"Everybody wants rich Chinese Tourist"

vendredi 7 février 2014

Chinese Tourists are not able to travel in the Space now , discover why in this article

Chinese are not able to travel in the Space now , discover why in this article

U.S. Virgin Galactic space tourists from the China could " Spies power" and that the tickets for his spaceship SpaceShipTwo would they can not sell. An announcement of the Company , which also recognized that among wealthy Chinese, many would like to take a trip into space against $ 260,000 .

Spy ?

The company suspected passengers from China, spying on behalf of their country , steal technologies and use them in their interest. The risk of data leakage from the ship SpaceShipTwo in China is high? The head of the Centre for Social Policy Studies Vladimir Evseev points in this connection :

"The person with special training can obtain additional information indeed. It can download a stand or to access business information . Thus, these fears are not without reason, as the space tourist are not isolated, and I do not think there will always be someone in to be near him . this means it can indirect information , which then in espionage , is going to get used . I do not exclude attempts of this kind. "

But the focus on the Virgin Galactic space tourists from China are largely explained by stereotypes of the 1980s and 1990s. Vladimir Evseev is that "China is viewed worldwide as a state practice of industrial espionage . From this perspective, the concerns of businesses about their secrets of course. Such an image will continue to create problems for China. Finally, to increase their number. But one thing confuses me . , China has so much space that it no longer needs external information . that's because China already put people in space, space station and has its moon program . It is self-sufficient in this area. she did not need someone who is a do tour in space on board a foreign ship , if necessary, they can arrange for their tourist space travel. " source

The spacecraft SpaceShipTwo has developed engines and other technologies in the United States. Fuels and technologies can be used by the Pentagon . Under U.S. law, access to such devices , the citizens of China is prohibited. The ban was introduced into the Cold War. Today also applies to the citizens of Iran and North Korea. Vladimir Evseev think the ban will not be lifted, at least in the near future :

" Everyone understands that China is developing its own anti-satellite against U.S. systems country and stationed in space: . . , It can use different versions Among other things, through the creation of micro- satellites capable of surrounding a large U.S. satellite and use it to sort out . In any case, additional information about the space programs of the United States, especially military , to facilitate China's ability , such satellite block necessary. also, U.S. law that not only China , it must be cured. "

cooperation with China

The question is how the United States' cooperation with China has organized in space. Initiatives of this kind are regularly announced by the U.S. side in the past two years . But it seems that Americans are not sincere in reaching out to the Chinese. Virtual scandal involving Chinese tourists is just one example . The current scandal took place last fall. NASA refused all Chinese scientists their request to participate in the international conference Kepler. The refusal was motivated by reasons of national security . However, this scientific conference focused on exoplanets. These are removed with trillions of miles from Earth and have nothing to do with military intelligence and national security of the United States!

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