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mardi 4 février 2020

Chinese tourists search information on Baidu

Update 2020 Chinese tourists are using more and more baidu to find information before their trip.

Before all, your website must be hosted in China and also have a domain name everywhere. You can for better visibility. It can be practiced in applying CNNIC: Internet in China is not as fast as in all Western countries, which means that pages with large, videos and high quality photos that make loose traffic and customers. In addition, there is a great choice for clients on the network, and if your website is high, netizens will see other competitors.

Tips to optimize your website to Baidu 

A home page with more information Here are the guidelines to follow if a website for Chinese customers is created:

Adapted prices for China

Different methods of transaction  with selected products attractive offers and This information should be generally available, the page because what you can see on this page is the key. In addition, the Chinese are very With regard to offers, in addition to price cuts, and that is why a website like Taobao is really so successful.

SEO tips

The content will seduce the audience

The high value added content are appreciated when given one of the information is aimed at visitors to your website and when prices are above the rest of the list. The content should be written in clear concise well, because people in the Far East do not waste their time in reading difficult descriptions of their products. The founder of lords explains that the reputation of the website is the key The founder of Judge Made as Chinese consumers like brands, and prefer to spend more money on the famous brand cheap brands. Chinese society is changing.
Introducion of Baidu

SEO - Chinese search engine

When your website answers the above criteria, you need to improve your ranking on search engines like yahoo. Therefore, when an Internet user will type in the keywords regarding specific products website, the ideal site would function as the first. In Tiongkok, you must follow the rules of Baidu; Baidu is a search result which represents 80% connected with web research.

 Why optimize search engines like GOOGLE? to Get more traffic 

A good website is likely to attract Chinese tourists , but will not have the visibility that disserves when the brand is unknown in China. You should work on how you can find. The goal is to get a good rating when we write the main words elements, ideally the initial result on the first page. It is important to know that 85% of Internet users visit the first page, so an online site on the second Web page will lose 85% of customers. With a good SEO marketing plan, you could see recovery in traffic of 70%; It is representing a 70% higher chance of getting leads.

Exchanges between the buyer and seller

Chat with the owner is culturally as important as the choice of the best prices for the Chinese to get the most information is the product of the sale. Therefore, you have to have people available, ready to answer questions. It will show its serious and professionalism, two key elements complete business in China.

E-reputation in China is so important

To further enhance its brand image through China, you must be active in specialized forums to increase your e-reputation. To which, you should pay close attention to customer opinion because net buyers in China

Trust in China

Content helps travel agencies to give authority

Content is the key of a SEO strategy in China. Our main agency expertise is to create efficient content to upgrade brand's position on search engines, and attractive content to increase cutomer's trafic. source agency

Social Media in China are important for Chinese tourists 


How not to mention the cultural reference Sox in China, and it begins to be recognized in Western countries. WeChat allows use of official accounts to discuss the news about your brand more products, services and special offers. It also allows increase customer loyalty for a brand.


Along with specialized forums, could be the Chinese Twitter: Weibo, as well as 500 million users. It is a means of social communication, very useful to raise the reputation of the models.


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