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samedi 7 octobre 2017

+12.3% Chinese Tourists for the Golden Week

A total of 67 million Chinese tourists traveled across the country on Friday as the nation's Golden Week holiday came to an end, state media reported, citing data from China's National Tourism Administration (CNTA).
The number of tourists in the country on the sixth day of national holiday - one of the largest mass movements of people in the world - increased by 12.3 percent from a year ago, Xinhua said.
Tourism revenue generated on Friday totaled 54.6 billion yuan, up 15.1 percent from the same period last year.

Spending : 261 billion dollars

A cooling economy means that tourists in the second largest economy in the world, which spent 261 billion dollars abroad last year, have stayed close to home this year, which is a boon to domestic tour operators.
Chinese People will start returning to their country this weekend, adding pressure to the country's air, road and rail systems.

October Holyday

On October 1, the first day of the party, 15.03 million trips were made by train, a historic record, Xinhua said. This year's national holiday was extended one day due to the Mid-Autumn Festival, held on October 4

Top Countries = South Asia

Countries in Southeast Asia and Japan will likely be the top beneficiaries of Chinese outbound travel during Golden Week this year, while South Korea will likely end up losing out on some Chinese tourist spending.

South Asia is Winning 

The China National Tourism Administration’s Holiday Travel Guide indicates that the Southeast Asia region remains the most popular short-haul travel destination. This is largely attributable to the relative ease with which certain countries in the region grant visas to Chinese passport holders. In addition, the number of direct flights between Chinese and Southeast Asian cities has grown this year, making it easier for Chinese tourists to reach various destinations in Southeast Asia. source 

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jeudi 21 septembre 2017

Expat Guide to move to Shanghai (China)

Relocation guide: moving to Shanghai 

The Expat Guide currently has two resettlement guides available for people interested in moving to China; the Shanghai expat guide and our guide to living in Beijing.

First Let see Video on Youtube about moving to Shanghai / China

These comprehensive guides contain everything you need to get around in China and at your service to:

move efficiently in China and effectively with minimal stress. 

Your New Life in China

settle into your new life quickly and easily and find the help and help you need, you are in need. Identify areas to live based on your lifestyle and budget. find the right places to meet like-minded people. find suitable schools for your children and their learning needs.

Make sure your family makes the most of their experiences abroad. Prepare yourself for the new culture in advance and avoid any cultural stone. the transition transition. reduce bureaucracy and avoid unnecessary bureaucracy.

For those not acquainted with the fast-paced urban centres of Asia, Shanghai can represent quite the shock to the system. As mainland China’s economic capital and most cosmopolitan city, Shanghai is absolutely packed with glittering skyscrapers, impressive bridges and elevated highways, vast malls and shopping districts, not to mention rather large crowds.

Tourist in China ... how to do ... 

Unlike a book, guides are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that the information is accurate and reliable and partners that guides are written by real expatriates who live and work in China, you can rest assured that you Access the information you want from your international move as written by people who really know.

While this can seem a touch overwhelming at first, you’ll quickly become used to the hustle and bustle of the city, and will be able to seek out your own oasis of calm within it. Even this modern metropolis has plenty of hidden treasures which show off the rich heritage of the ancient Chinese culture, and offer you a wide range of sightseeing and unforgettable life experiences.

Key facts that every expat should know about Chinese People 

All the contracts you have to sign in China will always have an English and Chinese version. In case of dispute, the Chinese version of the contract will take precedence, so you should always check the contracts before signing.


While health care in cities are readily available, some rural clinics may refuse to provide foreigners. You should check with local hospitals in advance and always make sure that you have identified an appropriate clinic in case of emergency. Many Chinese public hospitals will not accept medical insurance from abroad; you will need to find appropriate insurance in China itself. Checks / checks are generally not accepted as a valid means of payment in China. Expatriates living in China are encouraged to take photos of their property and possessions as evidence or property in case of loss or theft.

Language = Mandarin

Language: several different Chinese languages ​​exist throughout China; 70% of the population speak Mandarin (Putonghua, on the Peking dialect), while others speak Yue (Cantonese), Wu (Shanghaiese), Minbei (Fuzhou), Minnan (Hokkien-Taiwanese) minority. English is becoming increasingly important as a commercial language.

Top Ressource :

  1. HufftingtonPost 
  2. ExpatInfo
  3. WellingtonCollege Guide

The cost of living in Shanghai

The cost of living in China is something to do. It should be recalled that China is still a developing country and the standard of living of the majority of the population is very low. However, the majority of expatriates receive much higher wages from the requirements that offer the inhabitants and low tax rates proposed, which means that the expats who are based here have a higher standard of living have previously in their country of origin, origin. The cost of living in big cities in China at the 2012 survey on the cost of living of Mercer and the Chinese cities have remained some of the most expensive cities in the world in living cultures. Shanghai was named the most expensive city of China at post 16, followed by Beijing at 17 years.


