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lundi 21 mars 2022

Russian products are popular nowdays in the Chinese e-Commerce

 China continues to refrain from criticizing Russia over its actions in Ukraine, where Russia’s military operations entered their seventh day, pro-Moscow voices have become a strong presence on the Chinese internet. While Chinese social media platforms such as short video app Douyin have removed tens of thousands of accounts and comments spreading fake information and provocative content about the crisis, empathetic and anti-war messaging from Chinese citizens has also been censored or muffled by the authorities.


Recently, internet users are flocking to (link in Chinese), the National Pavilion of Russia, an online shop mainly selling Russian food products on Chinese e-commerce platform JD.com, according to Chinese nationalist outlet Guancha. According to the registration information on JD.com, the shop is under a China-foreign joint venture whose legal representative is Sergey Batsev, a China representative for Business Russia, an organization representing the country’s small and medium entrepreneurs outside the commodities sector. The shop is the only e-commerce platform backed by the Russian embassy in China, according to a 2021. 

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