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jeudi 6 avril 2017

Australian Travel agencies warn of million-dollar scam targeting Chinese tourists

Major Australian tourist attractions are being attacked by an organized crime syndicate using stolen credit cards and the popular Chinese social media portal WeChat to run a multi-million dollar bill fraud. The scam has recently been discovered by operators of a small number of major tourist attractions in Victoria and NSW. However, the main figures in the tourism industry fear that the size and magnitude of ticket fraud are immense.

Australian Travel agencies warn of million-dollar scam targeting Chinese tourists

In Victoria, nine major tourism companies in recent months had to return almost $ 400,000 to legitimate credit card owners used by the union to purchase tickets for attractions such as Eureka Skydeck, Sovereign Hill in Ballarat and nearby Peninsula Hot Springs Of Rye.

"Clearly this is likely to be just the tip of the iceberg. I guess we're talking about millions of dollars nationwide," warned the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mark Stone, who also heads the state's tourism industry board And wants the members affected by the scam to contact the police. The scam has also hit Sydney's main tourist attractions, such as the BridgeClimb Harbor Bridge, which had to make tens of thousands of dollars in credit card repayments late last year. BridgeClimb CFO Max Futeran said, "I think this is a multi-million dollar problem ... there are a number of people in the industry who do not know this has been happening."

He said that tourism companies across the country should be reviewing their recent financial records to determine if there has been a recent increase in credit card "back-up charge."

The media has learned that the crime syndicate running Tourism Ticket Timing is recruiting Chinese students located in Australia to work for them as "agents" to promote discounted tickets via their own WeChat Networks. The scam includes tourist attraction tickets purchased with stolen credit cards that are sold at discounted prices to Chinese tourists not caught off guard through the WeChat social media platform, which is used by about 800 million Chinese.

The revelation of the tourism scam occurs as Australian law enforcement agencies are examining the organized subversion of Australia's visa system by criminal groups abroad to facilitate large-scale fraud. Police sources say that crime groups have sent credit card frauds to Australia by working with corruption in education and immigration agents that help scammers obtain student visas


samedi 11 mars 2017

Live Streaming in China , a new trend for Marketers

Live-Streaming is a latest trend that is gaining popularity all over the world and the Chinese are also enjoying this feature so much to share their activities and keep up with their friends and family.

China's new fashion for live broadcast is has become the main trends and the young generation is above all this feature to engage with their societies. Now people want to commit to their families and friends and want to share their live activities what they are doing. Live-streaming is also gaining popularity in the television and entertainment industry and giving new trend to the Chinese to get involved and see what is happening live. YY and Six Rooms are the most popular live streaming providers in China, but Tencent is still at the top of the list. Marketing specialists in China are now choosing to adopt the modern way of convincing people around the world. Products and services can be well described through online sessions. Live-streaming is helping people share their thoughts and answers to questions quickly.

Which Live-Stream service is popular in China

Kuaishou is an application of the Chinese video exchange which is very popular in the young Chinese generation to take their live broadcast.


Kuaishou is the use of China's number one live video broadcast which has much popularity all over China. This is the perfect shared video application that has a lot of user-friendly features that impress the society involved a lot. The community response attached to this application is impressive. Many people are committed to this system and their travel experiences, their stories, dirty toys, live parties, etc. The live business is much appreciated by the Chinese government and is encouraging people to adopt the resources and important tricks to act upon it to use for positive purposes.
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Tencent is China's largest social media platform where live streaming is also catching the attention of people. Getting the most virtual gifts and great devotion from the fans through streaming online is possible in the name of possible connections and careful planning of the user. The tilt of the machine is also a modern management tool for utilizing the energies and goals of a product or marketing service.
source : http://dubaimediacity.biz/new-advertising-way-in-china-the-streaming

The madness of China's live apps

The Internet has provided the world's largest communication source to connect people from all over the world. It has made possible the inability to interact between people. Social media such as face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus is not available in China, but Chinese still has different unique social media websites that meet all the requirements of what other services offers. China's live broadcast industry is progressing day by day and this proportion is encouraging the technology industries of a new resource with improved features that can appeal to Chinese public. China's craze for live personal transmission runs much more in different cities and the Chinese government is increasing the amount of the Internet to do faster and faster. More than 100 companies are offering live streaming services in China and users are doubling compared to last year's analysis. Total revenues of US $ 3 billion have been generated with this service.

vendredi 24 février 2017

Great ! Chinese tourists’ manners improving

Nearly 50% of respondents from major overseas tourist destinations in a recent survey said that Chinese outbound tourists have improved their manners over the past five years.

China's National Tourism Administration released a report on the survey Wednesday. The survey interviewed 3,650 people from 10 tourist destinations abroad - the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Taiwan - on the image and behavior of outgoing Chinese tourists .

Results showed that nearly half of overseas respondents said they have witnessed an improvement in Chinese tourists' ways in the last five years. Interviewees from Indonesia, France, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States gave positive feedback on the behavior of Chinese tourists.
However, neighboring countries such as Japan did not, with only 18.9 percent of Japanese respondents saying they had witnessed an improvement. When asked to classify the image of Chinese tourists from one to 10, the interviewees abroad gave an average rating of 5.2.

The world's largest outbound tourism market

China has been the world's largest outbound tourism market for the past four years. During the last seven days of the Spring Festival, more than 6.15 million visits were made by tourists from mainland China to overseas destinations. However, the bad behavior of Chinese tourists has also led to criticism of many overseas tourist destinations.
The CNTA report said that "although there is no difference in the way Chinese and foreign respondents define bad behavior, the overall ranking of Chinese outbound tourists is not so high."
Guo Lufang, professor of tourism and city management at Zhejiang Gongshang University, said many Chinese tourists do not have much experience traveling abroad or knowledge about diversified cultures.

