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samedi 26 septembre 2020

Marketing of Museum to Chinese tourists

The concept of “museum” dates back more than 200 years; the museum is the ideal place to learn more about the culture and history of a country. The museum is the backbone of cultural life, it is the place where people can learn, and have various experiences. Over 2,000,000 Chinese tourists have visited French museums since 2015, placing France in second place after the United States.

Museum marketing

Foreign museums, in particular French museums, occupy an important place on Chinese social networks and the Internet.

KOL in China

Bloggers and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) are also very popular with Chinese internet users. Their storytelling and opinions are essential to have good visibility on the Chinese network. (example here) So after the arrival of the Chinese Prime Minister at the Palace of Versailles, requests on the website exploded. This demonstrates the strong presence of social networks in the daily life of Chinese Internet users.

Today, foreign museums are working hard to attract more tourists by offering many services in Chinese. In addition, they decided to make great efforts to develop all kinds of Chinese information tools, such as website translation.

Chinese Tourists

Chinese who travel abroad have very specific expectations of museums. A tailor-made reception is an aspect to take into consideration, Chinese speaking staff and audio guides are essential.

Wi-Fi is also important because China is the most connected country in the world. The Chinese being hyper connected, they want to be able to communicate at any time through their social network.

In fact, the Orsay and Louvre museums quickly understood this new wave of tourists, hence the development of new strategies, including the integration of new payment methods such as WeChat pay and AliPay. All of these new forms of payment make the visitor experience easier. They just have to scan the QR code and the money goes straight to the buyer's account, no language or currency barriers.

How can Western museums attract Chinese tourists?

With the development of new technologies, especially in China, the largest connected country in the world, there are many ways to attract Chinese tourists to the museum. You can use Chinese social media websites like Weibo and Douban. 

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mercredi 23 septembre 2020



What is the upcoming Chinese Golden Week holiday?

China’s upcoming “Golden Week” refers to the 7-day holiday around the National Day of October 1st.  During this week a large number of Chinese people go traveling. The weeklong holiday enables both short-distance and long-distance trips, resulting in a boom of tourist revenue, as well as an overwhelming tourist crowd.

This week is truly a golden week also for restaurants, hotels, and companies in the tourism sector that see many customers arriving at their offices to spend a week full of fun and visit new and interesting places.

What will be the top 2 destination for Chinese tourists in 2020?

According to Qunar, China’s online travel booking website, the total number of domestic air travels made between October 1 and 8 will reach more than 15 million, a 10% increase over last year.

According to hotel bookings during the holidays on Qunar platform, the top 2 destination for the Golden Week are:

1.      Hainan should be the most popular destination

2.      Some say Macau could replace Hong Kong as a travel destination.

In fact, Hong Kong, on the other hand, is not an option, as the border remains closed due to the recent outbreaks.

Macau is trying to recover the losses due to the Covid-19

Macau hotels and casinos are planning for the next Golden Week holiday as travel restrictions with China are easing.

Many Chinese tourists are expected to travel to Macau after restrictions on visitors from across the mainland have been relaxed since September 23.

Initial hotel bookings indicate that things are starting to improve for Macau’s economy which is heavily reliant on mainland China tourists. According to the report from analysts led by Praveen Choudhary, Macau is seeing meaningful improvement in occupancy before and during the golden week, but room rate still remains weak.

The coronavirus crisis put a strain on the city’s casinos as Macau closed its borders to tourists. Gross gaming revenue at the gaming destination has dropped more than 90% year-on-year over the past five months, and analysts estimate a slight improvement with a near 85% drop for September.

As mentioned previously, tourist visas will resume on September 23, a week before the golden week of October, which is expected to increase hotel occupancy. But reopening a week earlier, as a result, only locals from neighboring provinces are likely to make spontaneous trips, as people sometimes plan Golden Week months in advance. Additionally, some provinces may still have quarantine policies for travelers.



samedi 12 septembre 2020

China Biz news

 Here are the Top News about China business 

Electric Cars in China

It’s 2020 and electelectric cars ric cars are paving the path to a more advantageous planet. Join the upheaval by checking these most basic EV insights both in the US and abroad.


Douyin Tiktok 

TikTok this week acquainted a program with exhibit affirmed suppliers of promoting administrations on its well known social video application. The marketing accomplice program has 20 debut members in crusade the executives, innovative turn of events, marked impacts and estimation, as indicated by an organization blog entry.


The Czech Republic’s Senate speaker and the city hall leader of Prague will visit Taiwan toward the month’s end, the island’s Unfamiliar Service said on Thursday, regardless of China’s danger of repercussions on Czech organizations


This August 25 was the QixiFestival, the #Chinese #valentinesday. Given the celebration as a time to give and receive gifts, many #brands have focused on #promotions, #engagement activities, offline and online (#o2o) campaigns and the engagement of celebrities and #KOLs on Chinese #socialmedia to increase their sales.


Sogou challenge Baidu in China