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dimanche 29 juin 2014

French Tourism focus on Chinese outbound market

French Tourism focus on the Chinese outbound market

At Tourism Conference 2014 were concluded last week in Paris, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development Laurent Fabius announced, on behalf of the French government, an arsenal of new measures for the promotion of tourism to to revitalize the French tourism and transform it into a major strategic area so that France retains its position as the leading tourist destination in the world. The implementation of these new measures should bring concrete benefits to tourists visiting France.

Chinese outbound market

At the closing ceremony of Assisi, Laurent Fabius said that the aim was that France "remains the first tourist destination in the world", and the minister has presented in detail the new strategy of the French government for the development of tourism-oriented around five key guidelines covering the entire chain of the tourism industry, namely: tourism resources quality and diversified, improved reception, scanning, enhanced staff training and the right to public holidays. Since his appointment in April as head of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development newly redesigned, Laurent Fabius, in charge of foreign trade and tourism, spares no effort to "sell" the French tourism seizing every opportunity. "France has rich tourism resources. It is the largest tourist destination since the 1980s, "he has said.

Tourism provides nearly 2 million jobs in France

"But what is regrettable is that France occupies the third place in terms of tourism revenue, behind the United States and Spain, and although the country hosting the largest number tourists, "says he. Naturally frustrating situation for the Minister, who is very attached to the concept of "economic diplomacy." At present, tourism provides nearly 2 million jobs in France and the sector accounts for only 7% of French GDP. Tourism as a strategic sector for France and further promote employment and economic recovery are the main motivations behind the decision of the French President François Hollande to erect tourism "great national cause."
At the closing ceremony, professionals and managers of French tourism repeatedly used the terms "Chinese market" and "Chinese tourists." Last year, France has welcomed 1.5 million Chinese travelers, and a new record could be established this year, because of the fiftieth anniversary of Sino-French diplomatic relations. The considerable increase in the number of Chinese tourists and the huge potential of the Chinese market are subject to great attention to France.

Laurent Fabius and the Chinese VISA

Regarding the issue of tourist safety of current concern Chinese travelers, Laurent Fabius assured that the French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve had planned an increase of 20% of police force in the major Paris attractions as well as the creation of specialized brigades of land to the Gare du Nord and the Champs-Elysées. Laurent Fabius also said he had asked the telecom operators to study and develop specific computer systems to send SMS in Chinese Chinese tourists upon their arrival in France, to tell them that contact in case of emergency. He added that it should also send SMS to travelers before their departure for France to provide important information. According to him, the logic is very simple because "the traveler will not return if they are not satisfied." While the UK has recently announced its intention to launch measures to simplify procedures for visa applications for Chinese tourists, France initiatives will increase the attractiveness of French tourism, reflecting a some hidden rivalry between the two countries. After all, who would pass up a colossal than the Chinese group tourists

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