Chinese outbound tourists 

"Sometimes Chinese tourists do not realize that their behavior is not appropriate in certain cultural settings," Guo said. "Some act the same way when they are abroad as at home."
Liu Simin, vice president of tourism for the Chinese Society for Future Studies, said that in addition to tightening government or industry regulations on this issue, it is also necessary to educate people about good manners from an early age, Foundations for education in civilized tourism.

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mercredi 15 février 2017

Donald Trump Policy about Chinese Tourists

Why Chinese tourist are so "desirable" ? 

What makes Chinese tourists so desirable is not their number, but also their propensity to spend. "With average spending per person per trip of more than $ 6,500, Chinese visitors are the biggest spenders in the US, no barriers," according to Michael Merner, founder and president of AVIAREPS Asia - China Offices . "The Chinese middle and upper classes spend 19% of their annual income on foreign travel, a percentage never seen in other markets." Experts travel on both sides of the Pacific and US leadership towards a nationalist program influencing the upward trend of visitor arrivals. According to Li Han, vice president of UTour China, one of the main Chinese travel agencies that send Chinese tourists to the United States, "in my opinion there is no impact for now" . In 2016, through UTour doubled and I believe this growth is incredible in Chinese travel to the United States will continue. "

The Vice President of Communications for Visit Seattle is also optimistic. "There is steam at full steam. Unless there is a major policy change, this engine can not be stopped. "

So what interrupted the influx of Chinese visitors to the United States? Our committee looked at two possible developments: "Any deterioration in US security or major changes in American visa policy have an impact on Chinese travel to the United States," Han said.

US visa policy 

The US visa policy is indeed a yellow flag at the moment. In the past, Chinese visa holders did not need to go through another consular interview until they applied for a new visa within four years of the expiry of their previous visa. However, for some US visa holders in China, this window has been shortened to 12 months and if Chinese visitors reapply more than 12 months after the expiration of a previous visa they will need to resume the interview process. On also fears that the United States will shorten the length of stay of Chinese on certain visas to six months. This has a major impact on length of stay in China, particularly in "visiting friends and relatives" and those who are traveling longer.

Trump Policiy 

Donald Trump has been at the Oval Office for less than a month. And the stunning series of executive orders, remarks out of the headlines and diplomatic exchanges at Washington's initiative and world leaders guessing what is to come.

But so far, there is a group that shows remarkable resilience in their positive views towards the US: Chinese tourists. They book trips to the United States in record numbers and show no signs of slackening. Over the past decade, Chinese visitors have increased almost 10 times, from 320,000 visitors in 2006 to more than three million last year. According to the US Department of Commerce, the number reaches 5.7 million arrivals by 2021 and make China the largest market for foreign visitors to the United States

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dimanche 15 janvier 2017

25 Crazy Things You’ll Only Find In Chinese Walmarts

A nice crazzy video

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20 Reasons Why Chinese Walmart Will Give You Nightmares

Though we’re fairly certain Chinese Walmart stores have their fair share of customers in pajamas and screaming babies, we were more shocked by what was on their shelves than by the shoppers themselves! While stores in countries like the United States, Canada and even the United Kingdom probably have very similar inventory, China has proven to be quite the exception.
From items that would be illegal in the United States to animals that would literally make you gag if someone dared you to eat them, Walmart stores in China are undoubtedly unique. So, say a brief goodbye to the comfort of the produce aisle here in America and join us as we share 20 reasons why a Chinese Walmart is sure to have you running from the store in horror! Just remember, you’ve been warned!

jeudi 22 décembre 2016

Tour From Bali, the leading travel agency in Indonesia

‘Tour From Bali’ is a fashion travel agency, uniquely positioned as the largest tour operator in Indonesia. They are best placed to serve customers travelling in Indonesia from every country in the world. The company has grown through its quality services for travellers, going above and beyond the call of duty in order to provide special and unique experiences.
‘Tour From Bali’ (TFB) have become extremely popular with western travellers. The agency has become popular with a host of different types of travellers on varied budgets. TFB have assisted with backpacking trips, individual villa rentals, home stays, cultural exchanges, luxury tours, helicopter trips and uniquely personalized small group tours. They understand the western mindset and how to cater for the European, Australian and American markets expectations.
tourfrombali is also extremely popular with the Chinese market, the largest outbound tourist market in the world. With specialized Chinese staff and mandarin language communications they can cater for their unique sets of needs and requirements. The agency has become a byword for safe and quality Indonesian travel in the Chinese market where Chinese tourists value safety and security above all else. The different landscapes, peoples, cultures and emotional stimulus in Indonesia fascinates the tens of millions of Chinese tourists who are now visiting Indonesia. Tour From Bali offer these different experiences whilst providing the best Chinese language customer service on the market.
How is ‘Tour From Bali’ setting itself apart from other travel agencies? In a nutshell they are offering a better quality of service at the best price. Their business model bridges the gap between B2B (Foreign Travel Agency to Local Travel Agency) and B2C (Customers connecting with Local Suppliers such as TA, Driver, Tour Guides, Hotels, etc). Additionally they are the only tour operator that usually brings tourists from one province to another. The essence of the business is digital, they have embraced technological advancements and digital marketing efforts to achieve significant results.
Indonesia is a special country for overseas visitors. It is arguably the most beautiful archipelago country in the world with a wealth of natural resources that are still largely untouched by human development. It is a hugely diverse country offering visitors much variety, every island has its own  customs, cultures, language variations and unique tourist attractions. This combined with the affordability of Indonesia makes it a top global destination. It is not yet expensive although it is safer to use a trusted travel agency to avoid scamming and price increases.

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