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jeudi 3 septembre 2015

Agency advices you how to use Wechat

Wechat Marketing Tips for small medium Companies 

Wechat with your contacts WeChat on a computer. You do not even need to download or install a program you just need web.wechat.com access on a desktop browser.
Then, scan the QR code shown on the website with the application. You do this by pressing the Magic Wand icon in the upper right corner and selecting Scan QR Code.
Chat history displayed on your device will not be displayed on the web browser, but opened discussions will be available for quick access. You can also start a new conversation with one of your contacts WeChat.

2.Wechat content management 

Content is the key on wechat 
With WeChat Web WeChat Web also allows you to transfer files under 10 MB from your computer to your device. The large paragraphs of text can also be sent to yourself with this feature.
Video sharing WeChat is easy enough, but for some sharing videos Moments reason is not yet available. However, there is something for you to share your downloaded video and send it to Moments. Enter a chat room and click the + sign at the bottom and press the video. Select either take video to record a new video, or Choose Video to pick one that is already on your device. Once the video is uploaded, long press on the video in the chat room and choose Favorite. Now go to the main page and tap the WeChat Navicon and choose favorite messages. In there, press the video you just press the favorite Navicon and choose Send to Moments.

Wechat moment 

Fill the form with your message and press Send Share Text only moments WeChat Moments feed works similarly to a Facebook stream where you can like and comment on photos shared by your contacts. You do not want to share photos? Share Text as a status update instead by pressing and holding the camera icon in the top right corner to a text box appears. Likes and comments apply.

Wechat tools 

Have fun with the social functions of WeChat WeChat has many fun social features that are not found on most mail apps there. These social features allow you to look and talk to random people who are also using the application.

Localize your business 

Look around, you can connect with random people who are physically around you. To use Look Around You need JavaScript locations so the "matchmaking" can begin. You can see the user name, custom status, their avatar or profile photo and distance from you (there is a little off, to be honest).
Start a conversation with someone. Note that when you are in the Look Around mode, other users can look as good for you.

Community management 

Allow friends easily Make You On WeChat You should not give your personal contact number with people who want to discuss with you on WeChat.

Here are two ways they can connect with you.
Use A Unique ID WeChat Use of a WeChat ID as a unique user name which should not be your real name. You can set a time so think about that. Once you've set this up, friends can easily look for you. You can configure under Settings> My Profile There are also QR codes to share with you on your social networking sites. These QR codes are available in a variety of models. Choose one and insert your information card name, then save the photo gallery of your device. Your friends can then add you by scanning this QR code with WeChat. You can find this under Settings> My Name Card QR
check this group 

Use Video sharing

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