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jeudi 1 décembre 2016

China’s most influential start-ups

China’s most influential start-ups

Gentlemen Marketing Agency has been ranked as the sixth most digitally influential start-up in China by startupranking.com.
The rankings are generated using calculations of online statistics to produce an SR score. The score reflects the importance of a start-up on the internet as well as its social influence and is then used to rank companies against other start-ups, both globally and regionally.

samedi 19 novembre 2016

The Trump effect on Chinese outbound tourists to USA

President-elect Donald Trump and his future Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping made a good appeal yesterday and established a "clear sense of mutual respect," but if Donald Trump's campaign promises about China are an indication, Can the year 2016 of the United States and China end the improvement of tourism between the two countries? Jing Travel breaks down some of the possible implications of Trump's looming presidency for Chinese travel to the US, as well as the US tourism and hospitality industry in general.

Exchange Policy

President-elect Trump stressed that he would impose a tariff of 45 percent on all imports from China, unless China is taking subsidies for many of its key industries. Many political commentators fear that Trump's trade policy towards China will result in a trade war, which could jeopardize the strong growth of Chinese tourism in the United States. While the US has a growing trade deficit in China, $ 365.7 billion in 2015, tourism is one of the areas where the US has a large surplus. Chinese tourists overseas far exceed foreign tourists in China, and this expense is a key reason behind China's trade deficit in the services sector.

A global trade war between China and the United States puts US tourism exports at risk because it is a powerful weapon for China in a potential trade conflict. While tariffs are an area where China has perhaps the most to lose, tourism represents exactly the opposite situation. As the case of Taiwan proves, China is no stranger to the limitation of tourism to achieve political objectives.

Visa Policy

It is easier than ever for the Chinese to acquire tourist visas for the United States, and the 10-year visa that was introduced in 2014 has become an important milestone in attracting Chinese (and rich) visitors to the United States. However, Donald Trump's anti-immigration campaign platform raises serious doubts about the future of this visa program, which is widely regarded as an important driver of tourism between the two countries. The US Department of State has argued that the 10-year visa agreement will benefit both the development and investment of US and Chinese companies. The promise of President-elect Trump to protect US jobs and prevent China from stealing trade secrets undoubtedly part of the investment of visa benefits, highlighting the uncertain future of this visa arrangement. Another objective of the criticism Trump was what he called "babies anchor", or less offensively "maternity tourism," the practice of giving birth to children on the floor of the United States by visiting tourist visas To grant citizenship to American children. It is believed that this practice is common among rich Chinese, and a repression of this practice could lead to collateral damage to general visa policies Ironically, Mr. Trump personally benefited from Chinese tourism and Chinese immigration as a businessman. Trump's hotels welcomes many Chinese tourists, and its Trump Tower was funded by wealthy Chinese individuals who used the investment to apply for EB-5 visas that facilitate immigration in exchange for job-creating investment in the United States. United.

No more Chinese Investment ?

The last few years have seen many large Chinese companies in the tourism sector, such as the acquisition by HNA Group of Carlson Hotels and its 25% investment in Hilton, the attempt to acquire Starwood and its successful acquisition The Waldorf Astoria, as well as numerous small acquisitions that received fewer media spotlights. Many United States national security officials and experts, and Donald Trump in particular, are wary of Chinese acquisitions of US companies, and many officials have called for a more rigorous review of these investments. US tourism stakeholders, who are only the beneficiaries of China's outward investment, would have much to lose if the Trump administration reduced Chinese investments in order to promote its protectionist agenda. Trump himself however pointed out that he personally benefited from Chinese real estate buyers and investors. more information here

jeudi 20 octobre 2016

Creative strategies to catch Chinese tourists

Creative strategies and innovative marketing in China

 Using innovative and creative strategies to engage the public marketing of the loins. Brands should try to adopt innovative and sophisticated technical tools to promote products to earn income in the tough market competition. How to attract customers to buy their products and services on behalf of successful marketing strategies and adoptable can be effective in many ways. The penetration of digital media as social media is a good choice for marketers who helps plan the best marketing plans efficiently. Brands should focus on the exchange of social media and social interactions to increase brand awareness and brand promotion. A lot of luxury brands use digital media strategies for smart marketing approaches to get a positive response for its branded products.

