of recycling in a highly noticeable manner

·         Encouraging greater participation in recycling efforts across the College
The project already has drawn plenty of attention across the Prep School and the wider Wellington community, as the team aim to make this the start of a permanent green initiative that will continue even after their time at Wellington is over:

“We’ve got quite a big team for this project with a wide span of ages of pupils helping out. There’s about 20 of us: 12 prefects (including the heads and deputy heads of house) and the form captains from years 3-5. We think that it’s really important to include pupils from every year group in the Prep School from 3 to 8, because as the younger ones move up they’ll teach the next year of pupils about the importance of recycling. We want everyone to “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” paper as much as possible so the idea will hopefully stick and become something that we do automatically.” – Selena, year 8 prefect

The project is only just getting started, and after the three-month trial period has ended, Green Initiatives should be able to tell us how many tons of paper have been recycled and the equivalent of how many trees have been saved as a result of our collective efforts as a school.
Once this information comes in, the team’s plan is to make a display in reception (all using recycled paper, of course!) that highlights how many trees the project has saved so far, as well as its future targets. This will not only allow everyone in the Prep School to celebrate the great work that they’ve been doing, but it will also draw attention to the importance of recycling and the tangible difference it makes.

 Prep School In Shanghai 

As the prefect team have said themselves, this project is as much about changing attitudes and inspiring environmental responsibility as it is about saving paper:
“Children spend a lot of their time at school, so if their school is involved in recycling then maybe they will take the idea home with them and share it with their parents, who will then start recycling as well. We want to spread awareness of the importance of recycling as far as possible so that it has the biggest possible effect.” – Sophie, year 8 prefect
So make sure that you recycle as much paper as you can, both at school and at home. Hopefully then, within a few months, we will all be able to celebrate having saved a small forest’s worth of trees!

In answer to a frequently asked question about the recycling process, Mrs Mulliner would like everyone to be aware that white paper with any colour images printed on it should be placed in the white paper box in the main paper bin in DT and/or the main reception.

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vendredi 20 avril 2018

China's Uber Has Plans To target the World

 The ambition of China's Uber

The bargain that is scuppered was the most recent example of a business struggling to complete business. DiDi has reacted with its superior car support. It merged with one rival business and an enormous investment in Apple can view it sloughs off the challenge and enlarge. However, Cheng Wei is quick to indicate that the manner of entering new markets of Didi isn't exactly what most from the West could be accustomed to. "I had been created in 1983," he informs me as we walk around the massive Di-Di complex to a chilly Beijing morning. It's his very first television interview with social networking.
But do you really know about its own low-key founder? For a start, he is just 35 yrs of age.
The business told the BBC this week. The movement will probably place up this to vie into that business's very own backyard against its nemesis - Uber - directly.


But expanding for DiDi might well not be easy, if they decide to try to go 27, only on account of the suspicions companies face. "Whether you are American or Chinese, data could be your lifeline of any enterprise. In the event that you fail to guarantee data safety, then that is likely to be wholly detrimental to the company."

"My whole control team has plenty of people in their 30s," he states. "We're idealistic and certainly will be reckless sometimes, however, we bring a lot of surprises. Noone can overtake to be reckless, Cheng Wei. Every measure of this Di-Di travel has been intended. His first measure was to rule industry in China. Subsequently - much like different technologies - China leapfrogged in for the foreseeable future.

You've probably been aware of the Di-Di Chuxing of China. Oahu is the ride-hailing firm famous for driving Uber away China's streets.It is currently the world's biggest ride-hailing program, also its own worth now at $56bn (#39.4B N), it's also the planet's most effective startup. "This really isn't older China. This is actually a brand new creation, " says Chris DeAngelis, that regularly advises Western organizations getting to China. He convinced, with the conviction. And he has got the money to splash on plans for future years. Didi is close with wechat and Alibaba Alipay

"For the previous 2 years, it was China who heard more from the united states," he states. "However, at the subsequent ten decades, we will ride one another's successes. There is absolutely no point believing who'll transcend that."
  • Uber sells its own Chinese company to Di-Di
  • Apple stinks in Chinese Uber rival
  • China 'hard code to crack' to get Uber
His second thing, he informs me, would be to simply take over the entire world: "The economy is naturally essential, but now Di-Di's vision has already been going worldwide." US rival Uber is more famous with clients that are affluent and is making a big push. Huawei stated that had been since it's too competitive and hit straight back.

"Di Di's worldwide plan might be somewhat different from many others," he says, grinning. "Our plan isn't necessarily to do everything"

International Expansion 

It has entered Taiwan and Japan. And Brazil's leading program, 99 was gained by it. Huawei said it had been unable to hit a bargain to market its smartphone by means of a US carrier earlier this season.
Suddenly everybody else needed the "Di Di" program: it might line a motorist, observe just how many clocks were at your community, put you into touch with a motorist, even offer you a hint to find yourself a vehicle there more immediately. In cities such as Shanghai and Beijing to get a Friday night since they taking Di Di reservations you are fighting to hail a taxi on the road.

