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Top article about Chinese Tourists Marketing 2019

You are searching a great ressource for promoting your tourism Business to Chinese Tourists?

Top article about Chinese Tourists Marketing 2019


1) Define Your Target Audience

“It is the absolute most significant thing to choose what is your center target audience”

2) Ensure Your Product Fit

“You presumably need to do probably some degree of product configuration to fit your offering better for the target gathering.”

3) Localize Your Brand Concept

“You may need to restrict all your brand resources or tailor your brand situating on the Chinese market.”

4) Localize Your Content

“Contract proficient publicists and substance makers who can plan your substance to be engaging for the Chinese audience in the picked Chinese showcasing channels.”

5) Create A Channel Strategy For China

The Chinese media and advanced scenes are totally not quite the same as the remainder of the world. Because of the disengagement of the western online biological system, China has made one of its own. China is depending intensely on a versatile biological system, and 97% of the utilization of the web occurs on these stages rather than customary web perusing. You should concentrate on the channels that issue for your target audience. When all is said in done, we recommend you to consider your long haul strategy on social stages (WeChat, Weibo, and recently rose Douyin and Xiaohongshu), Chinese OTAs (Ctrip, Fliggy, Qunarect.), and other online travel stages (Mafengwo, Qyer) for B2C commitment and chose disconnected channels for B2B deals and exchange advertising (Fairs, Roadshows, Events, Personal matchmaking).

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Baidu first seach Engin for Chinese Tourists

You are searching to promote your travel agency in China?

Bet on Baidu (Chinese Google)
Baidu is one of the most famous web crawlers and one of the biggest web organizations on the planet

5 Tips for Baidu Advertising 

Inbound Backlinks

Baidu is venturing up with its game with regards to connect measurements. The ‘Green Radish’ update is one such model that is like the Penguin update, focusing on malicious third party referencing rehearses. It makes sense that Baidu will keep on watching Google’s updates and gain from them, in this way actualizing their very own updates that attention on anticipating such control. Baidu items like Baike, BaiduZhidao, Tieba and different stages have been discharged for brand introduction.

Master SEO(search Engine Optimisation) 

You’ve comprehended Google webmaster and now it’s the ideal opportunity for you to comprehend Baidu Webmaster. The Resource Platform is the world’s biggest authority stage for Chinese Internet administrators, mobile engineers and business visionaries to oversee search traffic. It gives instruments, SEO proposals, API interfaces, multi-terminal assistance adjustment capacities to help web search tools list. So as to improve the inquiry experience, Baidu will intermittently change the calculation and will publish the primary heading of alteration on the webmaster stage. In this manner, webmasters will figure out how to maintain a strategic distance from the loss of the site brought about by the calculation change.
Recognize Chinese Keywords
Recall that we disclosed to you this is a Chinese web index? Keywords are the way to upgrading every one of your sites be it on Google, Yahoo or Bing. You have to locate the correct Chinese keywords to optimize for. This may be a test on the grounds that the Chinese language has numerous tongues and similar words have various implications in various lingos. In any case, fortunately, Pinyin Chinese is your ruler to the salvage. So stick to Pinyin Chinese for your substance too.
Nail Your Metatag Game
Plan your metatags in a manner that reflects search from the mid 90’s yet in Chinese. Meta labels are critical, yet ensure you don’t stuff them with keywords.
We Hope Your Site Is Crawlworthy
Baidu utilizes crawlers simply like some other web crawlers, so ensure your webpage is spiderable. Utilize an arachnid trigger to check what is open from your site and what isn’t.

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target Chinese Tourists with Smart Advertising

Stop Bullshit old fashion ads... bEt on Social media in China 


Promoting to draw in Chinese tourists requires a custom marketing strategy 
  • Concerning all advertising endeavors, get to truly know and comprehend your intended interest groups – what they need and need just as their financial limits, specific interests and thought processes in traveling.
  • On the off chance that you have not effectively done as such, build up a Chinese site streamlined for the Baidu web crawler and make a nearness via web-based networking media locales, for example, WeChat.
  • Timing of posts is significant. China’s holidaymakers like to research and plan their excursions a little while already, making pre-trip focusing on significant for offering travel and shopping encounters, and furthermore giving chances to geo-focusing during their abroad remains.
  • Focus on national occasions when individuals from China are bound to travel –, for example, Chinese New Year (February), Golden Week (October), and Dragon Boat Festival

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5 percent of the 1.3 billion Chinese hold passports

Did you realize that lone 5 percent of the 1.3 billion Chinese hold passports, yet the nation is already the top global the travel industry high-roller?

