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dimanche 25 janvier 2015

4 Chinese Tourists Reportedly Blacklisted

4 Chinese Tourists Reportedly Blacklisted

Attacks with scalding water, a bomb threat and attack halftone suicide - all in an airplane ride. Mark this as one of the most bizarre stories in a long period of bad behavior on a flight.

The passengers who were on board a Thai AirAsia flight from Bangkok to the Chinese city of Nanjing said Shenzhen Satellite TV in China that the drama began with a dispute over the drink service, and quickly spun out of control.
According to the passenger who spoke with the television channel, a passing threw boiling water on a flight attendant. Cell phone pictures posted online, then shows a man other passengers identified as threatening her boyfriend to blow up the plane. When the woman finally asked to apologize, she started threatening suicide while pounding aircraft windows, according to the television report.
The chain of events worries enough that they turn around pilots and flew to Bangkok airport, where several reports said the troublemakers were arrested quickly.

 The incident occurred on Thursday, but with cell phone videos and testimonials continuing to pour, the Chinese state media reported Chinese authorities have issued a statement Saturday night saying that the passengers were put on a blacklist to travel in their home province after they "seriously tarnished the image of Chinese people. "

Eyewitnesses interviewed by Shenzhen Satellite describes a sequence of bizarre events in which small complaints quickly escalated into mass murder threats. The couple attacked first, the allocation of seats, but things really heated over a cup of boiling water, witnesses told the station.

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