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dimanche 13 juillet 2014

Taiwan Tourism Satisfaction Survey: most satisfied mainland tourists

Taiwan Tourism Satisfaction Survey: most satisfied mainland tourists

According to Taiwan's "ETTV cloud" reported that Taiwan's tourism department recently released 2013 "Taiwan passenger satisfaction" survey, mainland tourists satisfaction of 97.3% over the Taiwan tourists, ranking highest.

According to the survey, the average overall satisfaction last year to Taiwan tourists is 95%, with 97.3% of mainland tourists, followed by 95.21 percent for the United States, Hong Kong and Macao 94.98%, while South Korea's satisfaction was 89.96%, although passengers around Satisfaction the lowest, but still compared to 2012 increased by 5% satisfaction.

Taiwan's tourism department, said South Korean tourist satisfaction is not high, mainly due to transport and various attractions Korean indicate a lack of, makes it difficult to identify.

According to the survey, most foreign tourists last year, Taiwan's favorite attraction is the "nine", which is nine four consecutive years ranked the top spot, followed by the Sun Moon Lake and Taroko, Intertek, Kenting, Alishan closely followed ; while tourists to Taiwan will still be of interest to the night market, Taipei 101 and Taipei Palace Museum; addition, foreign tourists visited major cities in Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan ranked first in 83.76% of the average.

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