 For more details on living expenses you can expect to pay as expatriates in China, please refer to our Shanghai expat guide or our guide to living in Beijing.

samedi 9 septembre 2017

Chinese tourists spent $3.5 billion in Singapore in 2016

About 2.86 million Chinese travellers visited the Republic last year, becoming the second visitor market, behind Indonesia and ahead of Malaysia

Singapore Tourism Bureau  (STB) 

The Singapore Tourism Board is betting on a new approach to attract more Chinese visitors to the Lion City - which expects them to engage with the Chinese at a deeper level.
"Most Chinese have some familiarity with Singapore, they know the history of Singapore, they know our founding Prime Minister and they want to invite them to know us in a deeper and more intimate way," said the executive director of tourism agency Lionel Yeo Beijing on Thursday (September 7).

$ 3.5 billion in spending, 

Last year, Chinese tourists were the biggest spenders in Singapore, with $ 3.5 billion in spending, mainly on purchases. About 2.86 million Chinese tourists visited the Republic last year, becoming the second visitor market, behind Indonesia and ahead of Malaysia. The agency launched its new brand campaign in Beijing on Thursday with singers Stefanie Sun as its new tourism ambassador to China and Nathan Hartono as one of the brand's personalities.
"The millennium segment is very large for the Chinese, research has shown that they are trying to explore a destination in a much deeper way, want to go beyond the usual tourist milestones, want to live as a local, locals eat and hang, "Mr. Yeo told The Straits Times.
He acknowledged that because of the growing affluence and wisdom of the Chinese, many are drawn to exotic destinations in places like Brazil, but said that Singapore is still a destination that many of them find comfortable.
Many Chinese in southern China, say Guangzhou, see a Singapore as a place to spend their week-long fines, he said.
"Singapore, with its multicultural heritage in gastronomy and architecture, will be worth discovering ... and the insurance that travelers can also get," he added.

Chinese tourists in Singapore

The STB has clarified that Chinese tourists spent $ 3.5 billion in Singapore last year. And Stefanie Sun is STB's new tourism ambassador to China and Nathan Hartono is one of the brand's personalities.

source : http://www.straitstimes.com/asia/east-asia/spore-to-attract-more-chinese-tourists-with-deeper-experience*

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dimanche 6 août 2017

British Education has good reputation in China

British Education has good reputation in China

Why ? 

Traditionally a high-performing country in international education rankings, the UK has stagnated in recent years and classifications such as the International Student Assessment Program (PISA); By 2013 for reading and math the country as a whole was in the middle-ranking, a position broadly similar to three years earlier.


Within the United Kingdom Scotland behaved marginally better than England; Both were slightly ahead of Northern Ireland and far ahead of Wales. However, the findings contradict those of the publishing and education company Pearson published in 2014, which placed the UK second in European countries and sixth worldwide; These classifications took into account the rates of higher education graduates, which may have represented the highest rank in PISA. Students are evaluated at the end of each stage. The most important evaluation occurs at the age of 16 when students pursue their GCSE or General Certificate of Secondary Education. Once students complete their GCSE they have the option of going to more education and then higher education potential, or finishing school and entering the world of work. Our overview of the education system in the UK is divided into five main sections:

the British Education system 

Primary education Primary education begins in the UK at age 5 and continues until the age of 11, comprising key stages one and two under the UK education system. Visit the British Council website for more information on primary education. Secondary Education From the age of 11 to 16, students enter high school for key stages three and four and begin their move towards adoption of GCSE - learn more about secondary education in the UK and what it will entail .

Primary and secondary education is compulsory in the United Kingdom; After age 16, education is optional. Advanced education Once a student completes secondary education they have the option of expanding into additional education to take A-Levels, GNVQ, BTEC or other such qualifications. UK students planning to go to college must complete education. Higher Education Probably the most important topic for Chinese Families and Students, explains more about the higher education system in the UK and how it works for international students.

International Chinese Student & UK Universities ! 

Most international students entered directly into the UK higher education system, after completing the equivalent of their country of origin to the "additional education" of the United Kingdom. Input requirements Each level of education in the UK has various requirements that must be met to gain entry to that level - learn more about the entry requirements of education for the UK for Chinese dtuents .

