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jeudi 21 avril 2016

Education is a new giant market for Austalian Tourism bureau

The education sector in China is the world's largest, with no less than 9 million new students in 2015. This sector accounts for about 4% of national GD

With Australian political tour of China to promote trade, education is a priority in the agenda, with Chinese students now make up 27 percent of all international students in Australia.
A delegation of about 1000 Australian politicians and business leaders in China this week for Australia in China Week, a trade mission to China key.
They will be promoting Australia as a premium destination for investment, tourism and education. With more young Chinese seeking study abroad, Australian universities are willing to make their pitch.

smog and Beijing's notorious traffic are two things Qinteng Hou says that will not be lost when going to study her Masters in International Business in Brisbane later this year.
The 22-year-old says Australia's environment and relaxed lifestyle played a role in his decision to apply to the University of Queensland. "Australia is a beautiful place, which is not as crowded as Beijing. You can feel relaxed and comfortable there," Hou said.

tens thousands of Chinese students in Australia ! 

It's just one of the tens of thousands of Chinese students looking to Australia for higher education. Today account for over 27 percent of all international students in Australia, helping to make education the fourth largest exporter of the nation. In 2014 international education contributed about $ 17 billion to the Australian economy, and that figure is expected to increase.
Sydney University is just one of the Australian universities that sent representatives to Beijing to Australia in Week China. Michelle Carlin spokesman says Chinese students are extremely important for college.
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China's complements educational reform

 More information here https://www.academia.edu/24285318/Online_education_is_a_new_giant_market_in_China_Australian_are_now_proving_it

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