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jeudi 19 décembre 2013

70,000 Chinese tourists in Myanmar

70,000 Chinese tourists in Myanmar

Over 1million travelers have flocked to Myanmar last year , compared with about 816,000 visitors in 2011 .
Income from tourism in the country has shown surprising growth year on year , registering an increase of 67 per cent of revenue. The total tourism income for 2012 was $ 534 million compared to U.S. $ 319 million in 2011.

Foreign investment

Despite reports of infrastructure overwhelmed by the sudden rise in the number of visitors, officials say they are not worried , and remain optimistic about foreign investment in the industry.
"Since the new investment law was passed last year, many foreign investors have asked about the situation ," said Myanmar Ministry of Hotels and Tourism manager Khin Than Win CNN, adding that the

Structures in Myanmar

Department focuses on the development of human resources, transportation and hotels. numbers
According to official statistics , there are currently 28,291 hotel rooms in Myanmar. The ministry is working on a project for the development of 5 star Hoang Anh Vietnamese society Gia Lai Hotel .
Thais beat the Chinese for most visitors by nationality. About 90,000 Thais, 70,000 Chinese and 37,000 American tourists visited Myanmar last year.

sources voyagesenbirmanie.com

Visitors are Men

Visitors are mostly men , the male-female ratio visitors to 62 percent to 38 percent. high hopes
The Department expects many more in 2013.
"We expect the growth in tourism to continue further and expect to receive 1.5 million tourist arrivals this year ," said Khin Than Win , citing new visas on arrival as an additional reason for the increasing rapidly. Ed Nations and several other organizations have reported consistent and systematic human rights violations in the country
Early civilizations in Burma included the Tibeto-Burman language Pyu in Upper Burma and Monday in Lower Burma. [12] In the 9th century , the Burmans of the Nanzhao Kingdom entered the high valley of the Irrawaddy , and after the creation of the Pagan Empire in the 1050s , language and Burmese culture slowly became dominant in the countries . During this period, Theravada Buddhism gradually became the dominant religion of the country.

The Pagan Empire fell due to the Mongol invasion (1277-1301) , and several warring states emerged. In the second half of the 16th century , the Taungoo Dynasty reunified the country was for a brief period the largest empire in the history of Asia Southeast. [13] The early 19th century Konbaung Dynasty ruled over an area that includes modern Burma and briefly controlled Manipur and Assam as well .

History of Myanmar

The British conquered Burma after three Anglo - Burmese wars in the 19th century and the country became a British colony (part of India until 1937 , then a colony administered separately). Burma became an independent nation in 1948 , first as a democratic nation, then, after a coup in 1962, a military dictatorship that officially ended in 2011. For most of its independent years, many ethnic groups in the country were involved in one of the longest unresolved civil wars in the world . Meanwhile, newly released statistics from the tourism UnitMyanmar 2012 show a dramatic increase in the number of visitors and revenue incoming travel.more information here

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Germany famous for Beer sausages and Soccer in China !

Germany famous for Beer sausages and Soccer in China !

Most Chinese tourists only know Germany for its "beer", "sausages" and "soccer". German tourism bureaus and operators want to expand that knowledge

With the German economy that has made a successful push into China, Germany travel industry has intensified a campaign to attract Chinese tourists to the largest economy in Europe. Christian Ebner said that Chinese tourists seek in Germany.
They spend their newly acquired free money and are already the third largest group of foreign tourists - Chinese business travelers and tourists packet become a lucrative source of revenue for the German tourism industry in trouble .


Black Forest No trip is complete without a cuckoo clock factory tour Drubba More than 600,000 bookings from China are expected this year , according to the German Centre for Tourism DZT .
And a further easing of travel restrictions is expected to accelerate growth in the coming years .
"Chinese tourists come to Germany to go shopping , and they especially love the clothes," says the Dusseldorf -based Global Refund Corporation , which manages accounts free of duty and VAT for many traders . On average, a Chinese tourist spends more than 200 euros for clothes at a package from Germany , said Global Refund . That totals about € 42 million per year, with a third of that amount spent mainly in Frankfurt, which is the hub for air transport Europe. Cologne and Munich are also tourist destinations for Chinese travelers .


the Language

Language is a major obstacle in Germany. While most major hotels and businesses in the major tourist centers in Germany can manage some English , French , Italian or otherwise, hardly anyone speaks Mandarin . "Therefore, the Chinese traveler often feels he or she does not receive the same quality of service that others are doing ," says Stefanie Lyngbye travel agents based in Hamburg Caissa
" And then they have money to spend, they are very particular about where they spend it ," she adds . " They buy their watches in Switzerland and they buy their fragrance in Paris. They will not buy a French perfume in Germany or Italy. " While traveling to other countries plan tend to focus on the sights , Chinese tourist itineraries also include shopping excursions . No trip to the Black Forest is complete with a tour of the factory cuckoo Drubba on Lake Titisee or leaving the factory in Metzingen Hugo Boss .
But there is no compartmentalization when it comes to holidays for Chinese tourists . Unlike Japanese tourists , the Chinese are not interested in visiting Meissner porcelain factory . After all , the Chinese porcelain when Europeans were living in mud huts . That's why they call it " China " , after all.

The campaign

The campaign conducted by the Travel Industry of Germany to attract Chinese tourists to the largest economy in Europe after a major campaign by German companies in China's economy booming with business German , including automakers Mercedes and Volkswagen with chemicals giant BASF seeking to carve out new markets in China . Brand names are important for Chinese tourists , more important than the price tag , the industry sources noted . But this is not the case when it comes to booking a trip to Europe , said this person.
"There is a fierce price war happening in China when it comes to book excursions ," 
she said. 
"Tour groups harass hotels, restaurants and bus operators and aircraft for the best possible deal with the most for their hard earned money. 
" Great expectations are articulated on the lifting of travel restrictions in the coming weeks . Starting in September , most Chinese travelers will need a visa to come to Europe.
"This means that the tourism industry in Germany, with other European countries, is shifting its focus to China ," says Horst Lommatzsch German Centre for tourism.


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The New most Uggly Tourists are ... Chinese

The bad Americans terrorized Europeans and Asians with their strong voices and tennis shoes in the years following the Second World War.

Decades later , the Japanese tour groups descended from their air-conditioned flashing peace signs bus as they shot pictures of each landmark known as the laundry on a clothesline in the back. Now it 's time for China to face the weight of complaints.

The complaints are familiar - they gape , they jostle , they avoid the local cuisine , and last year, 83 million Chinese mainland spent $ 102 billion abroad - Americans and Germans overruns - which makes biggest spenders of tourism in the world , according to the World tourism Organization.

