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jeudi 31 juillet 2014

Philippines and Chinese Tourists do not really match

The Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT) Wednesday urged Chinese tourists to beware of illegal Chinese tour guides.
Artemio Ticar officer of DOT-Boracay, said the local government of Malay in the central Philippine province of Aklan began his crackdown on Chinese tour guides illegally proliferated the island in recent years.

Illegal Chinese tourist Guides

"Because of the crackdown on illegal tour guides, many of whom are Chinese, we found a decrease in the number of Chinese tourists coming to Boracay," said Christian.

However, he could not provide an estimate on the number of Chinese tourists were discouraged from going to the island because of the proliferation of illegal tourist guides.

Local government figures showed that nearly 9,812 Chinese tourists visited Boracay in June.


Boracay Island is popular among tourists because of its unique beaches and many coves. Most of these beaches have the same white sand beaches.
he number of Chinese tourists in the Philippines has declined 70 percent this year compared to registered three or four years ago figures, the Immigration Bureau said Thomas on his googleplus.
Immigration Commissioner Siegfred Mison said that the Chinese visitors were the best in the country before being dislodged by Koreans two years ago.
Mison said China currently ranks number four, behind Japan, the U.S. and South Korea in terms of tourist arrivals.
"There was a sharp decline, a decline of 70 percent (in tourist arrivals from China). Chinese tourists who visited the country had almost a million before. Now only 200,000 to 300,000 Chinese tourists (visiting the Philippines), "he said.
Mison said the Luneta bus hostage crisis in 2010 in the Philippine capital which left eight Hong Kong tourists dead could have discouraged Chinese tourists to visit the country.

Figures about Tourism in Phillipines 

Figures released by the Office show that from Jan. 1 to Dec. 5 of this year, the top 10 tourism markets countries are South Korea (1010000), United States (649,664), Japan (371,122), China (312,395), Australia (181,585), Canada (123,404), Taiwan of China (101162), Singapore (97,927), the United Kingdom (97,371), and Malaysia (97,134). Articles (Article Mrec) pagematch: 1 sectionmatch: 1
Mison said he expects these numbers change in December is considered a fast month for Philippine tourism. During this period, around 400,000 to 500,000 tourists usually visit the country.

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dimanche 20 juillet 2014

Why SEO is usefull to attract Chinese Tourists ?

 Why SEO is usefull to attract Chinese Tourists ?

The SEO on Baidu Through constant development, China now also has its own search engine for more than 13 years. The latter is called Baidu and to this day, nearly 70% of Chinese Internet users consult it regularly. Which means that only a few weeks, heading 600 million visitors is easily achieved. Therefore, China is an important market in the world.

The peculiarities of China

Any company or operator who wants to conquer Chinese buyers should then have a well referenced Baidu site. However, through their experiences, webmasters have found that SEO Baidu has some features or complexities. And because of these characteristics, specialists have its main activity to allow anyone to have a good visibility on Baidu. Indeed also the language that has always been the key to understanding this country obstacle, administrative systems and culture also have their influences are reflected in the research tools and hence positioning systems and SEO.

SEO on Baidu by professionals

Whatever the field of activity, it was found that by increasing purchasing power of the Chinese, more and more companies are keen to promote their products on the Chinese sites to take advantage of this bargain. Thus, according to the person or company that handles referrals, 6-10 methods can be proposed. For some, they will first analyze the context and competition. After each market has its specificities, keywords typical Chinese prospects will also be chosen carefully. Otherwise according to the method adopted by several research tools, including improved content is always necessary.

Note that for Baidu, a Chinese version of this content is mandatory. But it is equally important to exchange links with sites Baidu same.

Different methods of SEO on Baidu

For mutually cons, other parameters must be taken into account to be referenced on Baidu. Also, when designing the site itself, it must be well designed its homepage, not to say the first 5 pages. Thus, besides the design, the text of these pages should be written in Chinese and especially it is preferable to be in the area of ​​"cn". Indeed, listeners Baidu will already assign grades to these pages and these are already decisive for positioning. After that it is good to have several links that point to the site regardless of thematic links. Indeed, it is the quantity of links that trumps quality. Do not overlook the fact that plagiarism in all its forms is not punished in China. And to share content production, it takes a lot of copy and paste. Nevertheless it is encouraging to know that a good SEO Baidu is acquired once and for all, unlike other search engines where you have to constantly adapt to maintain its position.

