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jeudi 22 octobre 2015

Sensitive campaign for educate Chinese tourists

With the approach of the National Day holiday, many Chinese embassies abroad have called on their compatriots to behave better and respect the local laws, regulations and customs. In a statement on its website, the Chinese Embassy in Canada has called on Chinese tourists visiting the country to dress appropriately, to avoid talking too much and doing graffiti.

"For example when flights are delayed, travelers should understand the situation and cooperate with the agents."

In Thailand 

The Chinese Embassy in Thailand issued a similar offer, indicating that a patronizing attitude could "ruin their own image." Tourists represent the image of their country. A true patriotism demand respect for others and civic behavior, it said.

This year, Chinese people will enjoy longer holidays, thanks to the Feast of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day. For the next holiday, travel agencies, such as Ctrip.com, China Youth Travel Service and Lvmama.com noted an increase in bookings for stays abroad, or at least 150% compared to the previous year . source

The behavior of Chinese tourists

The behavior of some fellow sparked controversy, as the four Chinese tourists on September 4 expressed their anger in Bangkok, learning the delay of almost 9am flight back to Chongqing, due to bad weather and technical problems.

China Central Television revealed that many scenic spots in Thailand had posted signs in Chinese, inviting Chinese visitors to behave. In April, the Chinese Tourism Administration began to keep a record of bad behavior of travelers. So far, 11 incidents were registered on its website, including six held in Thailand.

China Tourism Academy

Dai Bin, director of China Tourism Academy, said more legal measures should be introduced to regulate the sector. "Some acts can not simply be classified as an uncivilized behavior, such as the wearing of the inscriptions on ancient relics. Such a move must be punished according to the laws and regulations," the official said.

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