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lundi 24 juin 2013

Block in the Roller in Changzhou

Block in the Roller in Changzhou

A dolphin who died in Sanya because of Chinese Tourists

 A dolphin who died in Sanya because of Chinese Tourists

A dolphin who died in the southern Chinese city of Sanya on Monday angered the country after pictures emerged of tourists near the shore and abuse poses with the animal dying were spread on Weibo, the social networking site as People of China.

The dolphin died off the coast in Dadonghai, a seaside resort in the province of Hainan, due to injuries to the tail, probably from a collision with a fishing boat, according to state news agency Xinhua. The injured dolphin was found on the beach on a Sunday.

Terrible mistake ! 

A witness surnamed He said that the animal was still alive when the tourists begin to take pictures with him, according to local news portal hinews.cn.

Photos on microblogs in China showed that tourists - instead of helping the dolphin - raised and mistreated before help arrived. One of the photos showed a man flexing his muscles in front of a group of swimmers delaying the dolphin soon went viral on social networking sites.


lundi 17 juin 2013

Irland wants to attract Chinese Tourists !

Irland wants to attract Chinese Tourists ! 

A number of well-known Irish companies are heading to Adare this week for a course on how to maximize the opportunities offered by the rapid growth of Chinese tourism market. China recently surpassed Germany as the country from which most tourists traveling abroad, and 95 million of its citizens will be a holiday in a foreign country this year, spending more than $ 100 billion in the process .

 Tourism management !

Many will travel to Europe. However, according to a famous Professor, a specialist in Tourism Management has been visiting China since 1978, this cash-rich visitors but lack of time have special requirements. their hosts. In partnership with the local travel company Riordan, the Chinese Outbound Tourism Research Institute is organizing a two-day course at Dunraven Arms in Adare, Co Limerick, from tomorrow on how to adapt to these requirements.
 etourism in China is boomin accord to this website in French Webmarketing-com

Participants will include the likes of Dromoland Castle, Ireland Luxury, Brown Thomas and Guinness Store. Prof. Arlt explained that the Chinese have a specific trip abroad expectations, especially a long and costly. Although they do not mind paying for something they do believe that waiting is a waste of time. Luxury Travel
"To put it in a nutshell, Chinese tourists when they arrive in a European country, they do not come on holiday," he said.

 "They come to gain prestige, to learn something, to see something and be able to brag about when they go home.

Golf Top activity

They want to say they played on this or that famous Irish golf course.

" He warned they may also have particular sensitivities, and can sometimes take a bad personal service and interpreted as an insult to them or their culture.

"Their government has said they are ambassadors and they take it seriously," he said.

They are aware of the growing influence of their country and love to see the signs and information in Chinese, along with other international languages. Prof. noted that, as they come from a culture of 4,500 years, they will not necessarily be impressed by something that we, or other tourists, which also includes former.

"You need to understand your customers and treat them accordingly," he said.
if you like gofl you can look this video

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California Chinese visitors

California Chinese visitors

Today a news about ....Chinese tourists are the most dynamic and move to California foreign visitors, and the Golden State goes to great lengths to keep them coming.

This includes the appointment of a Chinese actress to serve as an official tourism ambassador of the State of mainland China.
California has also increased its marketing budget to $ 1.6 million from $ 600,000 and hired a marketing group based in China to promote the state.

The new ambassador, was born in Beijing Gao Yuanyuan, is on tour in California next week and making appearances in popular tourist spots such as Staples Center and Universal Studios Hollywood. His appearances will be posted on the websites that are popular in China. California is the first U.S. destination to China, with nearly 50% of Chinese tourists visiting the state.

The number of Chinese visitors to California will more than double between 2011 and 2015, a total of 1.1 million arrivals annually by 2015.
When visiting California, Chinese visitors spend on average about $ 2,900 per trip, compared with about $ 1900 to all other foreign tourists.

US tourist were the most important

US tourist were the most important


and now time are changing... 

At this time, we also heard a lot about them and their behavior. They get the stereotype of being obnoxious, loud, ostentatious, and coarse. But today, it is the Chinese tourists are to the Americans, with all that that implies.

82 million Chinese tourists worldwide

Indeed, in late 2012, there were 82 million Chinese tourists worldwide. They are also the biggest spenders in the world with $ 102 billion in spending. The World Tourism Organization of the United Nations has said there will be 100 million Chinese citizens traveling outside the country by 2015 (more on Chinese tourists here).

 An interesting news about this trend is that the Club Med, a French operator station recently received a takeover by a Chinese conglomerate Fosun International named. The conglomerate said it is for the expansion of Club Med in China. This news proves the growing importance of the Chinese tourism in the world...
More information http://ins-globalconsulting.com/blog/content/the-supremacy-of-chinese-tourists

dimanche 16 juin 2013

A graffiti in Luxor !