Chinese tourists will be 400millions in 2015

Their numbers have their place among the most resentment tourists. Tourists from mainland China, often loaded with money and do not know the foreign means , tumble bus tour with apparently little appetite for breakfast buffet in the hotel and no concept of lining up .
Frustrations with the new tourists were summarized in a Thai online bulletin board last spring , when users posted complaints about Chinese tourists using external voice inside and spitting in public , among other transgressions.
Last year , Thierry Gillier , a French fashion designer who founded the label Zadig et Voltaire , caused a minor scandal when he told daily use women that Chinese tourists would not be welcome at his new boutique hotel Paris . A barrage of international criticism persuaded him to apologize.
Like their predecessors, the Chinese nouveaux riches and helpless with foreign languages ​​, complicated by the historical isolation of their developing country combination .
" What China is a lawless society poorly educated with lots of money will take its toll on the world ," said Hung Huang , publisher of the popular magazine and blogger in Beijing.
Despite these missteps , countries are practically tripping over themselves to attract Chinese tourists. Wedding companies in South Korea seeking to attract Chinese couples with bling- heavy ceremonies inspired by the viral video " Gangnam style .
" A coastal county near Sydney , Australia, is the construction of a Chinese theme park $ 450 million focused on a life-size replica of the gates of the Forbidden City and a Buddhist temple of nine floors. France , one of the most popular destinations for Chinese tourists already - 1.4 million visitors in 2012 - working to further strengthen its appeal.
Paris officials have recently published a manual for the services sector that offers Mandarin sentences transcribed and cultural tips to better understand the Chinese desires, including this tidbit : "They are very picky about food and wine . "

Guidelines for them

To judge the grunts in the world , these guidelines may be necessary. But the biggest shame seems to come from Chinese colleagues . In May, a mainland Chinese tourist in Luxor, Egypt , discovered a fellow had his own hieroglyphs carved on the wall of a temple 3,500 years . " Ding Jinhao was here ," he said. A photo of the offending scrawl quickly spread on Chinese social media, and outraged citizens tracked down the 15-year -old vandalism. The tumult subsided after his parents issued a public apology.
Embarrassed by the wave of bad press this month , Wang Yang, vice- premier of China , publicly protested against the "quality and livestock " poor Chinese tourists who tarnish the reputation of their homeland. "They make noises in public, zero graffiti on attractions , ignore red lights to cross the road and spits everywhere," he said , according to People's Daily .
Despite his warning , articles with titles like "Chinese bride fights in French Lavender field " continue to appear in the state media .
Ms. Wang, blogger accuses tumultuous rule of the Communist Party uncivilized behavior of China abroad. " There's a whole generation that was taught that you do not pay attention to the toilet or morals because it is considered bourgeois ," she said. While the Chinese are more open to Western ideas now , it does not necessarily cast when really interact with the outside world. "They think , " To hell with the label. As long as I have money , foreign worship my money . "
Most vacationers from mainland China have a great time abroad . In May , Huang Honglin , 53, and his wife paid $ 8000 for a tour of the United States, a country his last visit on a business trip 25 years ago a group of 16 days. This was long before he joined the growing middle class in China as the owner of a trading company

What Chinese think

This time, Mr. Huang had money to burn.
"We went shopping for gemstones in Hawaii and bought Prada bags to New York, " he recalls . Mr. Huang has never reached the chic boutiques of Manhattan. Instead , he traveled an hour north of the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, where many designer stores have recently hired employees who speak Chinese .
His only complaint was that they had to run through the gates before leaving the bus. " There was a short time, it was like war," he said .
According to a report by McKinsey & Company, nearly 70 percent of Chinese luxury consumers buy their balls Tiffany and Hermes scarves abroad to avoid further sales tax on these products at home , which can reach 60 percent . Take Louis Vuitton handbag black " Neverfull " a symbol of status with heavy straps that cost 14,400 RMB in China, or $ 2,335 - more than $ 350 more than the same item within the United States.
In 2007 , China granted the United States " approved destination status ", which opened the doors for Chinese group leisure travel in America from 2008. Last year , 1.5 million Chinese came American shores , to almost 8.8 billion, according to the Commerce Department . Today, nearly 150 travel agencies in the United States have the approval of the National Tour Association , a trade group American, organize trips from China , many of them owned and operated by Chinese Americans.
But the industry has seen a growth crisis . Despite years of meetings in China and decades of towers coaches across the United States, the travel agency AmericanTours International has learned that Chinese tourists have a special touch. On the one hand , people in Beijing and Shanghai can not travel on the same bus.

 Chinese Tourist in USA

"They battled ," recalled a director of business development
Last year, 1500 Chinese "Hollywood to Broadway" bus tour of the company, a 20-day trip cross country for continental with stops that included a Las Vegas casino , bridges County Madison , Iowa, Niagara Falls, the White House and the Empire State Building.

If sites are crowd-pleasers , the nights can sometimes be difficult. " Smoking in hotel rooms is always a problem," said Hentschel, a habit that can cost hundreds of dollars in tourist cleaning bills from the hotel. Then there was the episode last summer, he said, when a group of tourists has caused a scene in a hotel in Cody , Wyoming, after thinking wrongly another busload of fellow had been given preference to breakfast. The police were called to escort them out of town , he said .
Most often , Chinese tourists become victims of unscrupulous tour operators. During a one-week visit to Thailand in 2009 , Qi Lingfeng , 27, was one of several people in his group who refused to register for expensive trips like trips and speedboat concerts. As punishment, he said, the local guide lockouts their hotel rooms. Other guests in the same hotel , he said, were forced to leave their bus for the same transgression.
"It was so crazy , we even thought of calling the Chinese Embassy in Bangkok, " he said.
During a group tour of the Siberian city of Vladivostok in January, Chen Xu , 47, a scientist from the coastal city of Xiamen , said "Russian ethnic dance " tour , which cost $ 80, is proved to be a woman in a bikini twirling around a stripper pole .

What parents say ? 

" When the parents saw what was happening , they took their children and left the room , " he said.
Surrounded by many foreign stimuli , many of which aspire to a taste of home and abroad . Nuoyan Xie , 20 , a student at Peking University , said as much during a recent visit to New York. If she enjoys drinking tap water , she said Chinatown was a disappointment.
"I'm really disappointed that this is not like in the movies , where there are lots of lanterns and performances everywhere, " she said.

On the upside, to find an abundance of Chinese food after several days of consuming only western strange concoctions redeemed the neighborhood


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Sweden and Switzerland launch joint campaign to help Chinese tourists tell them apart

Sweden and Switzerland have launched a joint campaign to help Chinese tourists say the two countries share .
While confusion is not just a problem for the Chinese, he became a particular problem for those in the Asian nation because the names of the two countries are written the same in Mandarin - Ruidian (Sweden) and Ruishi (Switzerland ) - and start with the same symbol.
In order to dispel confusion, Swedish and Swiss consulates in Shanghai launched a competition on the Swedish consulate website that asks the Chinese to come up with funny ways to help people keep the two separate countries

The two European countries - known for its chocolate , cheese and watches, one for Ikea , Volvo and Seventies pop group Abba - have often been confused for each other among the Chinese .
The problem stems largely from the fact that the names of the two nations are written the same in Mandarin - Ruidian (Sweden) and Ruishi (Switzerland) - starting with the same symbol , as the Consul General of Sweden Victoria Li in China.
In an effort to end the confusion, the Swedish and Swiss consulates in Shanghai launched a competition on the Swedish consulate website , asking the Chinese to come up with funny ways to help differentiate the two countries. Bids may be accepted as a blog , cartoon , photo, short or in another format.
The winner of the best presentation will receive a 12-day trip in Sweden and Switzerland, and is scheduled to report on their impressions of the two countries to the rest of the trip , the website states . Entries will be accepted until November 20.
The organizers have also designed a logo depicting a humorous campaign mounting objects and people associated with Sweden and Switzerland on separate maps of each country.
Map of Sweden with meatballs , a Viking, Pippi Longstocking in the books of Astrid Lindgren, and two cartoon characters male with a heart between them symbolizing gay marriage, which remains illegal in Switzerland. Map of Switzerland has cheese fondue , the Alps and a picture of Roger Federer. China can not be the only country struggling to say Sweden and Switzerland outside . Residents of Spanish-speaking countries are also victims of the confusion that Sweden is spelled " Suecia " in Spanish while Switzerland is called " Suiza .
Sweden and Switzerland are not the only destinations that have caused confusion among travelers. Last month , a British holidaymaker hoped to discover the architecture of the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain, but wrongly flew across the Atlantic to the tropical Caribbean island of Grenada after an error reservation confusion. Earlier this summer , two American tourists were taken to the wrong continent after an airline has confused two airport codes .
The misunderstanding between Sweden and Switzerland is not the only incident that Chinese tourists were recently in the light. Last month, the Communist Party leaders of Tourism has published a "Guide to Tourism civilized " urging for the first time Chinese travelers to reduce bad behavior , including public displays of nose -picking , swimming pool - dirt and discussion of pork in order to improve the country's image abroad. China was the biggest spender on international tourism last year, surpassing Italy, Japan, France and Great Britain, and is the source of market fastest growing tourism in the world, according to the latest figures from the World tourism Organization earlier this year .

