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jeudi 31 mars 2016

7,000 Chinese tourists in California $ 85millions profit

7,000 Chinese tourists in California 

A group of about 7,000 people from China visited the southern California in late May, their one-week stay in the United States set a record not only because of the unprecedented number of people in one group, but also because of the economic benefit -

 $ 85millions profit 

$ 85 million - it has generated for the city of Anaheim, orange County and beyond. Despite the high level group of the exhibition and their many commercial purchases, they left the United States in controversy, complaints and criticism, mainly because of their behavior. Chinese tourists sometimes forget their best ways From May 21, Perfect China members, a direct marketing company that sells health food, household and beauty products, took 86 flights to come to the United States stayed in 26 hotels and filled 13,000 to 14,000 hotel rooms. According to Union Pay, each member of the group spent $ 10,000 or more during the visit.

"We are making history," 
said Xu Guowei, vice chairman of China Perfect. They also made a bad impression.

Describing some of the group Perfect China as arrogant, loud, intrusive and undisciplined, bus driver chartered Eric said they blocked access to persons with disabilities in Sea World in San Diego to take group photos and argued that it was their right to do what they wanted. In Las Vegas casinos, members of the group spitting on the carpet and ordered many drinks refills without tipping waiters or waitresses.

 Women members of the group have had rooms of men in the hall, leaving the men waiting in line because they do not feel like walking to the upper floors. Jimmy Liu, a tourist guide in Los Angeles, said there is a lack of knowledge about American culture, tradition, regulations and social norms.
"Some members brought their usual bad manners, spitting example, in the US and unfavorable impressions left here," 

Chinese tourists in California

 Each year the number of Chinese visitors to California rose, said Caroline Beteta, CEO of the visit in California, which helped put the group. Beteta said his agency expects growth of 63 percent in the number of Chinese visitors between 2013-16, and estimated that they will spend $ 2.2 billion in California on shopping, accommodation, meals and transportation . In 2013, more than 1.8 million Chinese visited the US, an increase of 23 % compared to the previous year, and they spent about $ 9.8 billion, said Yuan Nansheng, Consul General Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco. In 2000, the number of Chinese travelers reported exponentially as 10 million overseas trips. In 2008, more nations, including the United States signed agreements with China to allow groups of tourists, a movement has helped to bring more Chinese tourists.

In 2013, Chinese travelers became the single largest group of expenditures per capita in California, the No. 1 US destination for Chinese tourists. As China goes back to the second largest economy in the world, Chinese visitors are also sweeping everywhere, including Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia and Latin America. Although countries and destination areas welcome tourism dollars and purchasing power, they are angry against the chaos, the hassle and bad behavior of Chinese tourists bring to their cities. Given the Chinese tourism boom, some industry insiders believe that the government should implement educational programs. For example, the mandatory label classes for the visitors before their departure are encouraged to help them behave better in countries and foreign cultures. "For example, the Chinese should learn table manners, know concepts such as space, privacy and wait your turn," said Shino Wang, head concierge of a five star hotel in San Francisco. "the more they are exposed to these Western standards, more properly, they will behave

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dimanche 27 mars 2016

New Zealand, the most active country in Chinese Social Media

New Zealand, the most active country in Chinese Social Media

Social Media in China : Interview of the New zealand Country manager

 Check a this interview

About New Zealand and China ! 

New Zealand is famous for its landscape, and among the tourist attractions of the country are two glaciers that are both surprising and unusual because they snake down the mountain in a temperate rainforest, which makes them easy to people to walk up to the view. But Fox and Franz Josef glaciers melted at a pace as it has become too dangerous for tourists hiking on them from the bottom of the valley, ending a tradition that goes back a century. With the persistence of warm weather this year, there are no signs of a recovery, and scientists say it is another example of how climate change has an impact on the environment.

New Zealand travel industry is booming 

The Tourism industry in New Zealand is booming and nearly 1 million people last year flocked to get a glimpse of glaciers and spectacular valleys they carved. But the only way to set foot on them now is to fly them by helicopter
Tour operators offer flights and glaciers guided walks, although the logistics limit per year to 80,000 tourists, half the number that once raised from the valley floor. Until another 150,000 people each year take scenic flights landing briefly above glaciers. "It is the uniqueness, the rawness of the environment", which attracts tourists from Australia, North America, Europe and, increasingly, China, said Rob Jewell, president of Country Tourism Group Glacier. Flying in the field Unesco world heritage comes with its own risks, highlighted in November when a tourist helicopter crashed on the Fox Glacier, killing all seven on board. Sitting near the base of the Franz Josef glacier, Wayne Costello, director of district operations for the Department of Conservation, said that when he arrived there eight years, the rock was perched on were buried under tons of ice. Instead, the glacier is now coming to an end at 800 meters above the valley.
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Chinese Consumers! 

Consumers in China fueled a boom travel and tourism last year, despite the country's economic slowdown. Chinese tourists spent $ 215bn outside of mainland China in 2015, according to figures released Monday by the World Travel & Tourism Council, an increase of 53 percent from the $ 140 billion spent in 2014.
However in China, the surge in the number and amazing spending power of middel kindsdom outbound tourists is not lifting "all boats".
The global Tourism Bureau requires investment quality. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut and paste the article. See our Ts & Cs and Copyright Policy for more details. While Chinese outbound tourism has experienced strong growth in recent years, the figures represent a strong acceleration as the first graph. "[China] outbound tourism is growing like crazy," said David Scowsill, President and CEO of WTTC. "There were significant shocks last year in the stock market and the currency, but it did not slow the growth of travel and tourism. Once people started to travel, they are reluctant to give up this. " However, the surge in outbound Chinese tourism has expanded the country's trade deficit in the sector. The number of foreign tourists visiting China increased slightly to 56.9m in 2015, an increase of only 2.2 percent in two years, according to the World Organization of United Nations Tourism. Preliminary figures from the same body

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lundi 21 mars 2016

MARRIAGE: China vs. The West ! (a nice video)

SerpentZA and laowhy86 have both been married in China, and share their experiences, and extensively cover how marriage works in China, Hong Kong, and in their home countries. Living in China for so long, we would like to share some of the comparisons that we have found between China and the west, and shed some light on the situation.

Every week, we take you to a new place in China on our bikes, cover a topic, reply to your questions, and do monthly giveaways!

China VS West !