A graffiti in Luxor !

A graffiti of a Chinese tourist in Luxor stirs controversy 

These are seven characters that sparked considerable controversy in China, "Ding Jǐnhào dàocǐ Yiyou" (丁锦昊 到此 一 游),

"Ding Jinhao visiting here."

 The traces of the passage of a young Chinese tourist 14 years in one of the most famous monuments in Luxor Egypt. The graffiti was written on the body of the God Amon outside the shrine of Alexander the Great, which is itself inside the temple of Amenhotep III.

"It's almost like a graffiti in the throne room of the Forbidden City in the bedroom of the king at Versailles," said Renaud de Spens, sinologist and Egyptologist. This is the message from another Chinese tourist on his microblog account, with photo of the offense taken on May 6, which started it all Friday. ".. In Egypt, a sad moment of shame in not knowing where to hide I told the Egyptian guide: I'm sorry". The guide replied: "It is also the fault of the guide that should have prevented."

"We used paper to try to erase the shame, but it is difficult to clean, you can not use water, it is a monument of it 3500 years ago," said the surfer,

 who did not expect that his message could trigger such a storm. The post has attracted more than 15,000 comments and was retweeted more than 90,000 times.

The subject has since become one of the most commented on Sina Weibo, the leading microblogging site in China, which devoted a special page. Many comments stressed the millennial history of the monument, reports Renaud de Spens. Users are engaged in the hunt to find the author of such a sacrilege. This is a teenager Nanjing Ding Jinhao, a member of a wealthy family. According to local media, his mother apologized. But some critics an easy target that represents the teenager now under great pressure because of the media storm.

"What effect will this have it on his future
Who cares?
The boy made a mistake, but the main responsibility is for adults.
Who taught this guy?

 In most tourist attractions in China there (graffiti). Abroad, everyone knows it's a shame to do that, why do not we know in China. This is a problem that we need to think. Boy can be forgiven, adults need to wake up,

"writes @ Xingxu-Think. For Li Bo, a professor of Nanjing University and famous for his appearances on television, Ding Jinhao has certainly made a mistake, but not a crime.

This is not Tianyi Li, Bo Li exclaimed, referring to the son of a famous general implicated in a rape case at the beginning of the year. More generally, this case calls to date an old controversy over the attitude of some Chinese tourists abroad.

"This is the mistake of a child, but everyone has to think: Do not forget abroad you represent China!" Said one user. Most Chinese tourists to China even have the habit of leaving traces of their passage, especially the Great Wall. "It made me think about what I saw last year at the National Day October 1, this man took a stone to burn deep characters on the Great Wall

vendredi 14 juin 2013

Is France not safety for Chinese traveller?

Is France not safety for Chinese traveller? 

Chinese tourists say they are victims of assaults and robberies in Paris. A phenomenon that is growing lately and which seized the Chinese government. The Association of Chinese tourism has formally requested France to act. Advertising The Phytothérapie

Partner Find the folder Fifth It was too much aggression. Wednesday, March 20, a group of Chinese tourists was violently attacked at the exit of the Paris restaurant in Seine-Saint-Denis. Roissy arrived a few hours earlier, those 23 people came to express a twelve-day trip to Europe, began in Paris. Presumably identified, they got hit and the group leader was relieved of his bag. Swag three thieves passport and a large sum of money in cash. The incident, immediately supported by the Chinese Embassy in Paris, soon found himself on the web before making the headlines in the Chinese press.

 Insecurity in Paris !

As insecurity of Chinese tourists is a scourge to the point that the Chinese Tourism Association has formally asked the French authorities to ensure "effective protection" of Chinese visiting France. "For about six months, there is a growing number of attacks, says Tang Lu, departmental director for China at the China Tourism Agency. Of course, there have always been on sightseeing flights. What is new is that now the flights are accompanied by physical violence. " According to Ms. Tang, pickpockets are more prevalent in tourist areas: "The attacks take place everywhere in the hotel or restaurant. One day, a Chinese tourist who was staying in a hotel of Defense, took his bag to go for breakfast. By the time he gets up to use and come back, the bag had disappeared. "But" attacks usually target the groups. Buses or minibuses, which attract attention, are often targeted by thieves who spot. " Inadequate precautions I must say that the Chinese are known to be tourists who have are important liquid on them ".

