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samedi 12 septembre 2020

China Biz news

 Here are the Top News about China business 

Electric Cars in China

It’s 2020 and electelectric cars ric cars are paving the path to a more advantageous planet. Join the upheaval by checking these most basic EV insights both in the US and abroad.


Douyin Tiktok 

TikTok this week acquainted a program with exhibit affirmed suppliers of promoting administrations on its well known social video application. The marketing accomplice program has 20 debut members in crusade the executives, innovative turn of events, marked impacts and estimation, as indicated by an organization blog entry.


The Czech Republic’s Senate speaker and the city hall leader of Prague will visit Taiwan toward the month’s end, the island’s Unfamiliar Service said on Thursday, regardless of China’s danger of repercussions on Czech organizations


This August 25 was the QixiFestival, the #Chinese #valentinesday. Given the celebration as a time to give and receive gifts, many #brands have focused on #promotions, #engagement activities, offline and online (#o2o) campaigns and the engagement of celebrities and #KOLs on Chinese #socialmedia to increase their sales.


Sogou challenge Baidu in China


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