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jeudi 29 août 2013

Uncivilized Chinese Tourist

Uncivilized Chinese Tourist 

"It undermines the image of the people of our country and made ​​a bad impression." Chinese tourists are rude. According to Le Monde, Beijing has aired commercials in a program of prevention of state television to encourage travelers to behave correctly. The idea of a new law has also been issued to punish tourists who do not respect the local customs and traditions.
Graffiti, spitting and throwing garbage, rudeness tourists are hardly appreciated in the world. And they cause many reactions on social networks, but also discontent leaders. Recently, a young Chinese carved his name on a bas-relief of the god Amun in an Egyptian temple, creating a scandal. A manhunt was then started to find the culprit.
The Chinese authorities are exasperated. According to the magazine Vice, Wang Yang, a top executive was quoted as saying that his countrymen "make a noise in public spaces, engrave words on sights, cross the street when the light is red, spit and other things uncivilized ". He concluded: "It undermines the image of the people of our country and made ​​a bad impression."
France is even the subject of myths about Chinese tourists. In the capital, a sign written in Mandarin encourage visitors not to defecate on the floor around the palace of the Louvre.
This new law is therefore to warn tourists. The Global Times, a Chinese newspaper, wanted to respond by saying that blaming race or nationality was as uncivilized.

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