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lundi 6 novembre 2017

New Zealand attracts more than 30%, Chinese tourists

China has seen a 37% increase in spending over the last year.


New Zealand's tourism is changing with the arrival of Chinese travelers. All industry in the country took advantage of this new target and contributed to the $ 500 million increase in overall shopping spending last year. China has seen a 37% increase in spending over the last year. According to the quarterly survey of international visitors of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, the Chinese spent $ 555 million in September 2012, which places them for the first time in front of the United Kingdom (545 million of dollars). Australian market (spending $ 1.7 billion) [...] Expenses in China During the year ended March 31, 2013, Canadian and foreign tourists spent $ 23.9 billion, or $ 541 million, or 2.3% more than the previous year.

 New Zealand Promotion in China!

The Statistics New Zealand report showed that spending by international tourists increased 2.2 percent ($ 213 million) over the year, following a 1.4 percent increase the year before. This increase in spending was partly related to the strong growth of Chinese visitors. New Zealand Promotion in China! Of course, a number of key events helped boost tourism activity during the year, including the world premiere of Peter Jackson's Hobbit movies. But for China, the tourism bureau launched a vast promotional campaign in China in 2011-2012 with Yao Chen, the queen of the social network in China.

 Social Media Campaign


 Social media really did a great job as Tourism New Zealand, with the choice of the brand ambassador Yaochen in Mainland China. On August 20, Yao Chen began her 100-day tour of New Zealand, and the first phase of the 100% Revive your emotions campaign and wedding ceremony were held in New Zealand. (see here) celebrity wedding from New Zealand Between the shootings, Yaochen found the time of "weibo" more than 70 times to its 20 million fans, the equivalent of 14 tweets every day! One of his first tweets "New Zealand, the first country in the world to be embraced by the sun". Weibo from Yaochen The star has experienced five emotions, relaxation, romance, happiness, excitement and discovery on her travels through New Zealand's rich and unique landscape.

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