China’s outbound the travel industry has huge potential, however, how would you attract them to stay in your hotel? Before we start, how about we take a gander at the important factors when the Chinese tourists choose a hotel and what their needs are while staying there. A study done by Hotels.com in 2016 demonstrated that safety was rated most crucial when Chinese tourists choose accommodation abroad. Other important factors incorporate a hotel’s star rating and facilities, value, reputation and easy access to transport. With regards to administrations in the hotel, Chinese tourists care wifi most. This doesn’t come as a shock – almost every Chinese is utilizing WeChat to stay associated with loved ones. It is important to share their superb travel understanding on WeChat Moment.


dimanche 15 décembre 2019

Chinese tourists are more and more independant

Chinese tourists are getting progressively independent In 2019, it is anticipated 135 million Chinese tourists will travel abroad, making China the world's biggest outbound travel advertise. This can possibly increment to an expected 234 million Chinese abroad voyagers by 2020.

Top article

In any case, a regularly augmenting hole between Chinese tourists voyaging abroad in gatherings, who are probably going to be first-time abroad explorers settling on the solace and accommodation of sorted out gathering visits, and Chinese free and independent explorers (FITs), who are happy to wander unusual to reveal exceptional and energizing encounters, is getting increasingly apparent. Supposedly, Chinese FITs make up a large portion of the development in Chinese outbound vacationer numbers in 2017. 40% of these voyagers are completely independent, another 40% are semi-independent, and the staying 20% are independant 

Desire for ‘better travel experiences’

China's view of the significance of wellbeing and health is a huge factor in fuelling a longing to look for better travel encounters. As indicated by Amrita Banta, the overseeing executive of Shanghai-based Agility Research and Strategy, China's well-to-do classes are getting progressively brave as they progressively embrace dynamic and sound ways of life. A report directed by the firm, which centers around very good quality purchasers, found that China's top workers positioned 'travel encounters' as the third-most prominent impetus for voyaging abroad, behind looking for beauty care products and originator attire. 

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WeChat for Tavel Agencies in China

Start by this great video to explain WeChat to our audience.

WeChat Marketing Explained

WeChat Followers Acquisition and Engagement is not an easy Job in tourism in China.
You should know that  Competition is more and more fierce and 10% of the Wechat account get 90% of the views, interactions.

Develop your Wechat Visibility for travel Agencies or Hotel is not cost effective at all and Engagement of your Community is the key (and is one of the hardest jobs for Marketers in China)

China is the world's first outbound Tourism market 

with more than 120 million Chinese traveling abroad in 2015.

Some important reasons for this growth in one-way trips: International travel is rapidly gaining popularity among the middle class: global travel, and in particular visiting known places and places of interest, is a status symbol among the Chinese. A dramatically increasing number of luxury travelers and the Y / millennials generation of 35 years or less (with considerable disposable income) are considered key to the trends of Chinese tourism worldwide.
Culturally, giving away is a very popular practice among the Chinese that has resulted in purchases becoming very popular. Many Chinese travelers choose to travel economically and look for hotel deals to spend more on gifts and experiences. Countries like the United States have great opportunities to become an ideal destination for Chinese travelers. According to Goldman Sachs estimates, the number of Chinese visitors to the US. UU. It will reach 5 million in 2025.

An important motivation for the development of Chinese-American tourism is the facilitation of the visa application: Chinese travelers can now acquire a 10-year visa for the US. UU.,

Chinese Tourists Shoppers

Which frees them from the burden of applying for a visa each time they wish to travel to the U.S. WeChat: the indispensable tool to reach and influence Chinese tourist shoppers WeChat is not just a messaging application: in the few years since its launch, the application has grown by leaps and bounds and today is an ecosystem within itself. Users can not only use it to send messages, but also share photos and content through a Facebook-style timeline called Moments. An entire ecosystem of products and services allows users to play, transfer funds or share “red envelope” money with their friends and family, take a taxi, pay movie tickets, receive food, book an appointment with the doctor, pay utility bills and shop at branded stores within the application. They can even file taxes and buy wealth management products through the chat application.