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Chinese tourist murdered in Phuket ?

Chinese woman Jiang Ghengyne died shortly after 16 hours from blood loss with Phuket police investigation still causing the death of her husband in what is now a double tragedy mysterious .
original report
PHUKET : The body of a Chinese tourist was found in a room of Phuket splattered blood station today, after the wife of the man jumped from a balcony. The six-hour drama Broken plans for a group of 18 Chinese tourists who were visiting Central Festival Phuket and enjoy a city tour . Most of the group were about to sit down to breakfast when the woman jumped from a second floor balcony , bringing the staff and other guests on the run.

more information about phuket

Inside the room the couple, the staff found a dead man under a sheet on the bed , with blood soaking bedding and floor, extending into the toilet. An electric kettle was severely damaged and a reverse lamp. Upstairs was a piece of flesh. A note says in Chinese : '

We 'll be together forever ! 

The woman was transported to Mission Hospital then transferred to Vachira Phuket Hospital , where she remains in serious condition under close supervision. The couple were named Li Ming , 42, and his wife , Jiang Ghengyne 43 . Their tour party arrived in Phuket on November 22 and was due to fly tomorrow.
It is believed they have a child , who remained in China. The brother of the woman was on the tour. Although it seems an intense struggle can take place before the man died , the police keep all options open. Packing for three sleeping pills were found in a trash can. It is possible pillow may have been used to smother the man, but he also had serious injuries to his forehead.
The woman suffered a cut to the throat and other parts . No knife was found in the room . Common access to the balcony was available from all rooms on the second floor line . In Thailand, the ground floor is considered the first floor to the second floor jump is not fatal. Station in the city of Phuket where the tragedy took place , the Pago Design Hotel Phuket, has only been open a year.

source : http://www.bangkokpost.com/breakingnews/381483/stranded-tourists-rescued-off-phuket

It is described as online newest hotel Phuket Town '' . . . unique design fashionable and luxurious comfort for your stay unforgettable. '' The tour party had spent several days at a resort in Patong and transferred to Pago 21 o'clock last night . Detectives are now trying to piece together what happened during the nine hours between arrival and the woman jumped from the balcony.
chinese tourists

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Spending of Chinese Tourists in Korea !

Spending of Chinese Tourists in Korea ! 

Most Chinese tourists stay in Seoul for six days and spend an average of $ 250 per day, according to a recent survey. The results are based on a survey of 2.22 million Chinese visited the country in 2011. The results showed that 91.1 per cent remained in the capital for an average of six days and spent $ 250 per day, mostly on purchases. Their favorite destinations were Myeong-dong (69.2 percent) and Dongdaemun market (66.7 percent).

 Female spending

The survey shows a slight female preponderance, with 51 percent of all Chinese tourists in 2011 were women, against 43 percent in 2007. Chinese are also more likely than tourists from most other countries to travel in groups. People in their 40s were the majority group visits, while those in their 20s were more likely to have organized their own trips. They tend to stay a little longer, but spend less, the survey showed. By age group, people in their 20s accounted for 26 percent of all Chinese tourists in Korea in 2011. The corresponding percentages for those in their 30s and 40s were slightly less than 23 percent...

sources http://tripsinchina.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/chinese-tourist-travel-to-korea/

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High-end British businesses

High-end British businesses with Chinese Tourists

In a move that should have upscale rubbing their hands with glee British companies , George Osborne unveiled a new visa system to make it easier for tourists and wealthy Chinese businessmen to visit the UK. Motivated in part by a study that showed Chinese tourists bought considerably more handbags designers in Paris and London , Osborne said: "I do not want us to try to resist your economic progress , I want Britain to share in ". In other words : " Hey Big Spender, spend a little time with me. "

Chinese tourists are one of the most dynamic of visitors to UK

But while Chinese tourists are one of the most dynamic of visitors to UK groups - a record 179,000 in 2012 , spending a total of £ 300 million - there is a well-trodden path that most visits down . In this case , it is especially indicated by the stores.

Blue Badge Guide Nai -Lin Yeh organized tours for Chinese visitors to the United Kingdom for over 15 years. Despite its efforts to encourage visits to go further , one of the most popular places requested by visitors is Bicester Village, an evacuation center for designer labels and luxury Oxfordshire. " In China, branded products are very expensive and they are worried about fakes ," he said. "When they go shopping , they want to spend much . I think they want the material things more than the spiritual. " Tour the historic sites of London such as the Tower of London seems to be less of a draw. Photo: Jack Sullivan / Alamy / Alamy
A visit to Bicester is usually preceded by a walk around the colleges near Oxford. Similarly, a visit to Stonehenge can integrate Clarks Village , Somerset , a factory outlet that Chinese tourists arrive by the busload to obtain a pair of shoes to a quintessential British fraction of the price at home. The fact that most Clarks shoes are actually made in China does not seem to be a deterrent . say Beijing apartement

 Windsor Castle is the most popular sites

When it comes to historic sites, Windsor Castle is the most popular , said Yeh . " Some want to go to the Tower of London , but tickets are expensive , so normally they just go around the outside of it and take pictures ," he says . "It's the same with Westminster Abbey . they want to avoid spending entrance, but they spend a lot of money buying . I took a group of eight to Harrods last week and spent £ 70,000 in two hours. the one of them almost bought a watch for £ 290,000 . "
Carey Fletcher , chairman of the China Britain Travel Group , said that returning visitors are more likely to visit sites outside the capital. " Now groups are in the Lake District , which previously they did not go at all. Brighton and Portsmouth are also becoming popular. "
According to Visit International survey of passengers in Britain , the three main activities " dream " for Chinese visitors to the UK are visiting Buckingham Palace , watching the sunset at Stonehenge and spend a night in a castle Scottish . But despite this, and the growing popularity of whiskey in China , travel to Scotland are less frequent , with most visitors stick to London. " The only place to buy the least expensive whiskey in China Duty Free "


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2 chinese tourists try to pay their bill with Coins of 1 euro !

2 chinese tourists try to pay their bill with Coins of 1 euro ! 

