"Everybody wants rich Chinese Tourist"

mercredi 8 mai 2013

smiling Chinese tourists

Smiling Chinese tourists

Even on a rainy cloudy day in downtown Manhattan, a crowd of smiling Chinese tourists snapped photos of their friends and family next to the "Charging Bull," a landmark bronze sculpture of three years and a half-ton in the financial district of Shanghai.
like tourists from other countries -- aren’t interested only in photos of famous sites. They also want souvenirs, including merchandise that may not be available to them back home
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Whenever the crowd began to thin, another Chinese group descended on the sculpture. A long line snaked down the block. Bright spots on the surface of the bubble clearly indicate the most tourists spots like touch, including the hips and huge testicles. The "Charging Bull" is famous in China and reproduced in several places, including own financial district of Shanghai. Conspicuously absent from the Shanghai version, however, are male characteristics disinguishing bull. The Chinese Are Coming, The Chinese Are Coming!
Workers in the Financial District are often bemused (and perhaps a little confused) by the hordes of tourists who flock to the very active area in summer.

What, really, do these tourists expect to see of the mechanizations of global finance? 

Why is the bull worthy of a pilgrimage?

And, more recently: What is up with all those Chinese faces that increasingly show up in the meandering crowds?

Clues can be found in the global economy that is changing the course of income in China, but remains inscrutable and intriguing to many who are in their pain. Chinese tourists now present a rapidly expanding demographic: People who for the first time have the means and the freedom to explore the world on their own - and where they are going, and why, illustrating the dynamics of the world, as well as the vagaries of millions of previously unexplored personal interests Among those waiting to touch, photograph or being photographed with the famous episode recently Songlin and his family were sent. While traveling with his wife and son and a large tour group of Chinese tourists fellow visitors for the first time in New York, he explained why he wanted to see what it can appear to be a random local series. "I heard about the Wall Street bull before, as well as Wall Street
," You said as he stood on the square in Bowling Green Park with a camera around his neck needed. "I learned about it while at school, and I read financial magazines.