"Everybody wants rich Chinese Tourist"

dimanche 14 octobre 2018

China Elite Services launch their New Website

China Elite Services is a French private security escort company for Chinese Elite People.

they just launch their new Website in China.

The growing insecurity of today's society and for you your main concern China Elite service aims to ensure your security.

We can read "Our strategy And to combine the competencen of our staff men and women to the mastery of our techniques Our will and to position ourselves as a reliable partner perform, qualified. You want to make your travels in Paris, all of France in all serenity, in the best conditions you need a coaching or protection for tourists Businessmen our staff and train for it."

Jean Marc Zadjenderg Founder of China Elite Services

The founder Jean Marc Zadjenderg explain that "Our staff is only made up of Franco Chinese people speaking French and Mandarin, China Elite service adapts its methodology, its teams according to the needs of the clients requests. The quality of a team is by its rigor, its motivation Its accuracy in the extension of its mission as needed.
 China Elite service Can perform at your request the following services. limousine reservation or car with driver, anywhere in France, Italy, uk minibus personal shoper reservation of the best gastronomic tables of Paris castle reservation, relay hotels Do not hesitate to use our services to help you with your travels."