Two Chinese tourists were briefly detained in France on suspicion of forgery after trying to settle their hotel bill with coins of one euro. Police were called after a hotel owner in Paris became suspicious about two men and 3,700 pieces of one euro were then found in their room.

no counterfeit

But the monay were not counterfeit . The men said they had got the money dealers scrapyard in China, which are often forgotten in euro cars sent from Europe. The owner of the hotel in Bagnolet, in the east of Paris , called the police after the two tourists had again tried to pay the 70 euros (59 € ) of the hotel bill for the second night - all as they did yesterday .
"Investigators suspected they were dealing with a case of counterfeit money, " a source was quoted as saying by Le Parisien newspaper of France . But banking experts have verified the coins and confirmed that they were not wrong. It was later established that the two men - who were not identified - have friends in the scrap metal trade in China and purchased parts from them. Thousands of European cars are shipped to China for scrap each year. They are meticulously searched before demolition - and it seems that the most common values ​​are left inside parts of a euro.

sources http://touristchinese.wordpress.com/

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Chinese: the 2nd largest source of tourists to Cambodia

Chinese: the 2nd largest source of tourists to Cambodia

Cambodia has witnessed a 55 percent increase in Chinese tourists in the first six months of this year, according to a report by the country's Ministry of Tourism on Monday.

Around 231,000 Chinese have visited the country during the first six months of 2013 compared to the 149,000 that had visited over the same period in 2012

 China surpassed South Korea to become the second largest source of tourists to Cambodia , according to data from the Cambodian Ministry of Tourism released Thursday . The report showed that Vietnam has remained head of the table in the top ten sources of tourist arrivals in Cambodia, with 584,800 arrivals during the period January- August this year, an annual increase of 12%.

210 000 chinese tourists 

 China surpassed South Korea to become the second source of tourist arrivals to Cambodia with 305,500 visitors, up 47 %, while South Korea occupies the third place with 296,500 arrivals , up 3% . The report said that during the first eight months of this year , Cambodia has received a total of 2.77 million foreign tourists, an increase of 19 % compared to the same period last year. Cambodian Minister of Tourism Thong Khon attributed the sharp rise in the number of Chinese tourists to the country attractive tourist sites such as Angkor Wat , a UNESCO World Heritage Site , and the beautiful coastline , one of the most beautiful bays world . " The Chinese are rich now , more and more Chinese go abroad every year," he told Xinhua on Thursday . " The close ties between Cambodia and China is an essential basis to attract more Chinese in Cambodia ." The minister said that the country aims to attract 1.5 million to 2 million Chinese tourists in 2020. Sem Phalla , general secretary of the Association of Travel Agents in Cambodia ( CATA ), which represents about 220 travel companies , said that China is a huge market for Cambodian tourism. " Excellent relations between the two countries and improving the quality of tourism services in Cambodia and encourage more Chinese to visit that country in Southeast Asia in the years to come," he said.

dimanche 13 octobre 2013

100millions Chinese tourists travel abroad !

100millions Chinese tourists travel abroad !

All destinations for tourism have eyes Chimene for Chinese outbound market. In a highly competitive international context, France is rather well placed. France demonstrated during one of his last technical events organized before the summer break In partnership with the firm Roland Berger, Trump France conducted a major study focused on affluent Chinese upper middle class / (Chinese Upper-Middle Class), a now estimated at 9.6 million households or 30.3 million segment people. view top photo

The study highlights a home CUMC must have an annual household income between 24 000 and 48 000 and a budget of 5 300-8 300 euros to provide a "standard" trip to Europe (4-6 or country for duration of 10 to 12 days).

As for the "additional costs", estimated at 30% to 50% of total travel expenses, they are among the most important source markets.


85% of respondents said they intend to make at least one trip abroad in the next two years. This represents a potential 26 million passengers which will be added the new Chinese rich are not taken into account in this study. Beyond its economic prosperity and financial capacity available to its nationals to travel to Europe, China feeds its tourism growth of urbanization (proximity to an airport), the increase in the level of education, youth of its population, the appreciation of the yuan, a strong propensity to save ...
According to the WTO, 100 million Chinese citizens should travel around the world by 2020. Already, one of 17 international tourist is a Chinese national.

Chinese Tourists already shocked international community with  that

photo via

High competition in Europe !

In this highly competitive (137 countries designated in 2009 as authorized by the Chinese government tourist destinations) and ahead of the United States and Australia market, Europe remains the favorite destination for Chinese tourists. In 2010, there were 2.3 million to visit. Each tour to Europe includes France (source www.franceguide.com/. It is the main travel destination for 30% of Chinese tourists. At his side, four countries stand out: Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. According to estimates, 1.8 million Chinese tourists are expected to visit France in the 2013/2014 season.

A much more complex and complicated promising market, when we know that it is very sensitive to seasonal phenomenon.
The Chinese have in effect two major annual leave during which CUMC prefer to travel: New Year (January-February) and the "Golden Week" CUMC travel preferences evolve. The era of large groups who visited 5-6 countries in 15 days tends to disappear in favor of travel in small groups. The number of European countries visited were also reduced. In 2010 Chinese tourists visited 2-3 countries (France, Italy and Switzerland preferred) in 10 days.
By 2015, they will visit one or two countries in 6 days, France and Switzerland topping preferences.
This trend towards more individual trips should continue.

 new tourists wawe

"These new tourists are increasingly seeking formulas to measure. Beyond the beautiful landscapes and famous landmarks, the themes are going to grow as the castles, the wine, wedding ceremonies, golf, gambling is illegal in China, skiing, shopping oriented luxury brands, incentives ...

Shopping and luxury brands! 

This client focuses much more customization of travel at the price. The good price / quality ratio is not a priority, "said , Director of Maison de la France in China. Kettle in every room The survey of a sample of 400 Chinese CUMC (including 10 to 15% who have already made a trip to France) stressed the importance of the journey on board entertainment. He arrived in third position behind recreational activities (shopping, cinema ...) and time spent at home (reading, TV, surf the net ...).
France is a destination that meets the dream holiday of Chinese tourists. It is romantic, cultural and, moreover, it will bring the luxury "witness" who will win social prestige (4 of the top 10 most requested by Chinese brands are French him Vuiton, Cartier, Chanel and Dior ).

He will exhibit his return the sample photo that will matter as much as the tour itself. But the transition from dream to reality reserve him some cactus. Procedures for arrival and departure, the difficulties in obtaining a visa, the language barrier and limited services in Chinese, are some of the French weaknesses.
It also expects a warm hotel services, rooms of larger hotels, media and TV channels in China, kettles in the rooms because it can not live without hot water, hot buffets for breakfast, mastery of English by the hotel and restaurant staff, more flexible department stores for shopping hours, which is one of five key activities of the Chinese in France.

The fact remains that 86% of respondents who have already made a trip to France said they wanted to go back and argued a strong propensity to recommend.
The Chinese travel agency, almost obligatory passage CUMC tourists are mainly sensitive to channel promotions and information are the Internet and social networks.

Problems of VISA again and again

They would not book through their services, but the difficulties in obtaining visas lead them to appeal to the Chinese tourism professionals for export. In view of the United States and Australia, the process for obtaining a Schengen visa would be one that requires the most documents. It is also the longest.
"If the process of obtaining visas was simplified and streamlined in the French representations in China, embassies and consulates, the Chinese outbound tourism to France could grow by 30%," director of Atout France.
For their part, the Chinese tourism professionals are worried about the lack of uniformity of visa procedures from within the Schengen area, France is considered the most severe country, far ahead of Italy, Germany and Switzerland.
When choosing a travel agency with the Chinese consumer is based on credibility, trust, transparency, the "value for money" is coming in the fourth position. Chinese tour operators which combine the two activities (production and distribution) have developed greatly in 20 years. They were only 7 in 1990, they were 1246 in 2010. The most important are state companies.

Current regulations limit the ability of foreign competition!

