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mardi 26 novembre 2013

Chinese tourist murdered in Phuket ?

Chinese woman Jiang Ghengyne died shortly after 16 hours from blood loss with Phuket police investigation still causing the death of her husband in what is now a double tragedy mysterious .
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PHUKET : The body of a Chinese tourist was found in a room of Phuket splattered blood station today, after the wife of the man jumped from a balcony. The six-hour drama Broken plans for a group of 18 Chinese tourists who were visiting Central Festival Phuket and enjoy a city tour . Most of the group were about to sit down to breakfast when the woman jumped from a second floor balcony , bringing the staff and other guests on the run.

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Inside the room the couple, the staff found a dead man under a sheet on the bed , with blood soaking bedding and floor, extending into the toilet. An electric kettle was severely damaged and a reverse lamp. Upstairs was a piece of flesh. A note says in Chinese : '

We 'll be together forever ! 

The woman was transported to Mission Hospital then transferred to Vachira Phuket Hospital , where she remains in serious condition under close supervision. The couple were named Li Ming , 42, and his wife , Jiang Ghengyne 43 . Their tour party arrived in Phuket on November 22 and was due to fly tomorrow.
It is believed they have a child , who remained in China. The brother of the woman was on the tour. Although it seems an intense struggle can take place before the man died , the police keep all options open. Packing for three sleeping pills were found in a trash can. It is possible pillow may have been used to smother the man, but he also had serious injuries to his forehead.
The woman suffered a cut to the throat and other parts . No knife was found in the room . Common access to the balcony was available from all rooms on the second floor line . In Thailand, the ground floor is considered the first floor to the second floor jump is not fatal. Station in the city of Phuket where the tragedy took place , the Pago Design Hotel Phuket, has only been open a year.

source : http://www.bangkokpost.com/breakingnews/381483/stranded-tourists-rescued-off-phuket

It is described as online newest hotel Phuket Town '' . . . unique design fashionable and luxurious comfort for your stay unforgettable. '' The tour party had spent several days at a resort in Patong and transferred to Pago 21 o'clock last night . Detectives are now trying to piece together what happened during the nine hours between arrival and the woman jumped from the balcony.
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lundi 18 novembre 2013

Spending of Chinese Tourists in Korea !

Spending of Chinese Tourists in Korea ! 

Most Chinese tourists stay in Seoul for six days and spend an average of $ 250 per day, according to a recent survey. The results are based on a survey of 2.22 million Chinese visited the country in 2011. The results showed that 91.1 per cent remained in the capital for an average of six days and spent $ 250 per day, mostly on purchases. Their favorite destinations were Myeong-dong (69.2 percent) and Dongdaemun market (66.7 percent).

 Female spending

The survey shows a slight female preponderance, with 51 percent of all Chinese tourists in 2011 were women, against 43 percent in 2007. Chinese are also more likely than tourists from most other countries to travel in groups. People in their 40s were the majority group visits, while those in their 20s were more likely to have organized their own trips. They tend to stay a little longer, but spend less, the survey showed. By age group, people in their 20s accounted for 26 percent of all Chinese tourists in Korea in 2011. The corresponding percentages for those in their 30s and 40s were slightly less than 23 percent...

sources http://tripsinchina.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/chinese-tourist-travel-to-korea/

lundi 4 novembre 2013

High-end British businesses

High-end British businesses with Chinese Tourists

In a move that should have upscale rubbing their hands with glee British companies , George Osborne unveiled a new visa system to make it easier for tourists and wealthy Chinese businessmen to visit the UK. Motivated in part by a study that showed Chinese tourists bought considerably more handbags designers in Paris and London , Osborne said: "I do not want us to try to resist your economic progress , I want Britain to share in ". In other words : " Hey Big Spender, spend a little time with me. "

Chinese tourists are one of the most dynamic of visitors to UK

But while Chinese tourists are one of the most dynamic of visitors to UK groups - a record 179,000 in 2012 , spending a total of £ 300 million - there is a well-trodden path that most visits down . In this case , it is especially indicated by the stores.

Blue Badge Guide Nai -Lin Yeh organized tours for Chinese visitors to the United Kingdom for over 15 years. Despite its efforts to encourage visits to go further , one of the most popular places requested by visitors is Bicester Village, an evacuation center for designer labels and luxury Oxfordshire. " In China, branded products are very expensive and they are worried about fakes ," he said. "When they go shopping , they want to spend much . I think they want the material things more than the spiritual. " Tour the historic sites of London such as the Tower of London seems to be less of a draw. Photo: Jack Sullivan / Alamy / Alamy
A visit to Bicester is usually preceded by a walk around the colleges near Oxford. Similarly, a visit to Stonehenge can integrate Clarks Village , Somerset , a factory outlet that Chinese tourists arrive by the busload to obtain a pair of shoes to a quintessential British fraction of the price at home. The fact that most Clarks shoes are actually made in China does not seem to be a deterrent . say Beijing apartement

 Windsor Castle is the most popular sites

When it comes to historic sites, Windsor Castle is the most popular , said Yeh . " Some want to go to the Tower of London , but tickets are expensive , so normally they just go around the outside of it and take pictures ," he says . "It's the same with Westminster Abbey . they want to avoid spending entrance, but they spend a lot of money buying . I took a group of eight to Harrods last week and spent £ 70,000 in two hours. the one of them almost bought a watch for £ 290,000 . "
Carey Fletcher , chairman of the China Britain Travel Group , said that returning visitors are more likely to visit sites outside the capital. " Now groups are in the Lake District , which previously they did not go at all. Brighton and Portsmouth are also becoming popular. "
According to Visit International survey of passengers in Britain , the three main activities " dream " for Chinese visitors to the UK are visiting Buckingham Palace , watching the sunset at Stonehenge and spend a night in a castle Scottish . But despite this, and the growing popularity of whiskey in China , travel to Scotland are less frequent , with most visitors stick to London. " The only place to buy the least expensive whiskey in China Duty Free "


samedi 2 novembre 2013

2 chinese tourists try to pay their bill with Coins of 1 euro !

2 chinese tourists try to pay their bill with Coins of 1 euro ! 

Two Chinese tourists were briefly detained in France on suspicion of forgery after trying to settle their hotel bill with coins of one euro. Police were called after a hotel owner in Paris became suspicious about two men and 3,700 pieces of one euro were then found in their room.

no counterfeit

But the monay were not counterfeit . The men said they had got the money dealers scrapyard in China, which are often forgotten in euro cars sent from Europe. The owner of the hotel in Bagnolet, in the east of Paris , called the police after the two tourists had again tried to pay the 70 euros (59 € ) of the hotel bill for the second night - all as they did yesterday .
"Investigators suspected they were dealing with a case of counterfeit money, " a source was quoted as saying by Le Parisien newspaper of France . But banking experts have verified the coins and confirmed that they were not wrong. It was later established that the two men - who were not identified - have friends in the scrap metal trade in China and purchased parts from them. Thousands of European cars are shipped to China for scrap each year. They are meticulously searched before demolition - and it seems that the most common values ​​are left inside parts of a euro.

sources http://touristchinese.wordpress.com/