Systematically and just, Di-Di is currently now making its move to markets that are worldwide. However, companies and US politicians think that their own own government has given companies an unfair advantage. Like what happend in Shanghai for example

Take telecommunications Huawei, as an example. Maybe Not old China

Before the program of Di-Di Chu in the sole option was going to hail one. There have been no phone booking services. Folks may have some telephone numbers of cab drivers find out and that they knew to call whether these drove in your community but has been it.

Cheng Wei is greatly the face of fresh China.

"The US should get up because now, we will receive our asses pumped ostensibly," adds Chris, talking about this art that Chinese technology firms like Di-Di have over American people. Some say that hand that data right back again to the government - even an understanding Cheng Wei is quick to improve.

"When American organizations first entered China, you will find such concerns," he states.

" in markets where there are no thriving regional businesses, subsequently Di-Di will input that market to talk about our experience. That is what we're doing at this time."

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jeudi 19 avril 2018

First Time Direct Flights Launched For Darwin To China

Travel situation from Darwin To China ! 

China 's Stimulus Package

This company has recently introduced packages to produce flying more interesting. Phoenix Miles, its frequent flyer application was launched for this reason. Here is what's really a frequent flyer application. All these are loyalty programs provided by airlines all over the globe. As part of the plan, miles measured to the distance are acquired by travelers. 
Darwinists are going to have the ability to fly direct to China for the very first time, in the NT Government is charging because of game-changer for tourism. 

Donghai Airlines

Donghai Airlines will establish a direct service. The principle Minister Michael Gunner mentioned that the service will have the capability to pump approximately $32 million but just one time the trail reaches three flights each week. source : http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-04-13/donghai-airlines-launches-direct-flights-form-darwin-to-china/9652300
The services may make use of a brand new Boeing 737-800 and certainly will later be updated to your B737 MAX 8, Donghai air companies said.
Reservations out of Darwin won't be available before the close of April, although Airline tickets to the service will carry on sale this day.
The manner of traveling to exotic locations across the world in aviation. At just a matter of hours, even a location with society, an alternative climate and terrains might be accomplished. The world runs traveling, also there are quite a few airlines across the world offering international airfare. One of them is Air China, that has emerged within 25 decades of its debut, among the best at the company. NT Airports CEO Ian Kew reported significantly more than 35,000 airline chairs would be created by the connection between Darwin and China directly.

If you want to Move to Shanghai 

The author writes guides and articles travelers happening traveling market and to get international destinations name and is more specialized in traveling realm. Check for Lowest airfare provided by airlines whenever you're traveling in air companies. If you're confused to select that which drivers can be most useful for you personally Air China may be a superior option that has emerged among the very best at the company, within 25 decades of its debut and Air China airport fares are adequate at the competitive sector.

Phoenix Miles people 

As a portion of Phoenix Miles people taking global and national flights with the company in addition to its own partners, application, are all rewarded. The card can be updated to VIP status. Special levels of salvation are accessed once the VIP status is got. The payoff prices are broken up into three categories card, the card that was gold along with platinum associates. Cardmembers and Gold Card, if flying flights that are eligible, earn a mileage bonus of 25. At 50 percent, the more mileage bonus is currently fixed for Platinum Card Card associates.

Brand new guide flight 

"We're already bringing 18,000 Chinese traffic yearly and also this brand new guide flight will let us match, also well and truly transcend, our aim of 30,000 traffic from China by 2020." The NT Government explained that amount was likely to rise three services each week. Air China is also a major airline in the Republic of China and your flag-carrier. The airline, with its base, has been created in 1988. Air China has its own headquarters. 
The airline, that is ranked the largest in the world features a symbol phoenix design, using a superbly constructed. This carrier can be currently a part of Star Alliance, that's the largest and very first airline cooperation across the world. 2012 was a wonderful season at the foundation of this business. Together, having its global and national services, it took out a total of over 72 million passengers normally. "we all know that vacationers out of China save money typically compared to other visitors, therefore it's a significant and lucrative market," Mr. Gunner explained. Darwin into China direct flights Started to Its First-time source 

Dubbed the "Silicon Valley" of China, also much greater than 14 million people, the metropolis is thought to be a big financial center in southern China., to travel to China

"Uniquely, Donghai air companies are going to likely be the only airline in China to function Australia with a Boeing 737-800 aircraft, providing an even more economical and economically reliable aircraft that'll empower very competitive fares to be available," Mr. Kew explained. Also, return and the flights have been anticipated to use just two times each week Saturdays and Saturdays into Darwin from Shenzhen.

