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mercredi 6 mai 2020

How to master SEO and SEM in Baidu? (by Olivier VEROT)

Top interview of SEO expert, Olivier VEROT founder of GMA , top SEO agency in China.

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 Olivier VEROT
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Known for olivier verot specialty on natural referencing (SEO) Baidu, I never really talked about paid referencing (SEA) on Baidu, and yet I have been doing it since at least 2013. I have always considered SEA as a profession , and SEO as a passion, and because of that, I didn't blog or write a lot about it. I do SEA Google and Baidu only for professional purposes, but recently, I extended it to my personal activities, and I find that this channel brings a lot of visibility for a controlled budget.

But in 2020, I decided to change the game, and to talk about SEA SEO as a lever to be used in synergy with SEO for any search engine!

We will focus on SEA Baidu for mainland China, and I will give you my opinion and a short tutorial to set up a paid Chinese SEO campaign. The Fengchao tool, on which most things happen, is only in Simplified Chinese, and you need to be proficient to manage Baidu's paid campaigns.

Why do Chinese SEA on Baidu?

If you are a new brand, be aware that it takes time to go up in a search engine. For the effect to be immediate, it is absolutely necessary to start with a little SEA (be it for Baidu as for Google by the way). Without this, the visits to your site and the visibility of your brand will take longer to take effect.

In addition, there has always been talk that a company paying for an SEA campaign would have a few more positions in Baidu, but I have never been able to verify this with concrete studies. Therefore, I will not confirm this point (compared to the gain in rankings in the results of the Chinese search engine).

The steps to launch an SEA campaign on Baidu:

Be aware that there are admin fees to pay to set up an SEA account on Baidu. We are in the 1500 RMB for the setup of a paid Chinese SEO account.

You must fill out an order form in which you communicate the annual expenditure budget for a customer, and then Baidu generates an invoice for payment

Payment is not made by credit card, but by transfer (and beware, Baidu does not take transfers via Paypal or other)

baidu vs google ads 

Baidu sends access to the Fengchao platform, which is the Chinese Google Ads

To access the platform, there is always a captcha to enter

There is an ad editor like for Google Ads: Baidu Editor (software to download locally)

How does SEA work on Baidu?

This remains in the same logic as Google: buy keywords for previously created ads. The platform is more complex in terms of UX compared to Google Ad.

The menu framed in green is the main menu of the tool which gives access to the various reports and to account management. This is where you can access the Chinese keyword generator. The menu shows the following items:

  1. Advertising management
  2. Data report
  3. Product Center (Images, Videos, etc.)
  4. Tool center (keyword generator, etc.)
  5. Help Center
  6. The menu framed in orange is the drop-down menu for all campaigns, ad groups and ads

The menu framed in pink is the menu to manage the pausing of keywords, CPC bids, etc.

I plan to do some other articles to explain what paid SEO in China is, and how to manage a campaign from start to finish!

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