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vendredi 30 mai 2014

Chinese tourists travel to Thailand unabated interest

"From now after the coup , Chinese tourists to Thailand did not reduce the number of " Thai Chamber of Commerce in the tourism industry , said chairman LI Liangcheng military coup did not have a serious impact on Chinese tourists travel to Thailand .

LI Liangcheng said unrest in Thailand for Thai tourism industry must fight , since the Thai Army Commander Pakistan sterile 20 announced the start of martial law throughout the country , foreign tourist arrivals to Thailand has dropped 20%. But the military coup did not reduce China 's interest tourists travel to Thailand , Chinese people did not reduce the number of trips to Thailand , the first four months of this year, a total of more than 130 million Chinese tourists arrived in the Thai tourism .

He also said that the Thai tourism industry associations in the current league has not received any application for China Team tourists travel to Thailand because of the price and the Chinese domestic travel almost, and more cost-effective ; on the other hand , have to know before Chinese tourists travel Real-time situation in Thailand , the security situation in Thailand safer.

LI Liangcheng finally stressed that although the coup have a role in the maintenance of a stable social order , but I hope that visitors still concerned about the situation , do not close the streets warning soldiers and military vehicles in order to avoid unnecessary harm , do not participate in or crowd rallies and demonstrations , visitors should observe a curfew order, pay close attention to their personal safety.


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