Reach Chinese travelers before they leave China

Chinese issuing buyers make most of their purchase decisions before the trip, making it difficult for brands to influence sales when they are on the ground. How else to reach these millions of Chinese Internet users? Here are some proven methods that guarantee brand visibility: 1. Partner with OTA A recent survey revealed that the three most important factors that influenced the choice of Chinese travelers' agent were personalized travel services (70 percent), experience (57 percent) and itinerary planning (54 percent) . Of these, most travel agencies had a low rating on their ability to book flights (28 percent), plan an itinerary (27 percent) and make meal arrangements (27 percent).

Global brands in the hospitality, retail and entertainment sector can easily partner with Ctrip or eLong to offer attractive promotions or discounts during the trip, as well as to plan the itinerary, book flights and make hotel reservations. A few weeks ago, WeChat Wallet launched a reservation channel that allows the reservation of accommodation and travel products through OTA eLong.

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Great video : How startups can get into the Chinese Market?

How startups can get into the Chinese Market?


Read also that https://startupcradles.com/how-startup-can-do-business-in-the-chinese-travel-market/


Language obstruction: numerous Chinese elderly Individuals don’t communicate in English so they need a manual for guide them
– Dread of experience: most old and poor Chinese individuals have never voyage abroad until the ongoing decade, so they are less anxious to investigate alone.
– Gatherings: In the Chinese culture elderly individuals are accustomed to getting things done in gatherings.
– Value advantage: going with a movement organization is a lot less expensive than going in a solitary or little gathering, and at a cost delicate society like China, it is one of the driving elements for gathering travel.

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Top News about Chinese Market (Summer 2019)

Focus on Chinese Tourists Wallets 

really interesting article
Struggling US retailers are embracing mobile technology to help them open the wallets of visiting Chinese travellers, a market that reached US$33 billion http://www.amunraventures.com/business/chinas-e-commerce-giants-are-reaching-for-the-wallets-of-overseas-chinese/

From US retailer to Travel operator Caesar , the aim is to get a piece of the 10 of billions of USD spent by Chinese travellers in North american who often "shopping"  simply by tapping a QR code on their smartphones.

Shopping Trends Chinese Outbound Tourism Market 

According to Euro-International, China's total watch market sales reached 65.8 billion yuan (RMB) in 2016. The Chinese watch market is expected to reach 79.4 billion yuan by 2020


Smart Watches Market in China

In recent years, smart watches in China  have increased in demand due to lack of innovation and uniformity.
However, the growth rate of smart watches in China is still rising and demand is strong

Chinese Tourists are Real Estate Investors 


dimanche 4 août 2019

How to attract Chinese Tourists Using WeChat

they usually have a list of apps installed to navigate a new city, find restaurants, book transit tickets, and more. WeChat, the most popular chat application in China, has been designed to claim this location through a new strategy that integrates all of these features into a collection of destination-specific apps.

Led by Tencent, the second largest technology giant in Asia, WeChat is a "super application" defined by the multitude of services it hosts, ranging from food to food delivery to e-commerce and payments. Its efforts to dominate China received a huge boost in 2017 with the launch of "mini programs", easy-to-download applications that offer both simple and essential features. Millions of these lightweight applications now serve one billion WeChat users, and WeChat now adds travel to the list of needs it meets.

Attract Chinese Tourists Using WeChat

When it comes to advocating for marketing to a Chinese audience, we prefer to let the numbers speak. For example, to understand the opportunity in China, take a look at these surprisingly favorable facts:
Some important reasons for this growth in outbound trips:
International travel is rapidly gaining popularity among the middle class - international travel, and especially visits to famous places and monuments, is a symbol of status among the Chinese population The dramatic increase in the number of luxury travelers and Y / Y generation aged 35 and under (with substantial disposable income) is considered a key element of Chinese tourism trends around the world.
On the cultural side, gifts are a very popular practice among Chinese people, which has made shopping very popular. Many Chinese travelers choose to travel in economy class and look for hotel deals to be able to spend more on gifts and experiences. Countries like the United States offer great opportunities to become an ideal destination for Chinese travelers. According to estimates by Goldman Sachs, the number of Chinese visitors to the United States will reach 5 million by 2025. Facilitation of the visa appli

