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vendredi 8 mai 2020

There's A Crisis That Is Quietly Creating a New Economic Superpower China.

As China begins to reopen its factories and return to work, what they return to will not be the same ...

Despite the fact that China has been the world's economic favorite for the past 40 years, the balance of world economic power has shifted to some places that cannot wait.

In fact, we are already beginning to see some signs that other nations around the world are kicking up to remove some of China's manufacturing skills.

And who knows, we could be witnessing the creation of the next generation of economic superpowers, right in front of our own eyes.

But the reason why this is happening is a bit complex. It started a few decades ago in China in 1970, when the country began to change its economic policy from communism and more towards capitalism.

Specific economic zones will soon be built where large ports and factories will be built that will maximize productivity and efficiency. And once these economic zones were opened up to foreign trade and investment, China's economy began to explode.


In the 1980s, many Fortune 500 companies started manufacturing their products in China because China could manufacture their products with similar quality, but at a lower price than if they were made in the west.

And this was due to the extremely low wages earned by Chinese workers, combined with other factors such as tax laws and import / export efficiencies.

So all of a sudden, if a competitor chose to manufacture their products outside of China, they simply couldn't compete on price, which would have likely bankrupted them.

And because of this, in the 2010s, a third of all products on the planet were made in China.

In the span of 50 years, China has become an impoverished nation of farmers, a nation that has the second largest economy in the world, behind the United States.

But some weird things started happening in the past few years.

Here's a question ... what happens when a country that builds its economy on the basis of low labor costs, repents, becomes successful and wealthy?

In 1990, the average annual salary for a Chinese worker was approximately $ 150 USD. For 2005, it was $ 2,800. In 2015, it was $ 8,900. And starting this year, the Chinese worker will earn around $ 13,500.

That's a massive increase that has seen an average manufacturing worker's salary rise by more than 8,500% in the past 30 years.

And what this means is that the cost of making products in China has become much more expensive than it used to be. Companies cannot manufacture products at an 80% discount in China, as they used to. And because of this, we actually started to see a decline in manufacturing in China in 2016, where for the first time in countries' modern history, their manufacturing output actually decreased by 2% during that year.

But that was just the first factor that came into play. After 2016, China saw modest increases in manufacturing output again, until the United States imposed tariffs on China's imports. This caused a decrease in Chinese imports to the US. USA by 7% in 2019, and forced many companies to start looking for products in other countries.

And if that's not enough, privacy concerns and tensions between China and the western world have been increasing since the country began to take part in the global technology sector.

Since then, governments around the world have been actively trying to push Chinese technology out of their countries, while encouraging companies to manufacture their products in-country instead of China.

In fact, last week, the United States departments of justice have requested that the FCC terminate the China Telecommunications Authorization in the United States, citing it as a national security risk.

And all these things, from rising labor costs, to geopolitical problems, have brought us today ... and the pandemic.

You see, even though Chinese manufacturing has slowed in the past decade, the country remains the world's largest manufacturer.


Indian economy China's economy. Vietnam economy. Economy of Mexico Economy of the United States.

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mercredi 6 mai 2020

How to master SEO and SEM in Baidu? (by Olivier VEROT)

Top interview of SEO expert, Olivier VEROT founder of GMA , top SEO agency in China.

thx you daxue Consulting 

 Olivier VEROT
strategy China 

Known for olivier verot specialty on natural referencing (SEO) Baidu, I never really talked about paid referencing (SEA) on Baidu, and yet I have been doing it since at least 2013. I have always considered SEA as a profession , and SEO as a passion, and because of that, I didn't blog or write a lot about it. I do SEA Google and Baidu only for professional purposes, but recently, I extended it to my personal activities, and I find that this channel brings a lot of visibility for a controlled budget.

But in 2020, I decided to change the game, and to talk about SEA SEO as a lever to be used in synergy with SEO for any search engine!

We will focus on SEA Baidu for mainland China, and I will give you my opinion and a short tutorial to set up a paid Chinese SEO campaign. The Fengchao tool, on which most things happen, is only in Simplified Chinese, and you need to be proficient to manage Baidu's paid campaigns.

Why do Chinese SEA on Baidu?

If you are a new brand, be aware that it takes time to go up in a search engine. For the effect to be immediate, it is absolutely necessary to start with a little SEA (be it for Baidu as for Google by the way). Without this, the visits to your site and the visibility of your brand will take longer to take effect.

In addition, there has always been talk that a company paying for an SEA campaign would have a few more positions in Baidu, but I have never been able to verify this with concrete studies. Therefore, I will not confirm this point (compared to the gain in rankings in the results of the Chinese search engine).

The steps to launch an SEA campaign on Baidu:

Be aware that there are admin fees to pay to set up an SEA account on Baidu. We are in the 1500 RMB for the setup of a paid Chinese SEO account.

