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jeudi 15 mai 2014

Singapore 2013 Chinese tourists spend 18%

Singapore 2013 Chinese tourists spend 18%

After passing the new law came into force Chinese tourism to visit in the fourth quarter of 2013 , the number of Chinese tourists to Singapore dump , but it has not affected last year , Chinese tourists to Singapore , the largest group of foreign tourists .

The fourth quarter of last year fell by Chinese tourists to visit Singapore 31 percent , but increased consumption by 1%.

Singapore Tourism Board official Edward Hill (sound), said the Chinese people choose multi-line tour reduced, but individual visitors. Hill added: " . Compared to the first tour with the group of people in many countries are unique visitors to stay longer ," he said , which means that , despite the decline in the fourth quarter of last year, tourists, but rising income from tourism .

According to the Singapore Tourism Board data released on May 12 last year , receiving Singapore Chinese tourists to 2.27 million passengers, an increase of 12%. The level of consumption of Chinese tourists to 2.98 billion Singapore dollars ( about 2.4 billion) , an increase of 18%. In contrast, Indonesian tourists to Singapore to compete with the amount of consumption .

This also means that Chinese tourists spend more than the amount of the first Indonesian tourists who were having the most consumed in Singapore , groups of tourists since 2007.

But last year Indonesia is even greater tourist country of origin Singapore new visitors went to a total of 3.09 million passengers.

Singapore Tourism Board led the decline in the number of Chinese tourists in China last October , the new Tourism Act came into force .

The new law prohibits less than the cost of making good purchases promotional or equal to market price. Visitors often participate in these visits were brought to the shop was forced to sell .

Ngee Ann Polytechnic tourism lecturer Michael Khiam that the new law Thrifty Chinese tourists deported . He said, but also to encourage more Chinese tourists to Singapore by the year, these people tend to spend more money . He predicted the decline in the number of Chinese tourists , but the trend of consumption growth " is likely to continue for some time yet . "

Singapore travel agency is not concerned about the decline in the number of tourists. An industry source said: " After the start of the new Tourism Act , the reduction of Chinese tourists through, but we do not worry because there are still tourists in our tour non - trading our number of business will be no major changes involved , because now all of us. groups are the high cost of non - shopping tour . "

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