In the past half decade, China’s former social media giants used to live in the shade of the Vatican. Rennon, “China’s Facebook” has seen its pricing in the fifth part of 2013, because consumers blocked more prominent apps. And watch, as long as unusually unusual, since we have fallen on the basis of large groups of VAT. 

cation is an important motivation for the development of Sino-US tourism. Chinese travelers can now get a 10-year visa in the United States, which saves them from having to apply for a visa every time they want to travel. in the USA WeChat: the essential tool to touch and influence Chinese tourists

WeChat is not just a messaging application: in the few years since its launch, the application has grown by leaps and bounds and is now an ecosystem in itself. Users can not only use it for messaging, but also share photos and content via a Facebook style timeline called Moments.
An entire ecosystem of products and services allows users to play games, transfer funds or share "Red Envelope" money with friends and family, take a taxi, pay for movie tickets , have meals delivered, make an appointment with a doctor, pay utility bills and shop at the brand's stores within the app. They can even declare taxes and buy wealth management products via the chat application.
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Reach Chinese travelers before leaving China

Outbound Chinese buyers make the majority of their buying decisions before the trip, which prevents brands from influencing sales in the field. If not, how to reach these millions of Chinese netizens? Here are some proven methods that will bring brand visibility:

1. Partner with KOL 

2. partner with OTA in China 

A recent survey revealed that the three most important factors influencing the choice of the Chinese traveler agent were personalized travel services (70%), expertise (57%) and route planning (54%). ). Of these, most travel agents were poorly rated for their ability to book flights (28%), to plan a route (27%) and to make arrangements for catering (27%).
Global brands in the hospitality, retail and entertainment industries can easily partner with Ctrip or eLong to offer attractive promotions or discounts during their trip, as well as to plan itinerary, booking flights and booking hotels. WeChat Wallet launched a few weeks ago a booking channel that allows the reservatio

lundi 29 juillet 2019

New about Chinese New Generation of Consumers

7 Trends that Should Shape Consumer-Centric Strategies in China: Seven key trends that are important to consider when marketing to Chinese consumers. Retail Sales Point to Growing Consumption Power: Retail sales of consumer goods in China grew 8.4% to ¥19.5 trillion ($2.83 trillion) in the first half of this year. Online sales grew 17.8% to occupy nearly 25% of overall retail sales and totalled ¥4.8 trillion ($700 billion). In 2018, 52% of Chinese consumers spent more on experiences, such as travel, dining out and activities, than the previous year, compared with 26% in the US. Consumption that satisfies solo consumers is rising in the night time hours, including spas, manicures, yoga and reading are on the rise. More parents are spending money on parent-child services in their evenings, such as parent-child swimming. Chinese Consumers Have Strong Appetite for Imported Products: Survey: 9.7% of Chinese retail and wholesale respondents expect to increase consumer product imports in the next year, 2.5 percentage points higher than those planning to decrease their imports according to a survey by the Ministry of Commerce. 24.1% of consumers surveyed planned more purchases of imported products, with strong demand for food, maternal and infant products, cosmetics, watches and glasses, jewellery and passenger vehicles. Brand is the top consideration when businesses import consumer products, while safety also matters in food and maternal and infant products, and design in apparel and jewellery.

China’s Trademark Law Amendments Tighten Restrictions on Bad-Faith Filing: In April this year The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress announced amendments to six Articles of the Trademark Law which will go into effect on 1 November 2019. They mainly address bad-faith trademark registrations, punitive and statutory damages for trademark infringers, and the disposition of infringing goods by China's courts.

Demystifying The Hot Social Commerce Platform Little Red Book: A year ago, to work with a micro KOL with less than 10K followers, was about ¥1000 ($150), but that’s rapidly gone over ¥10,000 ($1500) however it’s not uncommon for a KOL to send different prices to different brands, as they often charge less to work with a brand they love. A typical conversion rate would be 50,000 receives 2,500 (5%) clicks to ecommerce and 50 (2%) sales.

Western Tech Brands are Recognized in China, but Their Products are Rarely Used: Even though Western tech brands are mostly banned without a VPN in China, consumers are very much aware of their business according to a survey by Statista. 87% are aware of Google and 45% claim to use it, Microsoft (86% aware and 62% usage), Amazon (82% aware and 32% usage), and Facebook (66% aware and 17% usage).

