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mercredi 4 juin 2014

Chinese way to promotes the "Chinese Far West !

When Chinese governement promotes the "Chinese Far West ! 

Tourism leaders in the far west of China offer cash bonuses for travelers prepared to vacation there after a series of deadly attacks that have been linked to extremist groups in the region . Since last October , more than 80 people were killed across China knife and bomb attacks that Beijing has accused Islamic militants in the province of Xinjiang , a sprawling desert region around the ancient Silk Road .

China offers cash bonuses to tourists who visit troubled west

Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang

Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang , has experienced two major crises in the last month , including a suicide attack on May 22 , a street market that claimed 44 lives. Inaam Nesirdin , head of Xinjiang tourism , told China Radio International tourism was booming, with a record 50 million visitors last year. It is also the location of the command base of Red Mountain, a top-secret time that scientists have produced the first atomic bomb China in the 1960s military installation.

The facility was recently converted into a theme park tribute of £ 30m for the Communist Party . However, the number of tourists collapsed after terrorist groups in Xinjiang have been blamed for a knife attack on March 1 on a station in the southwestern city of Kunming as state media called " 9/11 China " . The number of visitors has dropped by 40 per cent between March and May compared to last year, Mr. Nesirdin said. Xinjiang , which is nearly three times the size of France , is home to spectacular mountains , snowcapped , bustling cities oasis of desert and sand swept ruins of ancient cities

source : telegraph.co.uk

"Seeing is believing. Come to Xinjiang to take a look,"

The terrorist incident in Kunming in March and the attacks in Xinjiang have affected tourism considerably. Many people have suspended their trips to Xinjiang."
To reverse the trend, a "special fund" worth 20 million yuan (£1.9 million) has been created to pay 500 yuan bonuses to those who came to the province.
Following last week's market bombing in Xinjiang's capital, the US embassy in Beijing ordered staff to postpone travel to the province. The Foreign Office currently advises British travellers to remain "vigilant" there.
Mr Nesirdin insisted Xinjiang was safe, noting that "not a single" tourist had been injured by an attack there in around 10 years.

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