Finally, there is the important part of the routes. Increasing the number of Chinese cities and intermediaries to diversify the new French cities would be most beneficial to believe a voice pros Chinese outbound tourism and receptive agencies.

see also

dimanche 6 octobre 2013

Guide for uncivilized Chinese tourists

Guide for uncivilized Chinese tourists

Communist Party of China tourism chiefs have told people to go abroad they need to reduce the handshakes soft , public displays of nose-picking , dirty pool and discussion of pork, in a desperate attempt to improve the country's image abroad explain tracy Sun, a tourist guide. .
Severe edicts but ultimately unenforceable appeared in a 64-page guide to the civilized tourism, which was released Tuesday to coincide with the start of a week of holiday commemorating the communist takeover in 1949 .
Economic boom in China has led to an international scramble to attract an increasing number of cash - flush tourists . The World Tourism Organization said 83 million Chinese tourists spent nearly 63 billion pounds (105.6 billion Canadian dollars. ) Abroad in 2012.

Chinese behavior

But the bad behavior of many travelers for the first time has created a problem of global image, the party leaders fear . In May , Beijing approved a law aimed at improving the " national image " of the country and Wang Yang, a top executive , warned that tourists vulgar and impetuous had " damaged the image of the Chinese people and caused a vicious impact " on the country's reputation .
The manual of the label - which is punctuated by animated and non-Chinese tourists naughty drawings apparently - is the most complete and surreal moment in a series of recent diktats to improve the "quality" of Beijing tourists exports to world.

The guidelines

The guidelines are common sense - "Do not curse the people " - to the bizarre - " . Do not leave marks on the toilet seat "" [ When in ] Scotland , do not buy stones as souvenirs "or
On the menu for Chinese tourists , are local high armament taking their picture , urinate or spit in public pools, tissue drying on lampshades and using fingers to dig foreign body nose and mouth. Nasal hair should be properly dressed at all times , the National Tourism Administration , while cutlery, pillows and life jackets on board should not be treated as gifts to take home.
The book also offers specific advice for each country. In Spain , women should always wear earrings, while in Japan , they must avoid playing with their hair at all costs. Neither sex should click finger Germans ( "click finger for dogs " ), while in France , chrysanthemums and yellow flowers should never be given to those who invite you to their home .
It is unacceptable say this twitter account with the words " Ding Jinhao was here " written on a Chinese tourist. Advice is given on the visit of Islamic countries - " Do not talk about pork " Thailand - " Do not talk about the royal family. Do not run things with your toe " Algeria -" When you shake hands with others, it should be firm " , India -" Do not touch the head of other people, " and Iran - " You should not comment on the baby 's eyes . "
Hungarians, the guide points out, do not like you break their mirrors while the British find questions about their travel plans or stomach totally irrelevant .


"When you greet others [ in the UK ] , do not say :" Where are you going ? " Or," Have you eaten ? " As you do at home, " the guide instructs . " It is considered rude. "
Even speaking their own language , Chinese tourists must be careful , the manual stresses . "More and more foreigners can speak Chinese . Do not comment , belittle or even curse people when strangers are present. "
The new guidelines emphasize a growing consensus in China that even if all the tourists may be sent to finishing school , something must be done to stem a recent series of scandals involving overseas Chinese .
In a highly publicized case of a Chinese teenager was criticized by his countrymen after being caught entering the words " Ding Jinhao was here " on a temple 3,500 years in Egypt.

sources :

more information about Chinese tourist here

mardi 24 septembre 2013

A New law will change Travel Agencies Business in China !

A New law will change Travel Agencies Business in China ! 

A new Chinese law which prohibits travel agencies to sell abnormally shopping abroad low cost may have a slight impact on the market of the South Korean tourism in the short term, but will improve market conditions long-term , market observers said Tuesday .
Chinese tourists traveled to South Korea to an abnormally low cost in return for shopping in stores that cater directly to them , set up by the agencies of South Korean travel associated with Chinese travel agencies .

In Korea

 Agencies South Korean travel often reduces the cost of programs for Chinese tourist groups receiving money in the stores. source

Local observers said that the implementation of the law would increase the cost of travel programs for Chinese tourists about 30 percent , resulting in a short-term decline in the number of Chinese tourists to South Korea, but contribute to the normalization of the local tourism markets by removing abnormally travel goods at low prices.
" The implementation of the law will have little impact on the local tourism industry in the short term as the market share held by local travel agencies organizing shopping trips for groups of Chinese tourists is low "said Ryu Han- sun , the head of the Chinese team at the Korea Tourism state - run ( KTO ) .via
However, this prohibition may lead to a slowdown in the growing number of Chinese tourists visiting South Korea because of the rising cost of travel programs , he said.

According to data from the KTO , the number of Chinese tourists increased by 78.9 percent to 642,300 in August from 359,065 a year ago . The figure takes up 47.3 percent of the total number of foreign tourists , continuing a series amounting to three months.

Chinese tourist in Korea

The sharp rise in the number of Chinese tourists in South Korea due to the anti- Japanese sentiment in China caused by the dispute over the islands of the East China Sea at the beginning of this year , analysts said . Ryu also said local large as Lotte Department Store will not be affected by the implementation of the law retailers because they have not been attracting Chinese tour groups by giving discounts to travel agents. Small retailers only for Chinese tourists , however, will be seriously affected .
Jung Seon- hwa , a spokesman for Lotte Department Store, was not worried about the ban.
" We expect that the law will have no impact on our sales because we do not offer discounts to travel agents in exchange for attracting Chinese tourists ,"

Chinese tourists and Shopping ! 

She also said Chinese tourists visited spontaneously department stores to buy high quality products . In addition, Oh Seung- hwan , a spokesman for Hana Tour Service Inc. , the largest travel agency in the country, is optimistic about the long-term ban .
"The demands of travel South Korea are likely to decline in the short term due to the implementation of the law, but it will have a positive impact on the local tourism market by improving market order " 

The KTO is expected that the number of Chinese tourists visiting South Korea to reach 150,000 during the National Day of China , which falls on 1-7 October this year , up 60 percent ago year

 written by Pat
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lundi 23 septembre 2013

British Airways critics about Chinese Tourism VISA policy in UK

British Airways critics about Chinese Tourism VISA policy in UK 

British Airways supremo Willie Walsh, today attacked the government 's lack of corporate leadership as he warned the UK was losing its policy of " welcoming " the Chinese tourism.

The CEO of AIG , the owner of British Airways and Iberia, said the Prime Minister and the Chancellor

" have not demonstrated visionary leadership. They respond to everything that is relevant, rather than to implement a key strategy for businesses. " 

Walsh added: " Cameron and Osborne ... do not have a vision for the future. " Speaking on board the inaugural flight BA in Chengdu, the fifth largest city in China, the head of the aviation distinguished slow response of UK growth in emerging markets as evidence of the failure of the government policy.
"In China , the issue of visas UK remains a major problem," he said . " Not being in the [Visa Europe shared regime] Schengen means higher costs and bureaucracy for Chinese visitors. "

Traffic at Chengdu airport increased by 5.5 million passengers in 2000 to 32 million last year , and Walsh said Government policies hamper the chances of the United Kingdom to capitalize on this growth.