First 'Tmall Experience Centre' Opens in Shanghai: Tmall has designed a new space for showcasing brand experiences at one of Shanghai’s trendiest shopping malls, K11. Tmall will partner with brands to feature pop-up activations exclusive to the venue, including everything from a street-culture exhibition from American skate-shoe brand Vans to live-band performances and ice-cream-themed immersive plays. Bobbi Brown, Make Up For Ever, Abercrombie & Fitch, Swisse, Oral-B and Scotch whisky brand Ballantine’s are also among the first to use the space. Tmall sends invitations to the brand’s premium customers, although anyone can sign up using the website for Tmall Club.

The development of China’s surveillance innovation comes as the state reveals a tremendous “social credit framework” that positions residents dependent on their conduct, and doles out remunerations and disciplines relying upon their scores. source

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China high End outbound Medical Tourism Market

While the availability of medical care is a subject of great debate in the United States, the quality of medical care offered generally is not. Then, when the stomach cancer of Chinese citizen Guo Shushi was incurable in China and quickly killed him, Guo, with the help of a company that specializes in helping Chinese clients seek medical treatment abroad, was in Dana Farber, in Boston, who was being treated with an immunotherapy drug. available in China. "When I arrived, I could feel how big the gap was," Mr. Guo said of the difference in care. However, closing the gap was not cheap; in general, Guo paid $ 220,000 out of pocket to survive stomach cancer.

It is known that China's health care system is plagued with problems of access (and quality problems), but it seems that these problems affect less and less the upper class of China, since they can seek foreign treatment for medical problems.
Medical tourism is not a new idea, although in the past it was associated with medical tourists from the first world who tried to save costs in non-critical jobs, such as plastic surgery or dental treatments. Chinese medical tourists, on the other hand, do not seek to save as much money as they hope to save themselves from the medical results of a health system in the developing world.
In total, Chinese citizens made 500,000 outbound medical trips last year, five times more than the previous year, according to Ctrip.com International, a Chinese travel booking company that offers medical travel on its website.

The private aircraft rental company based in Hong Kong sees a growing interest among ultra-wealthy Chinese individuals in luxury travel abroad for medical and wellness reasons. The main destinations for Chinese medical tourists who tend to be more sensitive to prices are Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. However, the ultra-rich with a personal net worth of at least USD50 million are less sensitive to prices. They prefer to fly in a private jet and are increasingly choosing to travel abroad to Europe and the United States for treatments, medicines and more advanced technologies that are not available in China or the Asia Pacific region.
The market information provider, Global Growth Markets, estimates that outgoing Chinese medical tourism is a market of USD9.7 billion. "Around 4,300 ultra-rich Chinese sought medical care and health treatment abroad in 2015, spending more than USD450 million in IVF, advanced treatments for cancer and heart, stem cell treatments, health checks and wellness programs. On top of that, these ultra rich patients spent more than USD100 million on trips and sightseeing for these medical trips. "We expect this segment to grow faster than the rest of the market, around 30% annually in the coming years, since more than half of these ultra wealthy people will seek treatment abroad in the future," said Pete Read, CEO of Global growth markets.
Source Kaero

Top Destination 

"We are seeing an increasing number of inquiries about private jet flights to France, Germany, Switzerland, the United States and the United Kingdom from our ultra-wealthy Chinese clients for medical tourism, not only are there advanced specialized hospitals in these countries, but also cultural milestones and experiences that are popular among our clientele Sometimes family members travel abroad together for health check-ups and a family vacation, "said the founder and president of L'VOYAGE, Diana Chou. 

"To meet the growing trend of wellness and medical tourism, we serve our flight menus with strict dietary instructions upon request and help reserve flights back to the desired private jets for follow-up medical appointments. At this time, many of our ultra-high value Chinese customers take off from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou airports, but we expect a gradual increase in flights from inland cities such as Dalian, Chengdu and Chongqing, where the population of Ultra-wealthy individuals are expected to grow at a faster rate than other cities. "

Overview of the Chinese outbound Medical Tourism 

  • Over half a million outbound medical travellers a year
  •  They spend over 10 bn USD on Treatment and Travel Health care is one of the first concerns of the wealthy Chinese class (HNWI) source MarketingtoChina