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mercredi 18 décembre 2013

Germany famous for Beer sausages and Soccer in China !

Germany famous for Beer sausages and Soccer in China !

Most Chinese tourists only know Germany for its "beer", "sausages" and "soccer". German tourism bureaus and operators want to expand that knowledge

With the German economy that has made a successful push into China, Germany travel industry has intensified a campaign to attract Chinese tourists to the largest economy in Europe. Christian Ebner said that Chinese tourists seek in Germany.
They spend their newly acquired free money and are already the third largest group of foreign tourists - Chinese business travelers and tourists packet become a lucrative source of revenue for the German tourism industry in trouble .


Black Forest No trip is complete without a cuckoo clock factory tour Drubba More than 600,000 bookings from China are expected this year , according to the German Centre for Tourism DZT .
And a further easing of travel restrictions is expected to accelerate growth in the coming years .
"Chinese tourists come to Germany to go shopping , and they especially love the clothes," says the Dusseldorf -based Global Refund Corporation , which manages accounts free of duty and VAT for many traders . On average, a Chinese tourist spends more than 200 euros for clothes at a package from Germany , said Global Refund . That totals about € 42 million per year, with a third of that amount spent mainly in Frankfurt, which is the hub for air transport Europe. Cologne and Munich are also tourist destinations for Chinese travelers .


the Language

Language is a major obstacle in Germany. While most major hotels and businesses in the major tourist centers in Germany can manage some English , French , Italian or otherwise, hardly anyone speaks Mandarin . "Therefore, the Chinese traveler often feels he or she does not receive the same quality of service that others are doing ," says Stefanie Lyngbye travel agents based in Hamburg Caissa
" And then they have money to spend, they are very particular about where they spend it ," she adds . " They buy their watches in Switzerland and they buy their fragrance in Paris. They will not buy a French perfume in Germany or Italy. " While traveling to other countries plan tend to focus on the sights , Chinese tourist itineraries also include shopping excursions . No trip to the Black Forest is complete with a tour of the factory cuckoo Drubba on Lake Titisee or leaving the factory in Metzingen Hugo Boss .
But there is no compartmentalization when it comes to holidays for Chinese tourists . Unlike Japanese tourists , the Chinese are not interested in visiting Meissner porcelain factory . After all , the Chinese porcelain when Europeans were living in mud huts . That's why they call it " China " , after all.

The campaign

The campaign conducted by the Travel Industry of Germany to attract Chinese tourists to the largest economy in Europe after a major campaign by German companies in China's economy booming with business German , including automakers Mercedes and Volkswagen with chemicals giant BASF seeking to carve out new markets in China . Brand names are important for Chinese tourists , more important than the price tag , the industry sources noted . But this is not the case when it comes to booking a trip to Europe , said this person.
"There is a fierce price war happening in China when it comes to book excursions ," 
she said. 
"Tour groups harass hotels, restaurants and bus operators and aircraft for the best possible deal with the most for their hard earned money. 
" Great expectations are articulated on the lifting of travel restrictions in the coming weeks . Starting in September , most Chinese travelers will need a visa to come to Europe.
"This means that the tourism industry in Germany, with other European countries, is shifting its focus to China ," says Horst Lommatzsch German Centre for tourism.


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