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samedi 31 août 2013

France is romantic for Chinese Tourist

France is romantic for Chinese Tourist

Visit Paris is not enough to explore the "romantic France " , said this week in Beijing officials castles of the Loire , eager to capture also the growing Chinese tourist .
" This is a market that starts. Ten years ago , there was no Chinese tourists in the region," said Jean- Louis Sureau , director of the Royal Castle of Amboise, on the sidelines of a forum on World Heritage in the Chinese capital.

Nicknamed the " nursery " of the kingdom of France for the various rulers who were born there , the castle welcomes nearly 400,000 visitors a year , including more than 4,000 from mainland China.
Mr. Sureau hope to see repeated with the Chinese what he experienced with the Russians, who in less than 25 years have established themselves as the first foreign customer of historical landmark . This a
lready is the way Amboise recorded an annual increase of 8% to 10 % of the number of tourists from the Middle Kingdom .

China Promotion

However, a less than that enjoyed by other major sites worldwide growth . Chinese travelers increased from 10 million in 2000 to 83 million in 2012 , according to the World Tourism Organization.
The Loire Valley , a World Heritage Site by Unesco - an important reference in Chinese eyes - indeed suffering from the relative distance of Paris .
" They come to Europe eight to ten days , to many countries as possible ," describes Gael Ibramsah , commercial director of the Clos Lucé .

Loire Valley !

Organize a trip to the Loire Valley , about 200 kilometers from Paris , represents a challenge in this tight schedule , where a day is sacrificed for purchases relate to the country. Where will the chateaux of the Loire to target not the " first-time visitors " but those who return to France as a single destination. In 2012, more than a million Chinese visited France.
Overwhelmingly , they know the Eiffel Tower but have never heard of Villandry, Azay -le- Rideau and Cheverny .

Hence the efforts of influential Chinese social networks to address this lack of awareness , told He Siyang , responsible for promoting China Chenonceau , the second most visited castle in France after Versailles. Chenonceau (up to 8,000 visitors per day) just opened an account " Weibo " service first Chinese microblogs , and takes every opportunity to show in China , she says . A clothing brand Shanghai, 16th North is thus achieved its autumn / winter catalog 2013.
The Clos Lucé , where Leonardo da Vinci spent the last years of his life , he plays the card of the Renaissance genius . "100% of Chinese tourists going to Paris to visit the Louvre in 45 minutes to see Mona Lisa ,".

Chinese ministry of Culture

In a presentation in Beijing, attended by officials from the Chinese Ministry of Culture, he praised the interest to go further in the footsteps of the painter of the Mona Lisa . National Estate of Chambord account his side pass almost 800,000 visitors a year in 2012 to one million in 2019 , multiplying by five the number of Chinese .
The grand residence of François 1er is also trying to increase their media exposure in China. Already paired with the Temple of Heaven in Beijing , Chambord has hosted a few months ago a parade of " Miss China " . These castles now have websites , leaflets or visit audioguide in Chinese.
And , increasingly , they are part of circuits for Asian clients , including Bordeaux ( popular for its red wines in China) and Mont Saint -Michel . In the imagination of the Chinese, France is the country lifestyle and romance , a reputation that has been tarnished by recent attacks tourists. Asset France, tourism development agency of France, took up this theme in 2012 by launching a campaign in China to promote the "romantic France ."
Also followed a path on the banks of the Loire. The royal Château d'Amboise and organizes " marriage proposals " charged 349 euros . " Demand is scripted in marriage on the pattern of Romeo and Juliet" , told AFP Marc Metay , deputy director of the castle.
This offer targeting young Chinese couples includes declaration of love in the gardens and a champagne cocktail , a photographer immortalizing the moment . Of " weddings " are also possible, with delivery of a "certificate" by a council member of Amboise wearing a tricolor scarf.

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jeudi 29 août 2013

Uncivilized Chinese Tourist

Uncivilized Chinese Tourist 

"It undermines the image of the people of our country and made ​​a bad impression." Chinese tourists are rude. According to Le Monde, Beijing has aired commercials in a program of prevention of state television to encourage travelers to behave correctly. The idea of a new law has also been issued to punish tourists who do not respect the local customs and traditions.
Graffiti, spitting and throwing garbage, rudeness tourists are hardly appreciated in the world. And they cause many reactions on social networks, but also discontent leaders. Recently, a young Chinese carved his name on a bas-relief of the god Amun in an Egyptian temple, creating a scandal. A manhunt was then started to find the culprit.
The Chinese authorities are exasperated. According to the magazine Vice, Wang Yang, a top executive was quoted as saying that his countrymen "make a noise in public spaces, engrave words on sights, cross the street when the light is red, spit and other things uncivilized ". He concluded: "It undermines the image of the people of our country and made ​​a bad impression."
France is even the subject of myths about Chinese tourists. In the capital, a sign written in Mandarin encourage visitors not to defecate on the floor around the palace of the Louvre.
This new law is therefore to warn tourists. The Global Times, a Chinese newspaper, wanted to respond by saying that blaming race or nationality was as uncivilized.

source : Googleplus , Facebook , This Blog , old article 1 & 2

lundi 5 août 2013

The number of Chinese visitors to France

The number of Chinese visitors to France

The number of Chinese visitors to France has jumped more than 23 percent Figures released this week by the tourism arm of the French government, DGCIS came amid accusations that the rules on visas for the Chinese to come to Britain as "colonial" and cost the country up to £ 5 million per day.

The number of Chinese visitors to France has jumped more than 23 percent last year, according to new data, the latest sign of the country ranked third in the UK in order to attract buyers of Asian values. France remains the largest tourist destination in 2012, with 83 million foreign visitors, making a total of € 35.8 billion (£ 31 billion euros) of revenue.
Britain was ranked seventh in the league table of tourism, with slightly less than 30 million foreign visitors