"Everybody wants rich Chinese Tourist"

lundi 16 janvier 2023

Thailand welcomes Chinese visitors BUT it is more expansive


Thanks to the flexible policies of the government and the efforts of the tourist companies.

Thailand is in the top 5 countries where the Chinese want to travel and the high demand associated with limited places leads to a 20% increase in tourist packages.

The increase in tourist package prices is due to the limited number of packages resulting from the decrease in air links between countries and the lack of preparation of tourist agents in China.

Thailand welcomes  Chinese visitors  BUT it is more expansive

He said airlines are currently working to increase the number of flights in the first quarter.

An expert of toruism in China added that there were already 344,446 confirmed seats with an 85% occupancy rate on each flight from China, which could help ferry 320,397 Chinese tourists to Thailand by March.

tourism players stressed the importance of preparing for Chinese visitors by learning the Chinese language, providing compatible online payment platforms and providing good hospitality to Chinese tourists.

These measures would give Thai tourism an edge over other tourism competitors.