" We launched this route London to Chengdu a year ago , without obstacles visa ," he said . "There is a perception in China that the United Kingdom does not want tourists and Chinese companies. The government talks much about doing business with China, but it is one thing to say and another to put it into action . " 

 Too complicated to apply for UK VISA

Boss BA claimed Chinese tour " around the UK on the European circuits due to bureaucracy They say it is too complicated to apply for two visas Other countries are also more welcoming : . We need more Mandarin speakers , not just in airports, but the main attractions . "
About 1.2 million Chinese tourists visited the European countries that use the Schengen visa last year , compared to less than 200,000 flying UK. source

written by Tracy 

Before the publication of the interim report of the Commission on airport expansion Davies in South East later this year , Walsh said: "I expect [ Sir Howard Davies ] to produce a fantastic report , the best on the aviation in the UK has ever seen . " But nothing will happen with it, because it will be given to politicians who do nothing . "

mardi 10 septembre 2013

Nambia wants to developp the Tourism in China

Nambia wants to developp the Tourism in China 

Hausiku told reporters on his arrival in Xiamen, Fujian Province, the China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT 2013), was held from 8 to 11 September that both China and Namibia recently had a bilateral agreement on increasing the number of Chinese visitors directed to participate signed Namibia. He said the number of Chinese tourists to Namibia has increased in recent years, without giving specific figures.

About Nambia ! 

Nambia is a country in southern Africa whose western border is the Atlantic Ocean. It shares land borders with Angola and Zambia to the north, Botswana to the east and South Africa to the south and east. Although it does not border with Zimbabwe, less than 200 meters from the river bed (essentially the Zambia / Botswana border) separates their closest points. It gained independence from South Africa on 21 March 1990, following the Namibian War of Independence. The capital and largest city is Windhoek. Namibia is a member state of the United Nations (UN), the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the African Union (AU) and the Commonwealth of Nations. The dry lands of Namibia were inhabited since early times by Bushmen, Damara, and Namaqua, and since about the 14th Century AD by immigrating Bantu who came with the Bantu expansion. Most of the territory became a German Imperial protectorate in 1884 and remained a German colony mandated the country to South Africa, which imposed their laws and from 1948, its apartheid policy. Till the end of World War I in 1920, the League of Nations The Port of Walvis Bay and the Penguin Islands offshore had been annexed by the Cape Colony under the British crown by 1878 had become an integral part of the new Union of South Africa from its inception in 1910.
The United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) said at the beginning of this year, China has the fastest growing source of tourists in the world during the last decade. Foreign travel of Chinese travelers increased from 10 million in 2000-83000000 last year, and China was the largest donor in the international tourism worldwide last year. This year's show is themed CIFIT "Introduction to Foreign Direct Investment and Going Global" and aims to facilitate bilateral investment and promotion of inter-nation investment
  1. news
  2. INS consulting 
  3. Blogspot 
  4. wikipedia
Written by Jennifer liu 

lundi 9 septembre 2013

Favorite destination for Chinese in 2012

Favorite destination for Chinese in 2012

Chinese are continuing to travel abroad in overwhelming numbers , with Hong Kong to their favorite destination.

Top 25

On a list of the top 25 destinations in 2012, followed by Hong Kong rates No. 1 with 15.1 million visits, 7.9 million of Macau and South Korea with 3.3 million .
Australia is the 15th published on the list of Euro Monitor International , with 626,000 visitors in 2012.
a global market research company based in London , says Hong Kong proximity to mainland China, a wide range of international business with competitive prices , a good exchange rate and common language among the reasons that Chinese travel there en masse. display
Gambling is another incentive to monitor euros Michelle Grant.
Australia is in the Chinese capital boom , with last week's International Visitors Survey by Tourism Research Australia shows that the Chinese beat visitation 646 779 for the year ended June and spending has increased 19.5 percent to $ 3400000000th
China is now the second largest source of tourists for Australia to do more than any other country to spend only behind New Zealand and Chinese visitors here . But the euro monitor proposes to spend large part by " high accommodation costs and skyrocketing retail prices in Australia ."
The survey also showed that the total number of international visitors to Australia grew by 5.1 percent in 2012-13 , with increased spending by 5.8 percent.
The head of the Tourism and Transport Forum , Ken Morrison, said the results are a good sign.
"We have seen the growth in arrivals from all regions , despite relatively uncertain economic times in much of the world during the year . "

Top 25 destinations for Chinese in 2012

Destination - ( 000 trips) - 2,012 % growth
1 Hong Kong - 15,110.4 - 11.1 %
2 - Macau 7958 to 8.4 %
3 South Korea - 3,383.2 - 55 %
4 Thailand - 2820 to 62.2 %
5 Taiwan - 2,590.7 - 47.1 %
6 Singapore - 2,054.2 - 30.2%
7 U.S. - 1593.5 to 46 %
8 Japan - 1,506.5 - 44.4 %
9 Vietnam - 1,428.7 - 0.8 %
10 Malaysia - 1369.3 to 24.6 %
11 France - 1288-15 %
12 Russia - 830.4 to 16.4 %
13 Germany - from 762.9 to 19.7 %
14 Switzerland - 663.4 to 33 %
15 Australia - 626.4 to 15.5 %
16 Indonesia - 585.2 to 16 %
17 Austria - 356.4 to 37.1 %
18 Cambodia - 335 to 35.2 %
19 United Arab Emirates - 300.8 to 23.7 %
20 Philippines - 291.4 to 20 %
21, Italy - 253 to 12.9 %
22 Canada - 243 to 2.7 %
23 New Zealand - 215.4 to 48 %
UK 24 - 206.6 to 17.5 %
25 Mongolia - 203.8 to 2.5 %
source :
google plus 

written by Tracy

lundi 2 septembre 2013

Budget for Beijing travel

Cost of living in Beijing

During my stay in Beijing a week, I could see how much to spend on several things: accommodation , food and tourism , so I'll give you in this activity the costs down .
You guessed prices in Beijing are much lower than in France ! The Yuan is trading at € 0.15 cents. 1 year ago while the Euro was higher, it was 1 yuan to 0.1 euros! Now with the fall of the Euro, we still have a little less power purchases but there is still huge.

Budget for the trip to Beijing Move is essential in Beijing, there are several ways the bus and train are very popular :

It will cost 2 yuan to take the train to go anywhere in Beijing and 1 yuan to take the bus or 10 or 20 cents bus fare or subway! Cheap : D .
Take a taxi on the other hand cost a bit more expensive but it will cost less than 5 euros so if you did not share , do not spend a lot of money ! If you want a night out , take the train and go before 23hours taxi because there are more trains after 23:30. It sets early in China and up however early.
The price of the taxi from the airport to the city will cost you much more expensive 15-20 euros as it's quite far if you take the international taxi ( black 40-50 euros): the ideal is to take the metro which will cost you 3 euros!
You can visit all the attractions by metro except for the wall of China, or it will either take a bus or group to take over there . It will cost 15 to 20 euros .

Budget accommodation in Beijing.

During my stay in China , I decided to sleep in classic Hostel Hotel to meet more people , even if the prices are almost similar for a room to share with 2 or 4. So we paid less than 10 euros a night in the best hostel in China.
For less basic hotels and toilets and showers share count from 12 euros each room for two .

Budget for food in Beijing 

The Restaurant price is more expensive than the street shops , it is very easy to find a place to eat outside when the weather is nice ! It will cost less than 5 euros to the restaurant. A beer bottle with a liter will cost you only one euro and 20 cents.

Other costs for Beijing. 

The price of electronics is cheaper than in France if you buy made ​​in China by against all that is not Made in China is much more expensive than France !
It's the same thing for clothing made ​​in China and the clothing brands is cheaper made ​​in China is more expensive for clothing brands .