 Online UK Degree are more and more popular in China 

With online programs increasingly in popularity, this means that the availability of top notch online programs is also on the rise. If you want to get an accredited degree in the UK without having to relocate to the UK (it cost less for Chinese) , choosing to study online is a good option for many Chinese People. Get a UK accredited degree online that fits your studies into your schedule and save money on travel costs while accessing a variety of top programs.

source :

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  2. UKeducation
  3. EagleSchool
  4. Dailbn

samedi 17 juin 2017

7 things to know about the new Chinese Tourists

The Chinese tourist is younger and energetic

The new generation, the millennial generation, is taking over little by little the old wave of Chinese tourists. Young and fresh, these new Chinese tourists don’t have the same aspirations. They are living in a society, which is more and more modern in terms of infrastructures and culture. The massive arrival of global companies in industries such as: hospitality, fashion, fast food, or technology helped in creating more open-minded tourists.

source : http://fashionchinaagency.com/7-things-know-new-chinese-tourists/

lundi 12 juin 2017

Top 7 Ways to be Successful for a Travel Agency in China

The travel business has been overtaking global GDP for quite a while now, with no sign of ending. The  of worldwide travelers passed the 1 billion checks more than 2 years back at this point. This rate of growth shows we’ll see this number increase to 1.8 billion by 2030. In case you’re thinking about you should try lead generation to get new clients or if you’ve attempted lead generation and flopped, read on. 

People are busy but they still want a rapid response. When you purchase a lead, try to respond with basic information and after that stay top of psyche until they’re prepared to make a purchase. If the person chooses not to travel, place them in your database for future marketing strategies. So, the lesson here? Development, follow up again and when you’re finished with that, you got it; follow up once more.  

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dimanche 4 juin 2017

WeChat Now Lets Chinese Users Share Content on Facebook

Wechat user can share content on Facebook

It is been a optimistic past handful of times for Fb. The world’s hottest social networking web site introduced an impressive list of outcomes for Q2 2013 which ended up well-received by buyers, specially its spike in use and earnings from mobile.
Facebook passed 819 million mobile month to month energetic people for the duration of the period of time, which collectively accounted for 41 % of its total advertisement profits, or $656 million. Along side that, revenue from Asia - where mobile equipment are especially widespread for Net accessibility - grew almost twenty five percent quarter-on-quarter to reach a record substantial of $247 million.
Asia is Facebook’s biggest location for end users, and its most up-to-date revenue determine isn’t considerably from getting double the $135 million that Fb pulled in within the continent a single 12 months in the past. As Tech In Asia notes, Asia is unquestionably the real key progress region for that business, in terms of new signups, improved engagement plus much more advertising and marketing bucks. source

Aiming to connect the globe by using Facebook

Co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has not been shy to admit his objective is usually to join the planet with the assistance that he produced in his dorm at Harvard. Over the past two years, Facebook has constantly developed its consumer base - introducing 45-50 million buyers every quarter given that Q3 2011 - which has led some to speculate that it could increase billions a lot more buyers on the one.15 billion every month active people that it's got nowadays.
Facebook’s expansion to these types of a figure is extremely hard to forecast, on the other hand, given how technology and habits fast evolve; but just one thing would seem ever more certain: Fb won't ever crack China.
The company’s IPO filing from February 2012 admitted China is actually a “complex” industry that it's struggling to locate a compromise for, but neither Zuckerberg nor Fb have claimed significantly regarding the problem considering the fact that then. Nonetheless, market place developments over the past 12 months have designed any prospect of Facebook locating success in China remote.

Already much too late in China!

The growth of WeChat, a mobile messaging client operate by Online huge Tencent, has revolutionized the way the average smartphone owner in China communicates with close friends, loved ones and also strangers.
Within the earlier we have mused more than no matter if Facebook could comply with censors in China - it truly is amid numerous Western services blocked from the Chinese federal government; any unblocking can be contingent on it agreeing to censor written content, the exact same concern would implement if it acquired a company there - or no matter whether the lifestyle of Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter which has beaten out domestic Fb clones, implies there is certainly small demand from customers for any Facebook-like user practical experience - but Tencent’s achievement with WeChat signifies a good greater concern mark: if all these issues have been answered, is there even area for Fb?
WeChat has 195 million month lively customers (MAU) which makes it the world’s second most popular messaging app guiding WhatsApp (250 million MAU), and ahead of the likes of Line, Kakao Speak, Tango, Viber and some others.
WhatsApp doesn’t supply a lot of figures about its small business, but particulars from application shops and reviews propose that its person foundation is commonly spread all over the world. Compared, just 70 million of WeChat’s near-400 million registered people are dependent exterior of China.
That stat illustrates just how colossal a pressure WeChat is inside of China and Chinese consumer society.
The service is a smartphone-only messaging application, nonetheless it sits squarely within the area that Fb targets. Which is to say that it is utilised to concept good friends daily (applying no cost textual content chat, voice/video phone calls), it has location-based solutions and contains profiles along with a social network-style aspect that allows users share moments with close friends.