Return a media image of Chinese who buy a lot, always in luxury stores" These are tourists apart: they generally provide a tight budget accommodation, which leads them to stay in hotels on the outskirts of Paris. "Television tells us not to go to France, because it is dangerous" However, precautions are taken in both countries. In China, the media strongly advise against travel to France:

 Television tells us not to go to France, because it is dangerous

"Television tells us not to go to France, because it is dangerous. We are careful, because if the television talking about is that this is serious enough to be serious, "said the Chinese saleswoman shop duty free, boulevard Haussmann in Paris. "There are often snatching outside the store. Tourists come, riding a bike on the sidewalk and the driver pulls the bags of tourists, "she says, almost bored by these attacks. On the side of France, travel agencies also prefer to be safe than sorry, "Each of our groups is the responsibility of an attendant. The first thing he does is to warn of danger and give them advice. But it may not be enough, "says Tang Lu Wednesday, March 26, the Minister of Crafts, Trade and Tourism, Sylvia Pinel, enjoyed the show "Rendez-vous en France" to reaffirm "the determination of the French government to ensure the safety of foreign tourists in France." She is also back on the incident Bourge, ensuring that "everything will be done to find the perpetrators" before announcing it would address "this important topic" what the safety of tourists with Manuel Valls. Keep tourists Most of these Chinese tourists refuse to complain if the flight does not include large items such as passports, source

"In general, the Chinese remain in France for only 2 or 3 days. So, if they have not stolen important documents, they will not complain because they see it as a waste of time. They know that the stolen money does not return. And then there is the language barrier. " These insecurities, known in China, may well end up harming the French capital, his aura to the Chinese people could not save forever: "Tourists know it and there are fewer Chinese for some time . This is probably because of the insecurity, 'says the Chinese vendor. Approved a finding Tang Lu: "It is not good for tourism. Paris is still dreaming but the Chinese know that the attacks are frequent. ". Chinese tourists spend an average of 1,470 euros each sign

This is also funny information 

jeudi 13 juin 2013

Report about Chinese Tourist !

Report about Chinese Tourist  ! 

This research began there shortly and that communication is more intended to raise thoughts, questions that show results "final". Conducted as part of a post-doctorate under the supervision of Chinese travellers !

Chinese tourists are more likely to travel the world as can be see from the charts below.

This phenomenon is fairly recent, mainly directed towards Asia, dating from the 1990s, and the rising number of tourists is more important every year. However, the practices of these individuals are fairly obscure, at least misunderstood or misinterpreted.

 Wang Xinjun, 2009. In Paris, for example, tourist destination "authorized" by the Chinese government since September 2004, these tourists are confined to "new kings of shopping", people who travel in groups, in a form of "mass tourism" (eg with these photographs showing Chinese tourists last summer, near the Eiffel Tower, standing in line to eat as quickly as possible - in less than thirty minutes - before crossing the street to go "shopping"). The Chinese are beginners and tourists, as recently accessing the pleasures of "recreation."

Chinese Travellers !

 Precisely, there are also many observers believe that the Chinese show, with at least twenty years behind the practices of Japanese tourists. These traveling today enough individually, it is assumed that when the Chinese market will mature, the practices of these two groups tend to look alike. So the idea of ​​"evolutionism" there would be a "universal" model of tourism and all populations tend to it once the milestones, ranging from tourism "beginner" tourism called "cultural ". This idea, although generally accepted, however, is not tenable because it denies the history, culture and innovation, including tourism, companies acceding countries today tourism, especially international. Interest in the specificity of Chinese tourism practices Proof that the "new tourism companies" innovate socially and spatially, those hoping to do business with the Chinese recently arrived in Paris, but also elsewhere in the world, frequently find themselves trapped by their lack of understanding of Chinese social and spatial practices.

 Chinese "Eldorado"

So much so that the Chinese "Eldorado", as it was announced for the opening of the tourist flows to France in 2004 [1], remains a dead letter today, the actors of the tourist sphere that manage these flows are Chinese diaspora, and non-Chinese players are wondering if we should not be working with the Chinese for Chinese tourists ...
China seems to be the absolute otherness, this country with a culture and a way of making very tight . One hypothesis to understand the construction of the tourism practices, the one I made in my PhD, following the work of Isabelle Sacareau in the HDR (2006), is to look at ways to Chinese, to compare to those of foreign tourists, especially Western - where tourism is born - to see whether the difference in a "model". The Chinese, arriving late on the world tourism scene, do they do that "copy" tourism practices found elsewhere in the world (meaning "developed") when they access the tourism? Or do is there a shift in space and time tourism practices?
source https://twitter.com/superpat_pat

For example (as we showed at the conference last year with Champlain Sylvine Pickel and Violier Philippe), the view of the clouds is being sought by Chinese tourists, which may raise eyebrows in the West, often skeptical in front of a landscape you can not see. However, this practice has not always been foreign to Western tourists, long marveled at the sight of clouds and fog, as immortalized the Wanderer above the Sea of ​​cloud by Caspar David Friedrich. Here, as in China today, the tourist is in the middle of the painting: as the Chinese approach, it is part of all he contemplates. The Chinese "they learn" and the practices of the West? We observe, however, that mingle universal appearance model of tourism development and local conditions, the result of the tradition of the company concerned, which generate innovative archetypes by syncretism.

mardi 11 juin 2013

Travel in Europe, a must for Chinese Tourist !

