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mercredi 22 novembre 2017

Chinese Tourists in Australia

Chinese tourists in Australia spend more than $6000

This is a very good amount compared to the average amount of spending per tourist in any other country. The finding that Chinese tourists in Australia spend nearly 6000 USD on their only visit. This is the very high amount and the Australian government does not want to frustrate this other tourism market segment in the country will reduce its strength. Each year, this country benefits from economic activities of more than 6.5 billion USD, only thanks to the Chinese. These economic activities allow thousands of people in the country to earn a decent amount of money.

Hotel market


 The hotel and restaurant business is thriving in this country and a huge credit goes to Chinese tourists. One of the main reasons for this generosity of Chinese tourists is that China's economy is growing very fast. China's GDP has increased significantly in recent years. The number of people in the upper class group is increasing and more and more people are entering the middle class group. Moreover, Chinese millennials are very adventurous and they like to explore new places. They are visiting new places with their families, which is why Chinese millennials have enormous respect all over the world.

 Follow the trend 


 Chinese tourists are very generous not only in Australia but also in other parts of the world. The United States and Canada have already approved the regulations that allow Chinese citizens to obtain a 10-year multiple visit visa. This policy of Canada and the United States encourages Australia to think about it. Australian tourism officials are experimenting to increase revenues from this market. A few months ago, they introduced a special three-year visa for Indonesian tourists. They allowed people with this visa to visit Australia when they want but they can not stay here more than three months.

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