You must fill out an order form in which you communicate the annual expenditure budget for a customer, and then Baidu generates an invoice for payment

Payment is not made by credit card, but by transfer (and beware, Baidu does not take transfers via Paypal or other)

baidu vs google ads 

Baidu sends access to the Fengchao platform, which is the Chinese Google Ads

To access the platform, there is always a captcha to enter

There is an ad editor like for Google Ads: Baidu Editor (software to download locally)

How does SEA work on Baidu?

This remains in the same logic as Google: buy keywords for previously created ads. The platform is more complex in terms of UX compared to Google Ad.

The menu framed in green is the main menu of the tool which gives access to the various reports and to account management. This is where you can access the Chinese keyword generator. The menu shows the following items:

  1. Advertising management
  2. Data report
  3. Product Center (Images, Videos, etc.)
  4. Tool center (keyword generator, etc.)
  5. Help Center
  6. The menu framed in orange is the drop-down menu for all campaigns, ad groups and ads

The menu framed in pink is the menu to manage the pausing of keywords, CPC bids, etc.

I plan to do some other articles to explain what paid SEO in China is, and how to manage a campaign from start to finish!

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lundi 4 mai 2020

Can you really negotiate with Tmall?

Can anyone sell products on Tmall Global?

To make it short, no because Tmall Global sets the bar high. Indeed, the approval process takes between 4 to 8 weeks.

Assuming you meet the following criteria:

  • You must prove that you own the brand or that you have a license to use it from the owner of the brand
  • You need a logistics plan
  • You must have "sufficient assets"
  • You must prepare all the documents and prove that your products comply with Chinese regulations. For a full list of documents, you can click here.
  • The documents required depend on the type of store you wish to open. You have the choice between these three alternatives:

  • Flagship store (only for brand owners)
  • Flagship store (wholesale market)
  • Authorized store (requires authorization from the brand owner)
  • Specialty shop

In short, Tmall Global is to sell authentic, high quality and branded goods. This is what Chinese consumers are looking for now.

Can I sell any type of product on Tmall?

It is exclusively B2C so everything related to B2B cannot be sold. It is the domain of Hong Kong, Tmall.hk which hosts Tmall Global.

For example, you can sell products that fall into these categories:

Care products


Beauty products

Vitamin supplements


Baby food

Baby care

Baby clothes







Cooking tools

How much does it cost to open your shop on Tmall?

Before opening your store, you must pay $ 25,000 as a deposit. Please note that this is a deposit, not a tax.

If you decide to close your store, the $ 25,000 will be returned to you.

SINO Info: Tmall may use part of your deposit to compensate certain customers in the event of the unexpected.

Annual costs

The Tmall has an annual cost which depends on the category of products you decide to sell on the platform.

The majority of the costs are between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000 per year.

SINO Info: If you want to sell products that fall into different categories, you don't have to pay more than the cost of a product category.

The fact remains that you will pay higher rates.

For example, if the Category A rate is $ 5,000 and the Category B rate is $ 10,000, the annual rate you will pay will be $ 10,000.

The Tmall commission

In addition to the annual costs, Tmall also takes a commission based on the order values.

The commission once again depends on the category of products sold, but it generally varies between 2 and 4%.

Alipay service fees

In addition to this, Alipay, which is Tmall.hk's payment system, has a service charge of 1%.

Isn't there another way to start selling your products on a Tmall?

If, you can create a partnership with a Tmall agent.

In this case, the agent lets you use his own store to sell your products. Therefore, you do not have to pay money either for the deposit or for the annual fees.

On the other hand, the commissions taken on your sales will be higher.

you can contact


Tmall Partner agent



apply.tmallglobal@service.alibaba.com for review

lundi 27 avril 2020

Lantern in the Traditional Chinese Culture

Lantern Fest Shines Light on Chinese Culture

Even though Indianapolis has a little Chinese populace, the capital city of Indiana has started
facilitating various China-themed occasions with an end goal to support the travel industry.

Most as of late, it facilitated the yearly Indianapolis Chinese Festival on September 28, a gather
festivity facilitated by the Indianapolis Mayor’s office in a joint effort with Chinese
neighbourhood associations. The occasion highlighted mythical beast and lion artists, Chinese
games, customary moon cakes, expressions and makes, and solid nourishment in the desire for
instructing celebration goers about traditional Chinese culture.

Later on, the Indiana Chinese Lantern Festival will happen—an occasion held from November
24 to 30 — within excess of 30 enormous Chinese lamp models. The high-quality models will
reference surely understood Indianapolis milestones and images. “Guests will investigate both
the antiquated culture of China while finding out about the Chinese conventions of today by
taking a mobile intelligent voyage through amazing showcases,” occasion coordinators said in
an announcement.

