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lundi 23 septembre 2013

British Airways critics about Chinese Tourism VISA policy in UK

British Airways critics about Chinese Tourism VISA policy in UK 

British Airways supremo Willie Walsh, today attacked the government 's lack of corporate leadership as he warned the UK was losing its policy of " welcoming " the Chinese tourism.

The CEO of AIG , the owner of British Airways and Iberia, said the Prime Minister and the Chancellor

" have not demonstrated visionary leadership. They respond to everything that is relevant, rather than to implement a key strategy for businesses. " 

Walsh added: " Cameron and Osborne ... do not have a vision for the future. " Speaking on board the inaugural flight BA in Chengdu, the fifth largest city in China, the head of the aviation distinguished slow response of UK growth in emerging markets as evidence of the failure of the government policy.
"In China , the issue of visas UK remains a major problem," he said . " Not being in the [Visa Europe shared regime] Schengen means higher costs and bureaucracy for Chinese visitors. "

Traffic at Chengdu airport increased by 5.5 million passengers in 2000 to 32 million last year , and Walsh said Government policies hamper the chances of the United Kingdom to capitalize on this growth.

" We launched this route London to Chengdu a year ago , without obstacles visa ," he said . "There is a perception in China that the United Kingdom does not want tourists and Chinese companies. The government talks much about doing business with China, but it is one thing to say and another to put it into action . " 

 Too complicated to apply for UK VISA

Boss BA claimed Chinese tour " around the UK on the European circuits due to bureaucracy They say it is too complicated to apply for two visas Other countries are also more welcoming : . We need more Mandarin speakers , not just in airports, but the main attractions . "
About 1.2 million Chinese tourists visited the European countries that use the Schengen visa last year , compared to less than 200,000 flying UK. source

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Before the publication of the interim report of the Commission on airport expansion Davies in South East later this year , Walsh said: "I expect [ Sir Howard Davies ] to produce a fantastic report , the best on the aviation in the UK has ever seen . " But nothing will happen with it, because it will be given to politicians who do nothing . "

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