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samedi 10 avril 2021

China movie and entertainement industry trends 2021

 China’s movie market sees blockbuster month with $1.7bn in sales

With the coronavirus well under control in China and cinemas running at half capacity, moviegoers are smashing China’s box office records, with domestic productions far outpacing their Hollywood competitors. source

Indeed digital ad spent in China reached $40.42 bn in 2016, a 30% increase on the previous years spent. Ad spent in China is expected to reach over $80 bn by 2020. The numbers speak for themselves, this is a lucrative arena in terms of spend and ROI  source : 

Film about Chinese society’s preference for boys beats Godzilla vs. Kong at mainland box office
My Sister follows the story of a young woman pressured to raise her younger brother after her parents die. But she is torn about pursuing a budding medical career
The movie has set off a conversation about the preference for boys in Chinese society source

Every cinema in China must schedule and actively promote at least two screenings of propaganda films per week beginning this week until the end of the year, Chinese authorities have declared, announcing the first batch of eligible titles Friday. source