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mardi 3 novembre 2015

What we show the Chinese national tourist board after Paris Attack

Since the recent bombings that took place in the French capital, many information and data reveal a possible decline in Chinese tourist inflow.
Having said that the European currency declined sharply in recent months and made it much more attractive Paris including three hundred thousand tourists more than in the previous year can reassure the French tourism industry.

What we show the Chinese national tourist board

It was given to important safety instructions and precautions, especially for group travelers and people who go to crowded places.
The travel industry such as agencies, airlines and other hotels recorded declines in their forecasts and discover that many of their customers shift their stay or planning visits to neighboring countries.

A look at the purchases of Chinese tourists

All Chinese does not cancel their trip and those who will plan to make many visits to attractions and especially enjoy the price to make beautiful gifts.
For example, for Christmas and especially Chinese New Year which is a date not to be missed, the many shopping purchases concern for interior decoration or designs objects we found in general stores or specialty as large galleries, and large specialized spaces in the interior decoration that sell beautiful products (curtains, sheers ...).

For the final word, we quote the French Consul General in Shanghai who told Global Times. "If Chinese tourists continue to come to France, we will take it as a sign of support and friendship."

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