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mercredi 14 novembre 2018

Chinese Tourists come back to France !

The number of Chinese tourists jumped in France after two years of decline. Chinese tourists are back in France! After two years marked by the attacks and the aggressions of Asian tourist groups, the tourist frequentation starts again, carried especially by the Chinese clientele. More than two million Chinese came to our country in 2017, and this year, they are even more numerous with an increase of between 5 and 7%.

France is a Dream for Chinese Travellers


France Top 7 Destination for Chinese !

For the Chinese, France is the 7th world destination behind Thailand, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea and the United States. It is also the European country that attracts the most vacationers often spending. Among the tourists who come to the Hexagon, the Chinese are the ones who spend the most, with an average of 1,647 euros per person, according to a study by the Bank of France. Most of them are graduates, come from large cities (Shanghai, Beijing and Canton),

  • and visit Paris, 
  • the French Riviera 
  • and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. 

LYON is very Popular among Chinese Tourists with +33% Chinesevisitors per year
France is so popular 


 Facilitated visa application In the face of competition from other countries, France shortened the deadline for obtaining a tourist visa for a Chinese person at 48 hours, which is very pleasing to Ms. Li who submitted her application to the visa center set up by France in Beijing. "It does not seem complicated to have a visa, it's my third trip, and twenty years ago I went to Europe to visit France and Italy. last year, I went to Britain, "she says. Tourists looking for luxury The majority of Chinese tourists, about 60%, travel in groups because many do not speak English. There is a luxury tourism and recently young people travel with their backpack, it is a new phenomenon. Zhang Rui, director of Utour, one of China's biggest tour operators, says that "most middle-class people like to sleep in the best hotel possible in the center of Paris near the Louvre Museum". A clientele who also likes "dinner on the Champs-Elysées or go to a famous Paris cafe"

dimanche 11 novembre 2018

The Chinese travel market, the world's largest issuer market !

The Chinese travel market, the world's largest issuer market ! 

With a number of travelers out of mainland China estimated according to sources between 62 and 70 million in the first half of 2017 (stays and excursions to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao included), China will once again strengthen its position as the world's leading transmitter market, notably with a 14% increase in issuing flows outside Greater China

The expenditure of Chinese visitors would also show a very strong increase in the first half of 2017 (+ 19%). After a difficult 2016, France has shown remarkable resilience: tourist flows from China are progressing again, and the destination should welcome this year more than 2 million visitors and thus maintain its position as European leader, despite intensifying competition. The delicate security environment of recent months in Europe does not seem to have a significant impact on Chinese visitor flows. According to forecasts by the World Tourism Organization (WTO), the size of the Chinese transmitter market could represent 220 million potential travelers by 2020.
The main data are:

  1. Population: 1.349 billion people
  2. Growth rate in 2017: + 6.8%
  3. Forecast of the growth rate in 2018: + 6.5%
  4. GDP per capita in US Dollar: US $ 8480

Main market trends and recommendations for addressing it
The Chinese clientele is experiencing a very significant increase in volume in the markets of secondary cities and a more qualitative evolution in the most mature markets (Shanghai, Beijing and Canton)

Chinese Tourists to Europe 

The majority of Chinese tourists who come to France for the first time still do so in groups (15-40 people) and discovery trips to Europe, usually from 3 to 4 countries. In recent months, there have been two very clear trends: the decrease in the number of people in the groups and the reduction in the number of countries visited. The development of individual customers and repeaters makes it possible to offer more and more thematic stays in Paris but also in the regions. The millenials (20-35 years old), ultra-connected travelers, independent, and in search of authentic experiences, constitute today 60% of Chinese tourists traveling abroad (40% for Europe). The family trip, perceived by Chinese parents as a beneficial element for the development and education of children, is becoming increasingly popular.


Shopping remains the number one expense item for Chinese travelers, although it is not necessarily the primary motivation for choosing a destination. China is already the world's largest market for MICE, especially for Incentive travel, which should still show a good growth in the coming years.
Networks and social media are specific to mainland China (Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are censored) and have become essential attractions for Chinese tourists. The Wechat platform, which boasts more than 900 million users, is now the first source of information to learn about a destination. M-tourism is also essential: Chinese tourists use massively mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to learn about destinations, book services or share their travel experiences

Working in the Chinese market requires, first and foremost, developing strong and regular relationships with TO Chinese professionals and travel agencies, media and social networks, and opinion leaders, who strongly influence individual customers.
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samedi 10 novembre 2018

What is a Bad Chinese Travellers? this video explains everything

We go on tour in Paris with the Chinese tour groups who have joined the notorious club of the world's worst tourists
 What is a Bad Chinese Travellers? this video explains everything

From setting fire to curtains inside an aeroplane cabin and hurling scalding noodles over a flight attendant to urinating in public places, Chinese tourists have gained a bad reputation.
One in 10 travellers worldwide is from China. Outside Asia, their destination of choice is France, where their museum visits and shopping for luxury labels account for a sizeable chunk of tourism profits.
Despite complaints from locals, officials in Paris want to double the number of Chinese visitors to five million a year. source

Anyway good news Chinese Tourists are Returning to France 
source Frenchblog

vendredi 9 novembre 2018

What The Chinese Think Of Chinese Tourist Stereotype

What The Chinese Think Of Chinese Tourist Stereotype

Good video

What The Chinese Think Of Chinese Tourist Stereotype