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dimanche 13 juillet 2014

Taiwan Tourism Satisfaction Survey: most satisfied mainland tourists

Taiwan Tourism Satisfaction Survey: most satisfied mainland tourists

According to Taiwan's "ETTV cloud" reported that Taiwan's tourism department recently released 2013 "Taiwan passenger satisfaction" survey, mainland tourists satisfaction of 97.3% over the Taiwan tourists, ranking highest.

According to the survey, the average overall satisfaction last year to Taiwan tourists is 95%, with 97.3% of mainland tourists, followed by 95.21 percent for the United States, Hong Kong and Macao 94.98%, while South Korea's satisfaction was 89.96%, although passengers around Satisfaction the lowest, but still compared to 2012 increased by 5% satisfaction.

Taiwan's tourism department, said South Korean tourist satisfaction is not high, mainly due to transport and various attractions Korean indicate a lack of, makes it difficult to identify.

According to the survey, most foreign tourists last year, Taiwan's favorite attraction is the "nine", which is nine four consecutive years ranked the top spot, followed by the Sun Moon Lake and Taroko, Intertek, Kenting, Alishan closely followed ; while tourists to Taiwan will still be of interest to the night market, Taipei 101 and Taipei Palace Museum; addition, foreign tourists visited major cities in Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan ranked first in 83.76% of the average.

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mercredi 9 juillet 2014

Chinese are getting richer and richer and have the desire to travel.

Chinese are getting richer and richer and have the desire to travel.

In a growing world, the Chinese are getting richer and the desire to travel. Indeed, China meets strong economic growth in recent years. The Chinese middle class is becoming easier financially. Today it is the main target of large industries fashion, cosmetics, but also in that of tourism. There was another 10 years, the number of Chinese traveling worldwide was 10 million. This figure is multiplied by 10 today and what is remarkable is that Chinese tourists are seen as "walking wallets". Indeed, the Chinese spend an average of $ 7,000 during their various escapades in the four corners of the world.

Chinese tourists: the most richer tourist in the world

Tour operators and destination countries do not want to lose a penny in this new growing business. Indeed, much pampered Chinese tourists to keep them coming back each year. The games are impressive, as in 2012, spending by Chinese tourists when they were on holiday abroad were around $ 102 billion and according to current trends, this figure will increase each year.
When the Chinese are on vacation, they do not hesitate to spend so much money to satisfy their desire and more, they want to assert their economic success and often opt for a luxury tourism. Chinese tourists are now the most pampered in the world, European destinations are now launching procedures to facilitate visas for Chinese tourists. If such decisions have been taken, it is because the Chinese refer their big during their various escapades in Europe. The Chinese do not relate not only the happiness of the major hotels, but they are also the happiness of destination cities because when leaving, Chinese spending around 1500 euros for souvenir items.

Chinese tourists: the most protected in the world ? 

The influx of Chinese tourists in Europe is something for everyone including pickpockets and thugs. Indeed, Asian tourists, including Chinese and Japanese are accustomed to take with them a large sum of money liquid which makes them very vulnerable to theft and assault. European authorities must take the necessary measures to face this problem. The Chinese authorities are quite strict about this, because many cases of attacks have been recorded in recent years. A partnership agreement between the European and Chinese police are currently being signed in order to ensure maximum safety of Chinese citizens traveling to Europe. Chinese police are sent to Europe to keep an eye out for possible attacks against their compatriots. These are posted on the tourist sites most visited in Europe, especially in the vicinity of the Champs-Elysées and the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

sources http://internet-chine.blogspot.com/2014/07/quand-les-chinois-deviennent-des.html

jeudi 3 juillet 2014

China became the second largest city of Milan countries of origin of foreign tourists

China became the second largest city of Milan countries of origin of foreign tourists

According to municipal statistics Milan, Italy, in 2013 in Milan, Italy received the first time surpassed the number of Chinese tourists to American tourists, reaching about 186,000 people, China became the second largest city of Milan countries of origin of foreign tourists.

Milan city government officials in charge of tourism affairs of Alfonso Franco recently told reporters in an interview with Xinhua News Agency said last year the number of Chinese tourists in Milan an increase of 14%, the number of trips after the 217,000 Russian tourists.

Milan Expo surrounding areas now organize various activities designed to spare no effort in order to attract foreign tourists, promote local economic revitalization. Milan, on plans to launch "City of the World Expo," a series of activities in the city center, will be fully integrated with the existing urban resources Expo theme, during the six-month Expo will give visitors more sightseeing options. A Chinese neighborhood located near Milan's "Chinese Village" project is brewing.