Role of offline and online marketing campaigns in China

Online & Offline Marketing Campaigns plays a vital role in product knowledge. Brands must use clever strategy of online advertising in China. SEO analyst takes smart to promote e-commerce strategies in social networks decisions. strong marketing campaigns and marketing promotions recognize able always leave good impact on psychology of people. Branding and promotion of services and products ideas is an art that can be shared by the help of others to achieve their goals within the periods of time. Search results engine and SEO are very important for business people for effective and efficient campaigns. E-commerce specialists use smart strategies advertising in China, because he knows best what is best and what is not for people Chine. If you are new and do not know about marketing approaches in China and then learn or get awareness of the rules and regulations of Chinese digital marketing to gain market share. Grow your business with marketing experts Chine and become a successful professional. Adopt unique marketing approaches and gain market share.

Online Advertising Strategies for Brand Promotions

Advertising campaigns through social media (wechat) , video presentations, social media marketing, social networks, optimizing search engines, promotion of media, paper copy or in print, promotion of electronic media and the cross-channel promotion, all have techniques that uses smart strategy by marketing experts according to the nature of the products. A significant campaign that the design according to the values ​​of culture and according to the nature of people, that people like most always leave good impact on product sales. carefully analyze the market chines for online ads and using marketing campaigns most famous for brand promotions.

mercredi 14 septembre 2016

More Chinese tourists expected in the UAE

“At present, there are more than 4,000 Chinese enterprises operating in the UAE with bilateral trade volume totalling $48.55 billion (Dh178.18 billion) in 2015,” report gulf news.

UAE & China 

It is expected that business between China and the UAE to get a boost as the UAE granted visa on arrival of Chinese nationals, a diplomat and senior business executives Chinese level Gulf News said.
"It will further promote bilateral cooperation in areas such as aviation, trade and service, bringing more opportunities for bilateral economic cooperation," said Lin Yaduo, charge d'affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

He said the UAE was the second largest trading partner of China and the largest export market in the Middle East and North Africa, and an important trading center for Chinese products.
"Currently, there are over 4,000 Chinese companies operating in the UAE with total bilateral trade volume of $ 48.55 billion (Dh178.18 billion) in 2015," he said.
The main companies operating in the UAE include China Construction, China National Petroleum Corporation and China Harbour.
Chinese banks with offices in the UAE are the Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank and the Industrial Commercial Bank of China. Dragon Mart Dubai has many Chinese companies that sell a variety of products, including machine tools, electronics, clothing and leather products. Installation of visa-on-arrival to Chinese nationals also have an important impact on tourism, Lin said. "Tourism is also an important part of bilateral exchanges of people to people as evidenced by the fact that more than 500,000 Chinese tourists visited the UAE last year," said Yaduo. The first half of this year saw 267,000 Chinese tourists to Dubai, marking a year on year increase of 11 percent.

120 million oversea Chinese tourists in 2015

"However, if we consider that we had more than 120 million outbound Chinese tourists in 2015, it is fair to say that there is still enormous potential for exploration of more Chinese tourists to the UAE," Yaduo said. With good geographic location and rich tourism resources of the UAE with a strong cultural flavor, the decision to grant visa-on-arrival to Chinese nationals will attract Chinese tourists largely to the UAE, he added. Dubai-based Chinese travel agency Tourism Hunter agreed. General manager Michelle Chen said the Chinese passengers transiting through UAE airports would be easy to get a visa and enter the country for scales. "Tourist arrivals from China will double due to the system of visas on arrival. Many people in China will be of great interest to visit the UAE and see the sights," he said. Vishesh Bhatia, CEO of Jumbo Group, said: "Many Chinese tourists used to visit Dubai, but there has been a decline over the past three years and this will change with the relaxation of visa Now Chinese tourists will be encouraged to. visit the UAE as entertainment centers are increasingly important. " initiative belt and road The diplomat said that the UAE is an important strategic partner of China to build the belt and Road Initiative, also known as the New Silk Road.

The initiative of the belt and the road aims to connect the development strategies of the countries along their routes. top business executives in the UAE welcomed the decision by the UAE government to grant visa on arrival of Chinese travelers at airports.

It said the decision will boost trade relations between the two countries and more investment will flow into the UAE from China. "More and more Chinese companies come to the UAE to establish their businesses. It's a good decision by the government," said Tian Jun, general manager of Bank of China in Abu Dhabi.

