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samedi 16 août 2014

Chinese travellers love High Class Hotel

Chinese love High Class Hotel

The touring off-Chinese border is changing. Despite a slight slowdown in the growth rate of China's GDP (which remains respectable level of 7.5% per year to end of June), the frenzy that put the citizens of the Middle Kingdom to want to see the outside world does not weaken .
On the contrary those who can afford it - a growing number - are leaving their own country they have not visited half the provinces to explore new horizons. They were 97.3 million crisscrossing the planet by 2013 and certainly by 2014 that figure, which is already ten times higher than it was in 2000, will mark.

200 million Chinese tourists in 2020

200 million expected to be achieved by 2020 and the number of countries visited should then have doubled since currently considering the constraints in obtaining visas (constraints imposed by China as well as from foreign countries) they don 'non-visitors over fifty, with some weakening European destinations in favor of Asians closer, more marked by sinisation and safer from a Chinese perspective.
Shopping and cultural ...
But this development is not only quantitative. It is also, we will not say "qualitative" but structural. In other words, they always travel mostly in groups, the trend towards individual travel is growing strongly.
Individual meaning family or really "single", built in groups of circumstance formed by travel agencies or simply self-programmed in the manner of Western backpackers.
The trip is limited to less than before a period of 8 to 10 days, the two-week getaway becoming the norm for many. The motivation for the majority, is the cultural discovery shopping before but this second motivation is growing, adding to the first is not fading ... no more than the budget for the trip.
Budget increase
And specifically, to the extent that more and more Chinese upper middle class, with a holiday bonus of increasing value, traveling for pleasure and to testify on their return they lived in abroad "in a big way" and thus gain social status, well these Chinese travelers also change their habits and tastes in comfort.
It draws a clear trend away from low and middle range hotels on the periphery (rather than historical centers or large resorts) and opt for the 4 and 5 star luxury hotels or to the villages of hotels Selects holidays such as ClubMed.

How the Chinese tourist Think ! 

 As you may have noticed, the growth of these two sectors has been a change in the way tourists decide to choose their holiday destination. While in the West, it was decided a destination or a particular location with the advice of his relatives where its network in China, it is mainly the Internet that will tip the scales to one corner of the globe or a other. Internet has become an indispensable tool for over 50% of China if they want to go on holiday abroad. When it comes to choosing a destination, book a hotel or flight, the first instinct is that they will have to look and learn about the Web.

"D’ici à 2015, la Chine sera le premier marché d’e-commerce du monde" source

Before taking the final decision, they will have a look at social networking. Watch the opinions and comments of travelers who have already been there, check out the forums reputation travel agency and its services and finally solicit its virtual network. If you are looking to capture the attention of Chinese tourists and make them travel through your agency, you need to know what influences them the most and what are the places where they find their information.
You will then be able to control information, the image that your vehicle brand and know the best ways to sell your travel services on the Chinese Internet.

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