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dimanche 20 juillet 2014

Why SEO is usefull to attract Chinese Tourists ?

 Why SEO is usefull to attract Chinese Tourists ?

The SEO on Baidu Through constant development, China now also has its own search engine for more than 13 years. The latter is called Baidu and to this day, nearly 70% of Chinese Internet users consult it regularly. Which means that only a few weeks, heading 600 million visitors is easily achieved. Therefore, China is an important market in the world.

The peculiarities of China

Any company or operator who wants to conquer Chinese buyers should then have a well referenced Baidu site. However, through their experiences, webmasters have found that SEO Baidu has some features or complexities. And because of these characteristics, specialists have its main activity to allow anyone to have a good visibility on Baidu. Indeed also the language that has always been the key to understanding this country obstacle, administrative systems and culture also have their influences are reflected in the research tools and hence positioning systems and SEO.

SEO on Baidu by professionals

Whatever the field of activity, it was found that by increasing purchasing power of the Chinese, more and more companies are keen to promote their products on the Chinese sites to take advantage of this bargain. Thus, according to the person or company that handles referrals, 6-10 methods can be proposed. For some, they will first analyze the context and competition. After each market has its specificities, keywords typical Chinese prospects will also be chosen carefully. Otherwise according to the method adopted by several research tools, including improved content is always necessary.

Note that for Baidu, a Chinese version of this content is mandatory. But it is equally important to exchange links with sites Baidu same.

Different methods of SEO on Baidu

For mutually cons, other parameters must be taken into account to be referenced on Baidu. Also, when designing the site itself, it must be well designed its homepage, not to say the first 5 pages. Thus, besides the design, the text of these pages should be written in Chinese and especially it is preferable to be in the area of ​​"cn". Indeed, listeners Baidu will already assign grades to these pages and these are already decisive for positioning. After that it is good to have several links that point to the site regardless of thematic links. Indeed, it is the quantity of links that trumps quality. Do not overlook the fact that plagiarism in all its forms is not punished in China. And to share content production, it takes a lot of copy and paste. Nevertheless it is encouraging to know that a good SEO Baidu is acquired once and for all, unlike other search engines where you have to constantly adapt to maintain its position.

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