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lundi 26 décembre 2022

4 TikTok trends in Vietnam

 This article outlines the top 7 trends in Tiktok marketing in Vietnam 2022. You can use these tips to help you plan for the coming year.

Trend #1: Branded hashtag contests will be more popular

TikTok challenges are a great way to promote new launches and spread brand image. The brand will launch a challenge, such as sing, dance cover or duel. To attract potential viewers to take part and to spread the campaign message of the brand on their TikTok accounts.

Tiktok's Branded Hashtag Challenges offer valuable features for brands like:

You can add brand-specific effects (filters or emojis).

This landing page provides information about the prize as well as instructions for how to take part in the challenge.

Real-time collection and display of video participants

Branded hashtag challenges should be fun and viral in order to build a relationship between customers and brands. They shouldn't be too commercial.

Trend #2: UGC is becoming more important for brands

TikTok's User -generated Content (UGC), are videos created by KOCs and customers to discuss the brand's products or services. Businesses can turn viewers into customers and brand advocates by positive UGC.

UGC is also a key factor in reaching new customers. It is difficult to maintain an organic, continuous supply of UGC. Companies encourage customers to post reviews on social media, and include their hashtag so others can easily find their brand.

TikTok UGC has one goal: to help businesses reach and convert Gen Z audiences. Gen Z trusts the people they admire and follow, and not ads.

UGCs have become an integral part of all marketing campaigns. UGCs must be authentic and natural. Micro-Nano Influencers (KOCs) are more popular than Celebs of Tiktok.

Trend #3: Connect with others using Duet

TikTok Duet allows users the ability to combine their videos and a trending video from another creator on one screen. This feature divides the screen and limits the content to the same length as the creator's.

Tiktok Duet allows users to create unique content with other creators.

Brands can use this feature to create more creative hashtag challenges. It also encourages users to interact with businesses more. Brands may also think about partnering with influencers to reach their followers.

Trend #4: Affiliate marketing at Tiktok Shop

TikTok launched its Shop version just last month at the end April 2022.

TikTok Shop supports creators and businesses. TikTok Shop is a unique e-commerce platform that builds an ecosystem for buying and selling.

Businesses can sell products, logistics, customer service and more on Tiktok. Customers don't have to go to any other e-commerce site to place orders. TikTok's affiliate program allows creators to collaborate with businesses.

Tiktok Shop makes ordering easy for viewers and helps businesses to increase their online sales.

source : https://gma-asia.com/7-tiktok-marketing-trends-in-vietnam-to-learn-for-2023/