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dimanche 7 novembre 2021

Living in China

 living in China 

Know the cost of living in China

Shanghai was recently named the most expensive city in Asia for expats. However, transport is inexpensive there (0.57 cents per metro ticket on average, 1.85 € the minimum daytime taxi ride), as is the food if you adapt to the local food. Apart from Shanghai, Beijing or Hong-Kong, you can find well-equipped and decent accommodation for € 200 per month. Overall, life in China is cheaper than in Europe. On the other hand, it is necessary to be well informed about the costs of insurance, schools, health, which can quickly become very high.

The expat position in China today

Generally, expatriates have a higher salary than a Chinese in the same position as well as many advantages: company housing, medical coverage and school fees for their children paid by the company. However, more and more foreigners are hired under local employment contracts, and work under the same conditions as a Chinese employee. Under local contract, your vacation days, your working hours will therefore be the same as an employee. Chinese Taxation is not the same according to an expatriate contract or a local contract. It nevertheless remains advantageous for a French national thanks to a bilateral agreement between France and China. It is therefore important to negotiate the nature of your employment contract and prepare for a change in lifestyle.

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