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vendredi 1 avril 2022

10 articles about Markets in China

 10 articles about Markets in China 

China is a changing market, to get updated about latest trends follow our blog :) 


Chinese Consumers purchase brands

Chinese are obsessed with branding. This society is focused on your 'face.' It is how others perceive you. What you buy is the most common way to show your 'face.' In a consumer-driven society, it's essential to tap into this growing desire for individual expression with branding.


So many entrepreneurs have benefited from China's digitalization, both in termsof industry and attractiveness worldwide, following China's economic growth. Many Chinese families now enjoy the benefits of a rising purchasing power and are part of China's middle or upper classes because of their education and work.


WeChat: China’s Leading App

WeChat is the most popular app in China. It is crucial for anyone who wants to expand their business in China’s largest country to learn about the importance of WeChat and how to make the most of it.


the drink & cocktail business in China

The Chinese ready-to-drink market has seen significant growth in recent years. Consumer demand is growing for high-quality, innovative drinks. The largest market share is held by the Asia Pacific, while Western countries significantly influence consumer behavior around the globe.



Douyin, which boasts more than 600 million users in China, is one the most popular and lucrative apps. Douyin has initially been an online platform for short videos sharing. It has now evolved into a variety of technologies, including artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Douyin is changing the way information is created online, shared, and consumed. Douyin is an effective advertising tool that many Chinese businesses can use. We will offer a report on Douyin ads along with tips and advice for how to use Douyin well.

Taobao Business in China 


Chinese consumers are the driving force behind luxury shopping around the world.

According to Jessica Tan, Ping An Group co-CEO of Ping An Group, digital healthcare was only 7% of total Chinese healthcare spending. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the acceptance of online healthcare services by regulators and consumers. 


China’s preference for wine is developing quickly, and the nation is set to surpass the UK to turn into the world’s second biggest wine market by 2020, arriving at a worth of $21 billion. As indicated by VINEXPO research, the market is expected to develop by a normal of seven percent every year throughout the following four years, with 6.1 billion liters of wine expected to be sold in 2020. Every year a developing level of the wine sold in China is imported from abroad; last year this figure passed 10% interestingly.


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