Boost the Real Estate 

The new visa policy is also likely to boost the real estate sector in the UAE. A number of Chinese citizens have already bought properties in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, particularly in Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai and Akoya said Jun. "It will be easier for Chinese citizens traveling to the UAE to buy property due to the ease of visa-on-arrival. They do not have to go through the hassle of applying for a visa and wait for approval" he added.

"Chinese companies use the UAE as a hub for sending their products to African countries and sold in the market. With the visa process become simple, there will be a growth spurt in this activity."
More options for consumers

More Chinese investors

David Wang, CEO of Huawei UAE, said the decision could encourage more Chinese companies, investors and tourists to explore the opportunities available in the UAE. "With its strategic location and rules now loose visa, we expect to see a positive impact on the economy of the UAE, as more Chinese companies, investors and professionals are likely to use the country as a springboard to access other markets of the region, "Wang said.

Jumbo Group Bhatia said more Chinese companies do not threaten companies existing consumer electronics in the UAE, but would offer more choice to consumers.
Dong Hu, country manager Middle East and Africa Alibaba Cloud said: "Many Chinese Internet companies have already made Dubai as their regional base and the new standard will improve more companies to establish bases in the UAE.

"The rulers of the UAE have a clear strategy to UAE as an important center of foreign investment and is bearing fruit.
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lundi 12 septembre 2016

Chinese tourists spend in the US $ 74M every day

Chinese tourists spend in the US $ 74M every day 

In 2015, fashion retail stores, hotels and luxury shops were places where the outgoing Chinese tourists spend most, according to a Xinhua report.
The report notes that in 2015, the number of Chinese tourists traveling to the US It increased by 18 percent from 2014 to reach 2.59 million. 2015 was also the year China replaced Brazil to become the fifth largest source of tourists in the US In 2015, Chinese tourists spent $ 26.9 billion in the US On average they obtained $ 74 million in revenue each day. Almost 30 percent of that money was spent shopping.

"The expenditure abroad increased can I attributed to the higher income of Chinese citizens. Expenditure abroad Japanese and Korean tourists' maintained a high growth rate of between 30 and 40 percent before the per capita GDP Japan and South Korea have reached $ 10,000, "said Zhao Ping, a researcher with the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade.

source http://www.scmp.com/news/china/policies-politics/article/2018534/travel-industry-asks-taiwans-government-tackle-fall

"China, with a per capita GDP of $ 8.000, is still in the period of high-speed growth, and the trend will continue," he added. Representatives of the tourism industry in Taiwan were ready to take to the streets of Taipei on Monday afternoon to ask the government to address the declining number of tourists from mainland China who visit the island since the Democratic Progressive Party Independence trend took office in May.

vendredi 9 septembre 2016

5 news about Marketing for Chinese travellers

A bill of 16,500 shekels ($4,393; £3,285) handed to a group of eight Chinese tourists in a restaurant near Jerusalem has sparked an online row.
It all started when the head of Israel's association of tour operators posted a photo of the bill, suggesting the visitors may have been "suckered".
But the restaurant's owners contest this, and give a different version of how the meal unfolded.
They say the group had a gourmet meal and the venue was closed to host them

Let us observe the main reasons and strategies to attract potential Chinese travelers.

Sydney, Australia is popular for its landmark structures like the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera Home. It is also renowned for its splendid nature. It is one of biggest market for Chinese hence attracts a major chunk of tourism from China. Sydney is constructed around its big harbors. It is a lovely city and you’ll find there is no lack of things to see and do in Sydney.


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As we all know china is one of the places in the world where many brand cosmetics available day by day the requirement and cosmetics selling increases. In this world china holds second position in the cosmetics market. If one wants to sell your cosmetic product online in china there should be some factors to be followed to raise your business level as well as to gain popularity of the cosmetics websites. Around 30 percent of business selling done because of e-business, and let see what should be the entire factor to be considered for developing digital marketing?


lundi 22 août 2016

Tencent win the Internet Battle fight with Wechat

Tencent win the Internet Battle fight with Wechat 

Tencent, the largest entertainment company and online social network in China, reported a jump of 47% of the second quarter earnings. Net income for the quarter stood at 10.9 billion yuan ($ 1.6 billion, £ 1.23bn), beating analysts' expectations. Revenues grew at its fastest pace in more than three years, the company said, rising from 52% to 35.7bn yuan. Tencent is best known for its WeChat messaging application, which dominates the local market. Market dominance Three Internet giants in China, the company's online games and social media Tencent is the largest, but least known in the West. Tencent has not attracted the same attention as global rivals: Alibaba, with charismatic millionaire entrepreneur Jack Ma at the helm, and Baidu, the local equivalent of Google. However, its WeChat service is roughly greater application, it is in China. According to many Chinese users it is ahead of anything people use elsewhere. source BBC