It's also attracted media and types - which includes worldwide names like Nike, Starbucks and other folks - which might interact with users in the provider. WeChat is widely-expected to introduce cell payments in addition to a social video games provider to start monetizing its substantial subsequent of people.
If that sounds acquainted, it is harking back to how Fb grew its assistance for PCs, and so they are vital places it is actually aiming to create to better go well with the expanding amount of smartphone and tablet buyers.
All in all, WeChat would be the dominant cell social network during the world’s greatest smartphone sector. Each individual day that Facebook is not in China, WeChat’s presence among the buyers, advertisers and in many cases much more conventional foes, like (it seems) mobile operators, becomes more robust.

WeChat pushing out overseas

WeChat is predicted to go 400 million registered people within the subsequent couple months and it truly is now accelerating its abroad presence. The assistance extra twenty million users outside of China from the very last two months, and also a new world promotion campaign - fronted by soccer star Lionel Messi - is likely to see its presence in markets like Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe surge.
The company can also be explained to get intending to open up a US office environment to ramp up its struggle against WhatsApp, Facebook as well as other cellular messaging and social services on their very own turf.
As WeChat furthers its worldwide presence, its hold on China only raises. When Facebook itself has massive selections to produce (or keep off producing) about China and censorship, the possibilities of it ever ‘connecting’ the state - which Mark Zuckerberg is alleged to aspire to perform - are fading since a different provider is previously busy executing that. 

Wechat & ECommerce part

For all shops on Wechat it will be helpfull to have this kind of relay, can increase the traffic of SHops. (see here how to open a Shop on Wechat)

Wechat a marketplace ? 

The counter-argument may be that WeChat is rising a marketplacethat Facebook could take in excess of - inside the same way which the likes of Friendster, Myspace, Japan’s Mixi and other individuals served create the initial wave of social networking sites which Facebook came to dominate - but Tencent has the means, working experience and native presence to fortify its position. It is a billion dollar Internet firm with a pedigree of quick messenger expert services in China, these kinds of as its Skype-like QQ services for desktops, and vital domestic interactions.
The real query is what influence the mobile-optimized WeChat provider, complete with online video calls, gaming and much more, can have on Facebook’s have business enterprise around the globe. Its dominance will be tricky to dethrone - absolutely the chances of the non-Chinese enterprise undertaking so are remote.

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vendredi 2 juin 2017

Unruly passenger in Trump hat escorted off flight in Shanghai for causing ruckus

The flight remaining Shanghai a few hrs soon after its scheduled departure time and had to halt in San Francisco to re-crew ahead of arriving at Newark at 2.22am on Monday, 8 several hours following the scheduled arrival time, according to media stories.
It truly is unclear what occurred for the male immediately after he remaining the plane. The Shanghai Airport Authority has not responded to your ask for for remark.
Another passenger about the flight, Clark Gredoña, said the person had wished 3 seats beside his personal simply because he couldn't get an enhance. The three seats were allocated to other travellers.

Inside of a video clip in the incident, the person is listened to yelling: “I am entitled to that seat!”
The unruly passenger allegedly also insulted crew associates and passengers, together with calling one particular “Hillary” - a reference to former secretary of state and presidential runner-up Hillary Clinton - right after currently being requested to exit the plane, Gredoña wrote in a general public Facebook put up.

explained other travellers responded with jeering, in Putonghua and English, and chants of “lock him up” when the guy finally still left the airplane - a chant directed at Clinton for the duration of Trump rallies.

Buzz on Chinese Social Media 

The incident follows a
the latest high-profilecontroversy to the airline, when law enforcement users forcibly dragged a passenger off a United Airlines plane following the flight was overbooked, resulting in injuries to the guy that demanded reconstructive surgical procedure.
A United Airlines flight from Shanghai to Newark, New Jersey was delayed for 5 hrs and at some point rerouted to San Francisco Global Airport in excess of the weekend immediately after an unruly, Trump-supporting passenger brought about a commotion throughout take-off.
The unknown passenger was spotted sporting a pink "Make America Terrific Again" hat, which was produced famous by Donald Trump's 2016 marketing campaign.
United says the Trump enthusiast made an effort to grab yet another passenger's seat although boarding flight UA87 at Shanghai Pudong International Airport on Sunday, refusing to maneuver and creating a ruckus.


As the male turned increasingly disruptive, travellers have been pressured to de-plane although legislation enforcement sorted items out. The person was sooner or later kicked off ahead of the flight departed. Fellow passengers, in a very mocking nod on the embattled US President, shouted "Lock him up!" as he was escorted again to your boarding gate. The flight, that's typically around fourteen hrs lengthy, was scheduled for any 3.45pm takeoff but in fact departed at 8.44pm. Followingthe five hour delay, it was afterwards forced to generate an unscheduled stopover in San Francisco to convey a fresh crew on board. Travellers remained over the airplane for under one hour although the swap happened.

That's has received video from one passenger within the flight, who captured the commotion in advance of and following the Trump supporter was taken from the plane. A fellow passenger may be listened to telling the man: "You will not have manners! You happen to be rude!"