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jeudi 23 novembre 2017

Chinese travellers like to visit Winery

China is quick turning into the world’s biggest shipper of wine. Wine deals expanded 37% more than 2014, with deals in the $2.5 billion territory.

Australia is experiencing a boom of Chinese tourists visiting wineries

Australia is experiencing a boom of Chinese tourists visiting wineries, says a leading tour operator. According to AAT Kings, a tour operator from Australia and New Zealand, between 2015 and 2016, the Chinese interest in their Australian wine tours increased by more than 300 percent. Between 2013 and 2014, stakeholders increased more than 600%. AAT Kings predicts the interest to continue growing in 2017 if the current reserve trends established in the first quarter of the year continue. Why Chinese tourists are interested in visiting Australian wineries A spokesperson for AAT Kings told Australian Food News that younger citizens of Chinee have become interested in wine and consumption has increased dramatically since 2012. "Even though China is one of the largest wine producers, the market seems to prefer the quality and taste of Australian, French and Chilean wine," the spokesperson said.

Australia = Wine 

 "In China, Australia is now associated with wine as part of our culture just like France." Along with a growing interest in wine, Australian travel companies are also making it easier for Chinese tourists to visit Australian wineries. "Our main marketing activities included the launch of a dedicated Chinese website and tourist brochures in Chinese," said AAT Kings spokesman. "Both marketing tools present several of our wine tour options and are aimed at consumers and travel agents." What regions of wineries do Chinese tourists want to visit? Although places like the Barossa Valley are considered Australia's wine country, AAT says that Chinese tourists are staying with wineries near Sydney and Melbourne. "Our most popular wine tours visit the Hunter Valley wineries in the NSW and Yarra Valley wineries in Victoria," said AAT Kings spokesman. More tourists to come "With the interest in Australian wine from the Chinese market continuing to grow, we expect the number of Chinese guests on our tours that include wine regions to increase year after year," said an Australian People

 "As evidence of this trend, the vineyards are producing products and marketing directly aimed at the Chinese market." Penfolds in Barossa Valley is packing wine in red containers and themed packaging, like his bottle 'Year of the Rooster' for 'Max's - The Promise Shiraz '. "


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Source : http://www.mylongkang.com/fsp-innovative-wine-bottler-bottling-wine-line-fsp/

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