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vendredi 28 février 2014

Chinese tourists ranked first in the world outside of the average fuel consumption

Chinese tourists ranked first in the world outside of the average fuel consumption

According to Chinese Business Morning News recently reported , the commercial service reimbursement system - Global Blue Group has released repayment tourist tax data of global trade.

The fourth quarter of 2013 , Chinese tourists abroad increased by 13.5 % discount shopping , Chinese tourists spend an average of 804 € ( with 18 the exchange rate , or about 6727 yuan) , to maintain first position in the world.
The value of the basket of delivery during the vision , statistics Blu global target of five countries - France, Italy , UK, Germany and Singapore. And compared with previous years , the fourth quarter of 2013 , these countries have experienced a slowdown in growth.

According to the analysis of staff Global Blue , the strong euro is an important factor.

And with the law of New China 's tourism has taken to prevent the grant of traveling to those of low-cost travel by forced or strongly encourage tourists to a particular destination for shopping.

Korea purchases of redemption in the third quarter compared to the same period of 2012 increased significantly by 28%. Last year, from January to August compared to the same period last year , Chinese tourists traveling to South Korea increased by 57.3% .

The staff at Global Blue said movements in exchange rates have resulted in a significant increase is mainly due to Chinese tourists.

2014 Spring Festival seven days, the Chinese luxury consumption abroad totaled $ 6.9 billion . Compared to 8.5 billion last year, a decrease of 18.8%.

" Simple tourists out the wishes of shopping is still very strong, like the fragrance , cosmetics, always . " The manager of a travel agency in the Middle East Line Xiaoyu Chen said.

World Luxury Association also showed that the Chinese New Year Chinese tourists abroad consumption of cosmetics, perfumes and clothes and jewelry make their appearance . As can be seen from the category of growth , consumption abroad , the main force are women.

A survey shows that Chinese tourists are planning to buy luxury goods abroad cheaper than domestic prices , the way to go abroad to buy themselves and their families accounted for 71% reward.


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