China Flight Cheap

China Flight Cheap 

China is the third largest country in the world after Russia and Canada. It has about a fifth of the world population, and China is also the oldest civilization in the world that are still famous. This is an important destination for business and leisure travelers.

A large part of the population and advances in technology in the country have created great opportunities for entrepreneurs and traders. In addition, tourists can the Yellow River, the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, Mount Everest, the Gobi desert, the Qinghai-Tibet to enjoy the famous attractions among others. Visit the countryside, tombs, Chinese monasteries, resorts and experts in traditional medicine for natural treatment of modern diseases.

 Do business in China

Do business in China's major cities, and relax in the large park, vacation possibilities are endless in China! To reach China flights can vary significantly, depending on your departure, your destination, time of year, flight hours.

 Factors to consider

 You have several factors to consider that you will find the prices for the ticket cheaper to insure. China direct flights to any destination in China are the most expensive in general. The best market prices resulting from one or more hits. Bargain flights to China it often leads to other major cities like Seoul or Shanghai first to travel before landing in Beijing or in any other major Chinese destination. There are over 40 international airports in the area. China is one of the most versatile and most easily accessible to fly aircraft. Select a date and select a time to start looking. The connections to dozens of regional airports should also constitute a particular problem. The airport security is very strict, so make sure you hold on the applicable rules and regulations for the internal flight China and outside China.

Do not leave anything to chance when you travel to China and your efforts will be richly rewarded. For airlines, most major airlines fly either directly or with a stopover in China. You will find that most of Flight China are cheaper very similar and usually, if you plan months in advance .


dimanche 1 septembre 2013

Africa wants to attract Chinese Tourist

Africa wants to attract Chinese Tourist 

Africa is still the main destination for Chinese tourists , but their growing purchasing power attracts the attention of the Department of African Tourism .

African Tourism

The 20th Congress of the World Tourism Organization was established on 25 August in Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River, on the border between Zimbabwe. According to senior officials of the African tourism industry , China is an important market in this sector. The purchasing power of Chinese tourists is also higher than that of the Americans. According to statistics from the World Tourism Organization , the volume of foreign purchases of Chinese tourists , an increase of 40 % reached 102 billion dollars in 2012 , compared to in 2011. The Chinese Institute of Tourism Research estimates that by 2020, two million Chinese will leave on a trip abroad.
"If we can travel 10% of Chinese tourists abroad win , we will be very happy," said Tourism Minister of Zimbabwe , Walter Mzembi . "The Chinese market is very important for us , so we plan to introduce direct flights and to facilitate visa formalities . " According to statistics from Zimbabwe, only 5,000 Chinese visited the country last year , a figure still far from its goal of hosting more than 50,000 Chinese in 2015.

 Victoria Falls

According to Mr. Mzembi " Victoria Falls as famous as the Niagara Falls in North America. Last year, 11 million tourists visited Niagara Falls and most foreign tourists were Chinese. However , very few Chinese have visited the Victoria Falls. "
Africa is an increasingly popular holiday destination among the Chinese . In South Africa , China has become the fourth country of origin of foreign tourists , followed by France . More than 20,000 Chinese tourists visited Kenya to see the spectacle of the wildebeest migration . However, few people venture into the rest of the continent.
"With Cape Cross and Red Desert , Namibia has two world famous sites. Around the Chinese market, we need to know to southern Africa to the Chinese. Are interested with the political stability and attractions offers , Namibia , the Chinese deserved," said Uahekua Herunga , Namibian Minister of Environment and Tourism .

 Namibian  Tourism .

The Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization , Taleb D. Rifai , said that " the future development of Africa together closely with the tourism industry. During the first half of 2013 , the income of African tourism sector grew by 5% . China and Russia play an important role in the development of this sector , but there is great potential to use .


samedi 31 août 2013

France is romantic for Chinese Tourist

France is romantic for Chinese Tourist

Visit Paris is not enough to explore the "romantic France " , said this week in Beijing officials castles of the Loire , eager to capture also the growing Chinese tourist .
" This is a market that starts. Ten years ago , there was no Chinese tourists in the region," said Jean- Louis Sureau , director of the Royal Castle of Amboise, on the sidelines of a forum on World Heritage in the Chinese capital.

Nicknamed the " nursery " of the kingdom of France for the various rulers who were born there , the castle welcomes nearly 400,000 visitors a year , including more than 4,000 from mainland China.
Mr. Sureau hope to see repeated with the Chinese what he experienced with the Russians, who in less than 25 years have established themselves as the first foreign customer of historical landmark . This a
lready is the way Amboise recorded an annual increase of 8% to 10 % of the number of tourists from the Middle Kingdom .

China Promotion

However, a less than that enjoyed by other major sites worldwide growth . Chinese travelers increased from 10 million in 2000 to 83 million in 2012 , according to the World Tourism Organization.
The Loire Valley , a World Heritage Site by Unesco - an important reference in Chinese eyes - indeed suffering from the relative distance of Paris .
" They come to Europe eight to ten days , to many countries as possible ," describes Gael Ibramsah , commercial director of the Clos Lucé .

Loire Valley !

Organize a trip to the Loire Valley , about 200 kilometers from Paris , represents a challenge in this tight schedule , where a day is sacrificed for purchases relate to the country. Where will the chateaux of the Loire to target not the " first-time visitors " but those who return to France as a single destination. In 2012, more than a million Chinese visited France.
Overwhelmingly , they know the Eiffel Tower but have never heard of Villandry, Azay -le- Rideau and Cheverny .

Hence the efforts of influential Chinese social networks to address this lack of awareness , told He Siyang , responsible for promoting China Chenonceau , the second most visited castle in France after Versailles. Chenonceau (up to 8,000 visitors per day) just opened an account " Weibo " service first Chinese microblogs , and takes every opportunity to show in China , she says . A clothing brand Shanghai, 16th North is thus achieved its autumn / winter catalog 2013.
The Clos Lucé , where Leonardo da Vinci spent the last years of his life , he plays the card of the Renaissance genius . "100% of Chinese tourists going to Paris to visit the Louvre in 45 minutes to see Mona Lisa ,".

Chinese ministry of Culture

In a presentation in Beijing, attended by officials from the Chinese Ministry of Culture, he praised the interest to go further in the footsteps of the painter of the Mona Lisa . National Estate of Chambord account his side pass almost 800,000 visitors a year in 2012 to one million in 2019 , multiplying by five the number of Chinese .
The grand residence of François 1er is also trying to increase their media exposure in China. Already paired with the Temple of Heaven in Beijing , Chambord has hosted a few months ago a parade of " Miss China " . These castles now have websites , leaflets or visit audioguide in Chinese.
And , increasingly , they are part of circuits for Asian clients , including Bordeaux ( popular for its red wines in China) and Mont Saint -Michel . In the imagination of the Chinese, France is the country lifestyle and romance , a reputation that has been tarnished by recent attacks tourists. Asset France, tourism development agency of France, took up this theme in 2012 by launching a campaign in China to promote the "romantic France ."
Also followed a path on the banks of the Loire. The royal Château d'Amboise and organizes " marriage proposals " charged 349 euros . " Demand is scripted in marriage on the pattern of Romeo and Juliet" , told AFP Marc Metay , deputy director of the castle.
This offer targeting young Chinese couples includes declaration of love in the gardens and a champagne cocktail , a photographer immortalizing the moment . Of " weddings " are also possible, with delivery of a "certificate" by a council member of Amboise wearing a tricolor scarf.

