"Everybody wants rich Chinese Tourist"

dimanche 3 août 2014

When New York wants to attract more Chinese tourists

New York State wants more Chinese tourists to say - or sing - "I Love New York", which seeks to enter the tourism market over $ 102 billion Chinese world.
The recent global financial crisis has dampened enthusiasm for western consumers traveling abroad. Therefore, tourism expenditures have not really changed in the world. This is however not the case of China, which, thanks to its stable economy, has seen the number of Chinese tourists greatly increase, not ceasing to grow, which is a boon for the global economy. Chinese tourists, encouraged to discover the world from

Chinese Tourist are more and more willing to go abraod

About Chinese tourists

Over the past decade, China has experienced rapid economic growth that has enabled the Chinese upper middle class to improve their standard of living, giving him the opportunity to travel outside the country; initiative also strongly encouraged in order to accelerate the development of the tourism industry in order to make a strategic pillar of the Chinese economy.
The tour of the state - also known by the song and slogan like "I Love New York" - has opened a second office in Beijing to promote the characteristics of the Empire State Building for consumers and industry Chinese tourism, and held "Becoming China Ready" workshops.
Workshops last week in cities outside the city of Albany, Utica and Rochester are for private companies, government agencies and tourism organizations to learn how to make themselves known in the Chinese tourism market, how to work with Chinese tour operators and Chinese visitors want.
Markly Wilson, director of international marketing division of Tourism of the State of New York, said that this year, the department has taken tourism officials from China to various parts of the state to show them that there is more than ever-popular spots in New York and Niagara Falls.
He said the department is working on the development of tourism routes including the Hudson Valley, the Catskills, Central New York, the Finger Lakes and the Adirondacks.
Wilson said the department is drawn to the Chinese market because of its economic wealth and population.

The number of billionaires in China

"The number of billionaires they have is more than any other country," he said. "The middle class is growing every year. During the past 15 years, the country has changed a country dominated to one that is much more open and liberal. Having been confined with centuries, they are able to discover the world. "

Sally Berry, sales and marketing manager of tourism Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, said that Chinese tourists are interested in the museum because it is one of the largest glass museum in the world. She also said there are also Mandarin translators available, especially for one of its major events, the sight of hot glass.
"We welcome Chinese visitors since 2007 and we have certainly seen an increase in Chinese tourists each year," .

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