Chinese celebration 

Notwithstanding the vast lamp shows, the celebration will incorporate live aerobatic and society
move exhibitions every night. Chinese people specialists will likewise hold craftsmanship
shows at corners set up over the grounds. Craftsman’s rehearsing stone cutting, woodwind
making, and painting will flaunt their abilities and sell their products. Conventional Chinese
cooking just as great American nourishment and refreshments will be at a bargain.
Chinese lamp celebrations go back toward the Eastern Han Dynasty (206 B.C.E.) and suffer as
a festival of the Lunar New Year. Today, lamp celebrations have become an inescapable picture
of Chinese culture, drawing in a considerable number of travellers around the globe with
significant festivals in New York, Cape Town, and Sydney. Since 2015, various U.S. urban
communities have facilitated Chinese Lantern Festivals, including Atlanta, Milwaukee,
Nashville, New Orleans, Philadelphia, San Antonio and Spokane, effectively drawing in a
massive number of guests. The most widely recognized Chinese lights are red, oval moulded,
and improved with red or brilliant decorations. Commonly, they come in a wide range of
shapes, including square, square shape, and circular.

Why Were Lanterns Invented?

The first utilization of lamps was the principal as a light source. They were utilized both inside
and out to give a concealed light to perusing and working. The security from wind gave by the
enlivening silk or paper conceal shielded the lamps from going out with the breeze.

How Are Lanterns Used?

In old China, they were utilized to give light and in the end, as parts of Buddhist love. Today,
they are being used distinctly for the enrichment and present-day types of festivity and
enjoyment. Lamps have become an image of national pride in China and are utilized to beautify
homes and open spots.
There are three principal kinds of lamps that are utilized all through China;

Hanging Lanterns

The most well-known kind of light is the hanging assortment. These beautiful lamps are hung in
the two homes and open spaces. In urban areas and rural zones, you can see lamps decorating
road lights, public structures, and shops. Numerous homes will likewise wear a couple of
beautiful lamps in their windows, particularly during celebration seasons. Lights hung at
Chinese New Year are thought to alarm mindful the Nian beast and bring good karma.
Chinese modern society change, and home are modern vs in this blog (furniture)
However they are attached to their old tradition.

Flying Lanterns

On extraordinary events, for example, the Mid-Autumn Festival, you can see a new sort of
skimming light being discharged into the night skies over China. These airborne lamps are
impelled by rising sight-seeing generated by the fire inside. They are lovely to watch and are
regularly discharged in huge gatherings for a more attractive impact.
Coasting Lanterns
Lamp festivities, for example, the Dragon Boat Festival, that happens close to streams, lakes,
and lakes, will regularly highlight drifting lights. This assortment comes in a wide range of
shapes, for example, the lotus configuration highlighted here. They are lit and put afloat in
enormous gatherings to make a lovely scene on the water.


Initially, lamps are utilized to shield the fire from the blustery climate. First Chinese lights were
imagined in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25–220 AD) and utilized as lights and for the love of the
Buddha. Lights turned out to be generally known by ordinary citizens, particularly during the
hour of celebrations. In the Tang Dynasty (618–907 AD) lamps were made to commend
individuals’ serene life and present China as a foreign nation.

The Art Of Crafting Lanterns

The materials for making a lamp are short-sighted. Verifiably, bamboo, wood, rattan, or wire
was utilized for the edge. The shade is created from sensitive paper or silk. Lamps are
frequently enriched with Chinese calligraphy, painting, paper cutting, and even weaving.

Lights As A Status Symbol

While the most punctual Chinese lamps were made for useful use in the house and as
passageway lighting, they, in the long run, turned out to be exceptionally fancy.This is apparent
from how the red lights are widely utilized in the Qiao Family’s Compound, worked in the Qing
Dynasty, just as at the doors to the Siheyuan lodging mixes, run of the mill of Beijing, yet
additionally observed somewhere else in China.

Lamp Celebrations In China

In spite of the fact that there is never again a viable requirement for Chinese lights, they are
as yet made, utilized, and delighted in by the Chinese individuals during celebrations. The
boulevards both inactive urban communities and communities are designed with red lights
during the Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, and the Lantern Festival. The
Lantern Festival is probably the most excellent days to see Chinese lamps in real life. It is
hung continuously on the fifteenth day of the first Chinese lunar month. The celebration is
seen as the conclusion to the Chinese New Year festivities and is praised with the arrival of
drifting and flying lamps too.

Best Places To View Chinese Lanterns

In the event that you need to see Chinese lamps for yourself, there are a couple of key spots
to visit. Beijing, Hong Kong, and Nanjing are, for the most part, well known urban areas
that element superb lamp shows during national festivals. In Beijing, sanctuary fairs are
held in different scenes, and lights can be seen wherever during the love and festivities.

Source : https://asia.marketingtochina.com/ Marketing agency in Asia

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