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dimanche 5 octobre 2014

Chinese tourists were killed in Johannesburg

Chinese tourists were killed in Johannesburg

At least three Chinese tourists were killed and an unknown number of others injured when their bus collided with a van near Johannesburg on Wednesday afternoon, the Chinese embassy in South Africa confirmed. The accident occurred in the province of North-West. The bus, carrying a group of 20 Chinese tourists and a Chinese tour guide, was on his way back to Johannesburg for its tourist attraction northwest of Sun City when bukkie ran head with it, as the Walk Through Africa Tours (WTAT), a travel agency that organized the tour.


 The WTAT manager said the group tour Beijing-party landed in Johannesburg on Wednesday morning and had to stay for six days. According to information gathered at the scene, at least three tourists were killed in the accident, both on site and during transfer to Johannesburg by a rescue helicopter, said a Chinese official help rescue. Meanwhile, the other passengers were injured at different levels, with at least three serious injuries. The seriously injured were referred to Johannesburg by helicopter, while others were sent to hospitals in nearby Britain, said Pan Peng, counselor of the Chinese Embassy in South Africa. Two witnesses at the scene said the bukkie collided with the bus trying to overtake another vehicle on the road. It seems that the driver was drunk. It was unknown if the driver was injured or killed bukkie. Police were still investigating the cause of the accident.

Chinese tourists will be 200millions 

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