Travel in Europe, a must for Chinese Tourist ! 

According to the latest Forbes, China would count 122 billionaires in the mainland and 39 in Hong Kong and 26 in Taiwan. These figures put China in second position in terms of billionaires after the United States and ahead of Russia.

On millionaires, the numbers are even more amazing, in 2012 there were 2.7 million millionaires in dollars. It is therefore clear with these figures a new segment of the Chinese population can now afford high-end homes. Ways of traveling Chinese move Whether retired or young honeymoons, tourism has become the second Chinese millionaires spending. (via)

They now want to customize their travel experiences. But the circuits of Chinese Tour Operators are no longer adapted to the needs of the customer. In addition, there is a very strong rejection of travel agencies group from the Chinese.

 "We meet a new demand in the Chinese tourism market in Europe, the creation of custom ultra luxury travel," says Rémy PORTA, leader of the travel agency Aiguemarine.

"The desire to travel only between friends and family is now the first desire of wealthy Chinese clients. Many Chinese customers do not know that it is possible to explore Europe without having to squeeze into a bus with 50 strangers "

 more information here

Chinese Tourist

dimanche 9 juin 2013

Mexico welcome Chinese Tourist .

Mexico welcome Chinese Tourist . 

The country wants to capitalize on the recent visit of Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping to try and attract Chinese tourists to visit their country.
Xi, who visited the famous Chichen Itza in Mexico, seems to be a photo opportunity to generate a massive influx of tourists from China, the biggest spender in the world tourism. But officials and industry insiders said it is still a long way before Chinese tourists start to flock to Mexico.

 "What you have to do is to make the process faster. This is what the countries that have succeeded in attracting Chinese tourists did. Mexico has not yet." 

Jorge Guajardo former Mexican ambassador to China Tourism is one of the most important industries in Mexico, last year drawing 23 million foreign tourists spent about $ 12.7 billion.
However, travel insiders and government officials said Mexico is not going to exploit rapid rise of China as a source of tourists. The World Tourism Organization says China is the largest supplier of tourists worldwide, its travelers spend a total of $ 102 billion in 2012. Other countries have expanded their consular offices and flights to welcome Chinese visitors, but not Mexico. Just under 50,000 Chinese visited Mexico last year.


Ten times more U.S. citizens visit Mexico each month. Jorge Guajardo, who left his post as ambassador of Mexico to China on Sunday, said Mexico does not have the facilities or personnel in China to make the increasing number of visas to boost tourism. "What you have to do is to make the process faster. This is what the countries that have succeeded in attracting Chinese tourists did. Mexico has not yet," he said. Xi and the Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto visited archaeological site in the Yucatan and talked about the expansion of their trade relations. The Chinese leader said he hopes that some 400 million Chinese tourists will travel abroad during the next five years will be the ancient ruins of Mexico and the resort towns attractive.

Mexico want to increase Chinese Visitors in China ! 

Three days stay Xi Mexico was used to pump an increase in the number of Chinese visitors. Tuesday, Mexico boasted a 35 percent increase in the number of Chinese tourists in the first four months of the year. On Thursday, the Department of Tourism has said he wants to increase flights from China and put up signs more Mandarin in key areas, in the hope of China's one source of Asian travelers to Mexico No.

 potentially up to 400 million people

 Guajardo said Mexican consular office in Beijing is potentially up to 400 million people, but it has only two visa. "If we want to capitalize on this opportunity, we must expand our consular sections," he said. He also said more flights are needed to link the two countries. At present, Chinese travelers can fly from Shanghai to Mexico City on Thursdays and Sundays. Jorge Hernandez, president of the association of travel agents and travel to Mexico, said there is an urgent need for the Mexican tourist guides who speak Mandarin and Chinese signs in airports, hotels and restaurants. "They are very devoted to their traditions, their language," he said. "He who does not work to make the tourists feel welcome will not reap the benefits."

source http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/lifestyle/2013/06/08/mexico-tries-to-capitalize-on-xi-jinping-visit-to-lure-chinese-tourists/

samedi 8 juin 2013

He climbs the largest elevator in the world!

He climbs the largest elevator in the world! 

The French mountaineer Jean-Michel Casanova climb May 18 the "Dragon Ladder", the highest tourist elevator outdoor world. This monument is Ranked in the book "Guinness Book of Records", the Dragon Ladder top 335mètres. This is ascensseur Zhangjiajie in Hunan!