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mercredi 18 juin 2014

Future tourism APP book ratio will be more than 60%

Future tourism APP book ratio will be more than 60%

qunar.com CEO Zhuang Chen Chao in the "2014 Netease future technology summit" to share the three major trends in the online travel industry development and upgrading, including the phone book, dynamic programming, and personalization.

The first is the phone book, Zhuang Chen Chao think in the next five years airline tickets, hotel reservations will be based entirely online, which accounted for completion by the mobile client will be as high as 60% -70%. "At present, China has nearly 50% of ticket orders are completed online, online orders accounted for some of the lower areas of the hotel. Accompany the mobile Internet trend, flights, hotel reservations can be better used in mobile scenarios, so the phone will be trend of the industry, the market will expand 3-5 times the cake, these increments almost always on the phone to complete. "

Zhuang Chen Chao example, where to order tickets for the newly launched phones in the past year, sales increased by 12 times, in May this year and the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, ticket sales reached 100,000 middleweight, to multiple growth next year will be more than 20 times.

Followed by a tour of dynamic programming, in a dramatic change. The traditional ticket pricing, marketing programs are very complicated, on the one hand is not enough dynamic programming, and does not reflect the current market structure, the introduction of a more advanced stage OTA revenue management concepts, to do real-time search through dynamic pricing behavior of consumers, submitted for airlines and hotels, and improve overall profitability, which also is a major change in the industry.

Once again, socialization, personalization trend, due to the tourism products and services will be more focus on the user experience, so these new products like Uber would overturn the car rental, hotels and other companies, the tourism industry innovation around these directions will be carried out in the future.


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