Wechat a crazzy APP 

WeChat offers just about all of the mail to the call, mobile games, deliveries of food and online purchases, payments, even down to split the bill when you're with friends. The application has more than 700 million people who use and unparalleled dominance in the Chinese market, but it is not the main source of income of Tencent. "Online gambling has long been the driver for Tencent and it is essential to understand the composition of income," Duncan Clark, technology analyst and CEO of BDA Consulting in Beijing, told the BBC. Gaming giant In June, it was announced that Tencent Holdings and its partners to buy a majority stake in the Finnish manufacturer's Clash of Clans play. The deal values ​​Supercell approximately $ 10.2 billion (£ 6.95bn) and Tencent will buy the game Softbank Group of Japan, which has invested in Supercell in 2013.

Its key element is the integration of a wide range of all online services combined in one application.

Social Networks in China ! 

Social media most avid users include those who derive pleasure from envy of their peers. Facebook, Instagram and others offer a myriad of ways to show, from displaying the latest handbag in social concern advertising through a charitable donation announced publicly.

Some tourism Companies invest in Wechat
see examples here.

Luxury Company invest in Wechat ! 

That's why luxury companies like LVMH have seen a huge increase in the use of social media among buyers of exclusive products, limited edition, particularly in the key markets of growth in India and China. Naturally, LVMH began using social media to identify and market to customers who most enjoy a upping their friends. Theoretically, this select group of customers - if they could be identified - would jump at the chance to buy a product intended for them. So far, though, LVMH's efforts to what we call "selective sales" have been hampered by random collection of information and the volume of available data. Complete integration of e-commerce and social media represented by WeChat could contain the solution. Some companies have already begun to exploit the opportunities - for example, Tiffany & Co. uses the official WeChat account to refine customer segmentation. Hitting the bull's-eye will depend on the ability of a brand to identify customers, with all their social media connections, are the targets of high value for selective distribution. That's where our research comes.

With Wechat you can Know your customers! 

  In our study, we used mathematical models to reproduce the typical behavior of the followers of social media who like to show. We also took into account the fact that firms differ in what they know about their customers on social media. Some know nothing or almost nothing. But there are two types of information that are useful: the degree of connectivity (ie how many friends each customer) and the degree to which each client participates in a consumerist bidding (researchers call this "conspicuity"). Totally uninformed companies obviously can not engage in segmentation; companies that have one or two types of customer information may use all available data to curate their target set of customers. Try different combinations gave some interesting general principles. First, the most popular clients are not the high value the most. Fully aware of the business did better when they have targeted customers with a high level of visibility and an intermediate number of disciples, high enough to touch off the purchase of the desired effect envious, but not high enough to reduce the novelty of product - and by extension, its value in the game of competitive consumption - too. Second, not all information is created equal customer. We found that how many friends each customer is much more valuable than knowing their propensity to show on social media. The two types of information is better than no information, but none of the conspicuity information added value for companies who already knew the extent of social network connections to their clients. Overall, the value add information conspicuity amounted to between two and six percent profit gain, while the connectivity information to profit gains ranging from five to 30 percent.

Like many other high-tech Chinese companies, Tencent was first labeled as a copycat, fill the vacuum created by Beijing banning Western online companies to enter the Chinese markets.

Wechat better than Taobao... baidu 

source : http://www.cnbc.com/2016/08/17/tencent-overtakes-alibaba-as-chinas-most-valuable-tech-company-as-wechat-owner-posts-strong-results.html 

Youtube was replaced by Youku, Google with Baidu, Alibaba by Amazon, while WeChat has taken the place of WhatsApp.

Tencent is also QQ ... 

It was originally developed on QQ was a Chinese version of the pioneer ICQ desktop email. And there is some truth in the assessment that these companies have their first ideas to be modeled on a Western society. But the days of simply copying are more, many of these companies have mastered the plan they were built on - and often developed further away. "China is increasingly the center of mobile innovation," says Clark. "It is rather that there is a difference now in the West, because people tend to miss what happens in China.