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lundi 2 septembre 2013

Budget for Beijing travel

Cost of living in Beijing

During my stay in Beijing a week, I could see how much to spend on several things: accommodation , food and tourism , so I'll give you in this activity the costs down .
You guessed prices in Beijing are much lower than in France ! The Yuan is trading at € 0.15 cents. 1 year ago while the Euro was higher, it was 1 yuan to 0.1 euros! Now with the fall of the Euro, we still have a little less power purchases but there is still huge.

Budget for the trip to Beijing Move is essential in Beijing, there are several ways the bus and train are very popular :

It will cost 2 yuan to take the train to go anywhere in Beijing and 1 yuan to take the bus or 10 or 20 cents bus fare or subway! Cheap : D .
Take a taxi on the other hand cost a bit more expensive but it will cost less than 5 euros so if you did not share , do not spend a lot of money ! If you want a night out , take the train and go before 23hours taxi because there are more trains after 23:30. It sets early in China and up however early.
The price of the taxi from the airport to the city will cost you much more expensive 15-20 euros as it's quite far if you take the international taxi ( black 40-50 euros): the ideal is to take the metro which will cost you 3 euros!
You can visit all the attractions by metro except for the wall of China, or it will either take a bus or group to take over there . It will cost 15 to 20 euros .

Budget accommodation in Beijing.

During my stay in China , I decided to sleep in classic Hostel Hotel to meet more people , even if the prices are almost similar for a room to share with 2 or 4. So we paid less than 10 euros a night in the best hostel in China.
For less basic hotels and toilets and showers share count from 12 euros each room for two .

Budget for food in Beijing 

The Restaurant price is more expensive than the street shops , it is very easy to find a place to eat outside when the weather is nice ! It will cost less than 5 euros to the restaurant. A beer bottle with a liter will cost you only one euro and 20 cents.

Other costs for Beijing. 

The price of electronics is cheaper than in France if you buy made ​​in China by against all that is not Made in China is much more expensive than France !
It's the same thing for clothing made ​​in China and the clothing brands is cheaper made ​​in China is more expensive for clothing brands .


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