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samedi 30 avril 2022

China Local Tourism is suffering from Lockdowns

 China's Tourism industry continues to be severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. source Scmp

Provinces have reduced travel prices as a result. They offer tax cuts and ask local residents to save an industry that employs millions.

Official data indicates that tourism declined this year due to additional COVID-related travel restrictions. Mass testing and new lockdowns may also be a factor.

Particularly, the southern provinces Yunnan (and Hainan) are in trouble. Their economies are dependent on tourism incomes. The northern parts of the country with shorter seasons of warm weather are also in trouble.

As the Omicron virus spreads, the tourism situation has become worse. In 2019, tourism accounted for more than 11 percent of China’s gross domestic products and supported almost 80 million jobs.

Tian Yun was a former economist with the state economic planning office. Tian anticipated that inter-province visits would increase during the three day Dragon Boat Festival holiday in June.

Tian stated that if inter-province travel is banned during Dragon Boat Festival, this years tourism... will be in chaos.

Tian stated that China's 2022 growth rate could be impacted by a lack of tourism. According to the government, the economy will grow by 5.5% this year. source

People aren't traveling because of cancellations and delays in flight travel. About 35,000 weekly flights fly inside China each week. This is the lowest figure since 2000.

source photo

According to official data, five percent of tourists visiting China's most popular tourist destinations during the holiday honoring the ancestors were from outside the country.

Hohhot is the capital in the northern Chinese region of Inner Mongolia. It is well-known for its grasslands. The number of tourists who visited the area during the holiday fell by half. The earnings from tourism declined 53.5 percent in comparison to one year ago.

Tourism gains in the southern island province Hainan (also known as China's Hawaii) also declined. Official numbers revealed that the number of tourists visiting Sanya, a beach in Hainan, fell 99 percent over the holiday.

Reliance on Chinese people in  2021 -2022

Tourists from Ningxia were able to increase the number of trips, which is a poor region that relies on tourism in northwest China.

Ningxia provided passes for its residents to over 60 scenic locations for only $31. This is a significant price drop when compared to regular costs. Even with the higher number of visitors during the three-day holiday, earnings fell 16.3 percent compared with one year ago.

Gu Xuebo, a Ningxia driver/guide, is Gu Xuebo. According to him, locals drive their own cars and can travel to scenic spots by themselves. He also said that locals don't need hotel rooms.

A Travel agency stated that his 14-seat vehicle had largely remained unoccupied since August. Gu only had two clients this year.

in Yunnan, this travel agency stated that several drivers who worked for me for six to seven years all changed jobs.

The bookings for Desert Star Hotel in Ningxia’s Shapotou Scenic Area are down 70% compared to a year ago.

Zhang, a hotel worker, said that tourists from other provinces can't come to China so they have to rely upon local tourists. It's better to have one than none.

lundi 25 avril 2022

Chinese Social Media top new in China

 WeChat Top news

WeChat wants people to use its video platform. So they did, for digital protests.
A video protesting the Shanghai lockdown spread quickly on the app, as Chinese users raced to outwit censors and keep it alive

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Weibo Top News 

The Chinese government is making changes to Weibo. One of the biggest changes is that Weibo will now be called Sina Weibo. This change means that Sina has more control over what content is allowed on the platform and that they are more likely to censor certain types of posts in an effort to control public sentiment. 


KOL in China 

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samedi 9 avril 2022

The war makes China uncomfortable.Shanghai Peole are angry


The war makes China uncomfortable.

China wanted the mood to be “business as usual”. But the summit between China and the European Union on April 1st will be anything but normal. That is because Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and China’s cold-blooded response to it, have exposed the limitations of Europe’s old trade-first China policies.


Public anger mounts in locked-down Shanghai with no end in sight

Millions of people across China's locked-down financial hub of Shanghai have been desperately seeking medical care and basic supplies like food. Parents have been forcibly separated from young children infected with Covid-19. And public anger is mounting, with no end in sight as China clamps down.


Since March, China has battled its biggest Covid wave yet, with Shanghai now the largest hotspot. All 25 million residents are under lockdown, with national health care workers and the Chinese military dispatched to boost the city's response.

On Wednesday, the country recorded close to 20,000 new cases -- far past the peak of Wuhan in 2020, at the onset of the pandemic.

Business of Cosmetics in China


China has recently emerged as one of the most exciting markets for beauty companies. In the past four years, the cosmetics industry in China has grown at a staggering rate. In the next few years, it is expected to reach US $23 billion.

WeChat Still top social media in China

WeChat, owned by Tencent, is by far the most popular social media app in China. With a user base of over 845 million it dwarfs its nearest competitors, namely Instagram and Snapchat. Over 800 million of WeChat’s user base are said to be active monthly users, of which there are more men than women. It is also one of the most widely used social media applications outside of China, with an estimated 400 million users outside of China.


The future of Education in China is Not English

China’s economic boom has been great for its citizens but has left many with a case of buyer’s remorse. Parents are no longer willing to sacrifice the future for their children in the hope of a better life. Education is a key part of this new era of education reform, but the system is outdated and doesn’t meet the needs of the future workforce. The government recognizes this and is making changes to the system. The future of Education in China is not English.


vendredi 1 avril 2022

10 articles about Markets in China

 10 articles about Markets in China 

China is a changing market, to get updated about latest trends follow our blog :) 


Chinese Consumers purchase brands

Chinese are obsessed with branding. This society is focused on your 'face.' It is how others perceive you. What you buy is the most common way to show your 'face.' In a consumer-driven society, it's essential to tap into this growing desire for individual expression with branding.


So many entrepreneurs have benefited from China's digitalization, both in termsof industry and attractiveness worldwide, following China's economic growth. Many Chinese families now enjoy the benefits of a rising purchasing power and are part of China's middle or upper classes because of their education and work.


WeChat: China’s Leading App

WeChat is the most popular app in China. It is crucial for anyone who wants to expand their business in China’s largest country to learn about the importance of WeChat and how to make the most of it.


the drink & cocktail business in China

The Chinese ready-to-drink market has seen significant growth in recent years. Consumer demand is growing for high-quality, innovative drinks. The largest market share is held by the Asia Pacific, while Western countries significantly influence consumer behavior around the globe.



Douyin, which boasts more than 600 million users in China, is one the most popular and lucrative apps. Douyin has initially been an online platform for short videos sharing. It has now evolved into a variety of technologies, including artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Douyin is changing the way information is created online, shared, and consumed. Douyin is an effective advertising tool that many Chinese businesses can use. We will offer a report on Douyin ads along with tips and advice for how to use Douyin well.

Taobao Business in China 


Chinese consumers are the driving force behind luxury shopping around the world.

According to Jessica Tan, Ping An Group co-CEO of Ping An Group, digital healthcare was only 7% of total Chinese healthcare spending. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the acceptance of online healthcare services by regulators and consumers. 


China’s preference for wine is developing quickly, and the nation is set to surpass the UK to turn into the world’s second biggest wine market by 2020, arriving at a worth of $21 billion. As indicated by VINEXPO research, the market is expected to develop by a normal of seven percent every year throughout the following four years, with 6.1 billion liters of wine expected to be sold in 2020. Every year a developing level of the wine sold in China is imported from abroad; last year this figure passed 10% interestingly.