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lundi 6 avril 2015

Chinese tourism in USA, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia

For years, China has been regarded as the factory for the world, a role that saw supply most shoes, toys and clothing for American consumers. However, these roles are changing. US exports of services to China, particularly travel, are growing rapidly while US imports of goods from China have declined in recent months.

Chinese tourists in USA

US exports of services to China increased 10 percent to about $ 41 billion in 2014, faster than the 2.6 percent of China's exports to the United States service, according to US official data. The US trade surplus in services with China increased 14.5 percent to 26.8 billion last year.
In contrast, the US trade deficit in goods with China increased 7.5 percent to US $ 342.6 billion in 2014, a new record, the data showed. US imports of goods from China fell by $ 45 billion in October last year to $ 31.2 billion in February, while US goods exports to China fell from about $ 13.2 billion in October last year to $ 8.7 billion in February.

Chinese tourists are really rich 

source Chinadaily

"The total merchandise trade with China has provided a rapid decline that started around November 2014. In large measure, the export of high US service and greatest surplus service to China in 2014 was travel, which accounted for 51 percent of US services exports to China in 2014, "said a report by the Review Board of Economic Security and US-China (USCC).

China to travel the US services exports have more than doubled, from about $ 9 billion in 2010 to $ 21 billion in 2014, a much faster growth rate than other services, said USCC, a US government body that advises Congress on China-US relations.
"This reflects the increase in tourism by the Chinese in the United States," said Edmund Sim, a partner in Appleton Luff, an international law firm. Export dollars of US services are amplified by Chinese tourists who buy goods in the US, said Sim. "The US housing market has been a good investment for them." The number of Chinese tourists visiting the US jumped 21 percent to 2.19 million in 2014, faster than the growth of 7 percent of all tourists in the United States is 75 million data American said.

In thailand

Public outrage forced the Thai government to issue thousands of Chinese-language etiquette manuals last month in an effort to ensure sightseers behave themselves. Feathers were ruffled anew in March when a Thai model posted a video on Facebook accusing Chinese tourists of jumping the line at an airport, prompting heated debate from Thai and Chinese bloggers.source

Chinese tourists in Bali

For the first time, Chinese tourists in Bali has exceeded the number of Australian visited the island. Based on data from BPS (Bureu statistics) in Bali, it was held in February 2015.
According to the head of the BPS Bali, it is quite interesting to note that this is the first visit of the Chinese time dominated tourism in Bali.
In February 2015, the total tourists visited the island amounting 333.072 people. The number, Chinese tourists is highes with 27.71 percent percent, followed by Australian (21.04 per cent), Japan (6.69 percent), Malaysia (4.26 percent) and South Korea (3.95 percent).
Pasununan Siregar said that this trend was because many Chinese tourists celebrated the Chinese New Year in Bali. Also in Bali, Chinese tourists also dominated the tour nationally in Indonesia in February 2015.

Australia and Japan

BPS Suryaman National Chief said that China accounted for 18.2 percent or 144,000 of the total 786,700 arrivals of foreign visitors to the country in February.
After China was Malaysia accounts for 12.43 percent or 97,800 arrivals, followed by Singapore 12.39 percent, Australia and Japan 10.43 percent 5.89 percent. "Most Chinese visitors might want to expand its business in Indonesia," said Suryamin Wednesday. The number went before the government announced visa-free installation for 30 other countries, including China to be effective in April, he said. It is expected that the number of tourists from China to increase with visa waiver facility for tourists from 30 countries, he said. The 30 countries included 15 countries from which tourists have already given visa-free installation by the government. The policy should double the number of foreign tourist arrivals to 20 million in 2019 at the end of the term of the current government.

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