Require passengers to locations : China is Changing

Air China flights require passengers to locations worldwide including middle eastern nations, Western Europe, Asia, North America, Australia and parts of South America. This carrier is popular with travelers. Air China flight bookings are cheap, as suggested and also the traveling experience is decent. The booking centers are easy, either by care in addition to airport-counters consists of passengers onboard. There are many websites. These portal sites work just from intending traveling to lodging amenities and booking flights. Travelers can assess Air China flight program on reserve tickets and those sites. read also 

Discounted China air tickets 

China airlines normally offer discounts from as much as 80% off published rate, these discounted China air tickets are not always available. You have finalized your itinerary, then go ahead and grab the tickets. However be warned about discount airfares, that it comes will very restricted change and cancellation policy. Full fare tickets offer flexibility to change dates and you lose less if you cancel tickets.

mardi 6 février 2018

Chinese Tourists to UK in 2017 doubled

The number of Chinese tourists to Britain in 2017 doubled in 2016, making it one of the fastest growing destinations abroad. According to a report published by the Chinese travel agency Ctrip on Monday, more than 60,000 people booked a trip to Britain through its platform in 2017. The number increased due to the depreciation of the pound sterling, and the launch of flights more direct between Chinese and British cities, says the report. About 42 % of tourists opted to travel with groups of tourists, while the rest preferred a personalized travel plan, according to the report.

Chinese tourist Spending in UK 

Per capita consumption was around 10,000 yuan (1,589 US dollars). Most visitors spent 8 to 10 days on their trip, although trips of more than 15 days were also popular.
Most Chinese tourists visited castles, churches and opera houses.
Ctrip said it would continue to promote tourism to Britain, deepening cooperation with local travel agencies and launching more tourism products.

Favorite Destination for Chinese

A report jointly published by the China Tourism Academy and Ctrip earlier this year said that Britain was among the top three European destinations favored by Chinese tourists.

mercredi 31 janvier 2018

Les destinations très convoitées par les touristes chinois

Comme les Occidentaux, les Chinois aiment également voyager à travers le monde. Leurs intérêts de passer un séjour à l’étranger suscitent un bon nombre d’investisseurs qui mettent à leurs dispositions des offres sur mesure qui peuvent faciliter leurs déplacements ou leurs vacances. Parmi les pays les plus convoités par les touristes chinois figurent le Canada, les États-Unis d’Amérique et bien entendu, quelques destinations européennes comme la France, la Suisse et bien d’autres. Aussi, les pays asiatiques comme le Vietnam, la Thaïlande, le Cambodge, etc., sont également de la partie afin de varier les plaisirs. Manifestement, avec la hausse de la croissance économique de la Chine, beaucoup de Chinois envisagent de faire le tour du monde et de découvrir de nouvelles sensations et de paysages inédits.

Des professionnels aux services des touristes locaux en Chine 

À l’heure où la Chine se trouve en phase d’une réussite touristique exceptionnelle, il existe plusieurs plateformes professionnelles qui mettent à la disposition des passionnés de voyage et d’aventure des conseils pratiques et services pour réussir leurs expéditions. En effet, afin de réussir tout type d’expédition, en Chine ou ailleurs, ils présentent des stratégies fiables pour séduire les vacanciers, comme le circuit sur mesure, par exemple. Cette formule est surtout conçue pour leur offrir des expériences inoubliables en termes de voyage. En plus de cela, certains de ces professionnels du voyage déploient plusieurs méthodes dans le but de répondre aux mieux toutes les exigences des routards. Pour se communiquer et de rester en contact avec leur clientèle, ils utilisent, à titre d’exemple, des réseaux sociaux, des outils digitalisés ou encore du web marketing.

Les villes les plus visitées des touristes chinois 

Les touristes chinois se déplacent en horde et sont toujours à la recherche de quelque chose d’exception durant leurs vacances. En effet, ils souhaitent vraiment sortir de l’ordinaire afin de vivre pleinement leur séjour dans une destination spécifique. En parlant de cette dernière, les Chinois ont une préférence particulière en ce qui concerne les villes suivantes, Shanghai, Singapour, New York, Pékin, Paris, Hong-Kong, Sydney, Zurich, Londres, Vancouver ou encore Japon. Ce denier pays est très fréquenté par les jeunes touristes chinois, en particulier pour les fans de mangas, de films, de dessins animés ou d’autres animations hors du commun. Cela confirme l’influence grandiose de la culture nippone sur les jeunes Chinois. En somme, beaucoup d’endroits sur terre suscitent de plus en plus la curiosité de nombreux globe-trotters chinois, reste à savoir s’ils veulent réellement les visiter un par un.

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