"Everybody wants rich Chinese Tourist"

vendredi 30 juillet 2021

China Media news August 2021


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China’s real estate sector is a major driver of its economy and contributes a large portion of China’s GDP. This sector, which is booming, has experienced steady growth over the years thanks to market opening and government stimulation. Salchie

Foreign internet companies are having a hard time with the Chinese government. 

The ruling party blocked YouTube’s (video-sharing website), Facebook’s social network, and Twitter’s microblogging in 2009 to stop dangerous ideas from spreading. After a dispute with Chinese censors, Google also shut down its services a year later. Chinese citizens who wish to access other social media platforms must use VPN’s. This is a finicky process and could be illegal. louisascafe.com

Foreign VCs are left to lick their wounds after China bans for-profit tutoring read more