sources : Tracyhttp://touristchinese.wordpress.com/

jeudi 29 août 2013

Uncivilized Chinese Tourist

Uncivilized Chinese Tourist 

"It undermines the image of the people of our country and made ​​a bad impression." Chinese tourists are rude. According to Le Monde, Beijing has aired commercials in a program of prevention of state television to encourage travelers to behave correctly. The idea of a new law has also been issued to punish tourists who do not respect the local customs and traditions.
Graffiti, spitting and throwing garbage, rudeness tourists are hardly appreciated in the world. And they cause many reactions on social networks, but also discontent leaders. Recently, a young Chinese carved his name on a bas-relief of the god Amun in an Egyptian temple, creating a scandal. A manhunt was then started to find the culprit.
The Chinese authorities are exasperated. According to the magazine Vice, Wang Yang, a top executive was quoted as saying that his countrymen "make a noise in public spaces, engrave words on sights, cross the street when the light is red, spit and other things uncivilized ". He concluded: "It undermines the image of the people of our country and made ​​a bad impression."
France is even the subject of myths about Chinese tourists. In the capital, a sign written in Mandarin encourage visitors not to defecate on the floor around the palace of the Louvre.
This new law is therefore to warn tourists. The Global Times, a Chinese newspaper, wanted to respond by saying that blaming race or nationality was as uncivilized.

source : Googleplus , Facebook , This Blog , old article 1 & 2

lundi 5 août 2013

The number of Chinese visitors to France

The number of Chinese visitors to France

The number of Chinese visitors to France has jumped more than 23 percent Figures released this week by the tourism arm of the French government, DGCIS came amid accusations that the rules on visas for the Chinese to come to Britain as "colonial" and cost the country up to £ 5 million per day.

The number of Chinese visitors to France has jumped more than 23 percent last year, according to new data, the latest sign of the country ranked third in the UK in order to attract buyers of Asian values. France remains the largest tourist destination in 2012, with 83 million foreign visitors, making a total of € 35.8 billion (£ 31 billion euros) of revenue.
Britain was ranked seventh in the league table of tourism, with slightly less than 30 million foreign visitors


mercredi 24 juillet 2013

Do you speak Tourist ?

Do you speak Tourist ? 

Paris, one of the main tourist destinations in the world for Chinese tourists, has released new information to advise citizens on how to deal with Chinese tourists.

"A simple smile and a hello in their own language completely satisfied," the guide published by the Regional Tourism Board of the Chamber of Commerce of Paris is denominated.

"Roan ING gouang Linne" is how he tries to explain the subtleties to say "welcome" in Chinese. "They are eager buyers of luxury brands," he explains the habits of a million Chinese visiting the French capital every year. "They are picky about food and wine.

They appreciate suggestions ingenious shopping" he notes. Tourist guide entitled

Do You Speak tourist ? /doyouspeaktouriste.fr

Parisian hoteliers aid and taxi drivers, known for their rough charm, with audio on how to ask non-speaking tourists about their desires. The guide also includes 10 other nationalities. Under Chinese tourists come organized bus tours, as 84 percent today sightseeing individually. Chinese tourist spends an average of six to seven nights in the most visited city in the world and forks € 171 (HK $ 1,738) per day - which is 31 euros more than the average American and 15 less the average Japanese.

see also
  1. http://chinese-tourist.blogspot.com/2013/06/irland-wants-to-attract-chinese-tourists.html
  2. http://chinese-tourist.blogspot.com/2013/06/california-chinese-visitors.html

mercredi 17 juillet 2013

Huge number of Chinese tourists

Huge number of Chinese tourists 

As stated in the Annual Report of China Outbound Tourism Development 2009-2012, 70.25 million Chinese tourists traveling abroad just 2011, with a year-on-year growth of 22%. According to the number of tourists, China’s outbound tourism market has been the largest market on the planet, 1.2 times and 3.5 times the U.S. market, the Japanese market.

 According to the World Tourism Organization, there will be 100 million Chinese traveled abroad in 2020. Abundant consumption of Chinese tourists According to the data, in 2011, Chinese tourists have become the most generous people in expenses in London.

The USA also benefits many Chinese tourists who spend $ 7.107 per person on average, once again tops the chart on the average cost. We can see from the chart below, Chinese tourists spent abroad, the majority of the money is in the shop.
We can see from the chart below, Chinese tourists spent abroad, the majority of the money is in the shopping.

- See more at: http://daxueconsulting.com/market-survey-on-chinese-outbound-tourists/

lundi 15 juillet 2013

Outbound tourist from China

Outbound tourist from China 

In 2012, it was featured  that the Australian Minister for Tourism Martin Ferguson said during a meeting of the Victoria Tourism Industry Council that the Asian market, especially China, is key to the growth of the Australian Tourism.
Fast forward to the present, this forecast is gradually coming true as Chinese outbound tourism has reportedly increased by 16% in the first quarter of 2013,

China now ranks first in the global outbound tourism source market, approximately spending over US $102 billion compared to the US$73 billion in 2011. Thus, overtaking Germany and the U.S. that previously held the top spots. Given these figures, it’s only understandable why many countries seek their fair share of Chinese travellers to bolster their tourism industry, and the Land Down Under is no exception

Read more: Outbound Tourism from China is Growing Exponentially: Are You Ready? http://www.sightseeinternational.com/outbound-tourism-from-china-is-growing-exponentially-are-you-ready/#ixzz2ZAosbO3W

dimanche 14 juillet 2013

Where Chinese do travel to ?

Where Chinese travelers fly to ? 

Even on a rainy cloudy day in downtown Manhattan, crowds of smiling Chinese tourist photos of their friends and family snapped next to the "Charging Bull," a three-and-a-half-ton bronze sculpture landmark in the Financial District in New York. Each time the masses began to thin, another Chinese group rose to the sculpture. A long line snaked down the road.

Shiny spots on the bull's surface clearly showed the tourist spots touch the most, including the hips and huge testicles. The "Charging Bull" is famous in China and replicated in several places, including Shanghai's financial district. Noticeably missing from the Shanghai version, but the bulls are disinguishing male characteristics. Among the people waiting to touch, photograph or be photographed with the famous rate recently you were Songlin and his family. Traveling with his wife and son and a large tour group of fellow Chinese tourists, said the first-time visitor to New York, why does he see what would appear to be a random local attractions.

"I heard about the Wall Street Bull, as well as Wall Street and Manhattan," You said he was hanging out with the required camera around your neck on the court in Bowling Green Park.

 "I did it while learned in school, and I read the financial newspapers. 11:09 Then there was, I heard about the twin towers [of the World Trade Center] destroyed, and it left a deep impression on me." Reference Now, years later, it was his first visit to the U.S., a dream fulfilled to see what he had personally observed only once or heard about media. (See "What Chinese tourists think Of New York.") The Chinese are coming, the Chinese are coming! Workers in the Financial District are often confused (and maybe a little confused) by the hordes of tourists that flock to the very active area in the summer.

What, really, these tourists expect to see the mechanization of the global financial system?

 Why is the bull worthy of pilgrimage? And more recently: What's with all those more Chinese faces show up in the convoluted masses? Clues in a global economy, the change in flow expendable income in China can be found, but remains both fascinating and unfathomable for many who are in their throes. Chinese tourists now present a rapidly expanding demographic: people who explore for the first time over the means and freedom to the world on your own - and where they go, and why, show the changing dynamics of the world and the vagaries of millions so far unexplored personal interests.