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lundi 6 janvier 2020

Chinese Tourists spend a lot on Mobile Payment

Chinese explorers are spending more cash than any other time in recent memory on abroad outings, with 60 percent of guests to Europe distinguishing versatile installment as their first decision, another investigation says.

2018 Trends

 A Nielsen and Alipay report, titled 2018 Trends of Chinese Mobile Payment in Outbound Tourism, finds that the normal spending plan for Chinese tourists making a trip abroad expanded to more than $6,026 per individual in 2018. Somewhere in the range of 69 percent of tourists utilized portable installment when spending abroad, up 4 percent from the earlier year. In excess of 147 million Chinese tourists voyaged abroad in 2017 and spent a sum of $220 billion, as per the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. source: https://www.nationaledweek.com/chinese-tourists-spend-a-lot-on-mobile-payment/

ECommerce on WeChat

in 2020, ecommerce is booming on WeChat. Lot of Brands are opening wechat storen and mini program. source photo

What is WeChat Pay?

WeChat pay is a payment solution fully integrated into Tencent's social and messaging application: WeChat. It appears in the "WeChat Wallet" section of the application. Today, online payment services are increasing. The fintech sector is attractive to investors and new services are constantly being introduced.

However, Chinese mobile payment services namely Alipay and WeChat Pay dominate the market. Both platforms have a real competitive advantage over their competitors: a fully integrated ecosystem.

For traders, the arrival of Chinese consumers is a real boon. Tourism in France has been very resilient with an increase in the number of Chinese tourists registered in 2018.

Chinese tourism in Paris is characterized by visiting tourist places, but especially large shopping centers and luxury stores. Paris continues to seduce thanks to the variety of activities that the capital offers to Chinese tourists. It was recently selected by the Chinese media Global Times as the most popular tourist destination for family travel.

In addition to offering Chinese tourists a range of tourist activities, Paris offers a very rich cultural agenda. In addition to visiting museums, art galleries, must-see monuments, Paris offers exhibition-events, prestigious or unusual places and gastronomy highly prized internationally.

WeChat in Europe

As Europe is one of the most privileged destinations for Chinese customers, WeChat in Europe is developing partnerships to maximize the use of its mobile payment service, namely WeChat Pay, and to provide more convenience to Chinese during their travels.

When traveling abroad, Chinese customers are very demanding of luxury goods, beauty products and more recently, works of art. It is the diversity of products and collections, but also the monetary variations that push Chinese people to buy abroad, rather than in mainland China. In addition, the Chinese tourist is hyper-connected, increasingly demanding and attaches more importance to the shopping experience.

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