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mercredi 15 juillet 2015

A very good Digital Marketing Strategy is the key to success in China

The Adopt e-Commerce Data Management , the best Digital Strategy 

"The mantra of the Summit BtoB event, organized by the communication agency Oracle

So is managing data, Today, June lighthouses concerns marketing function

4 Lessons for your digital market BtoB:

In China Branding is everything explain Founder of GMA (leading Digital agency in China)

1 / positionning over competition

Although Know Your Strategy pour give meaning to data: tel is the first challenge one digital marketing approach. senior partner and strategic director of Ogyvly china a list Some good practices in order to positioner son supply over competition in China: Trouver Means to differentiate In the competitive son of, identifying its strengths and weaknesses, It is a lot of Risks and Opportunities That undefined to brand either consistent with His promises;

Identify your Priority TARGET,

the "characters" A convenient and intimate portrait of what they say, think ou Their appearances Their attitudes in public or, again, their expectations;
Understanding comment Competing brands are positioned on similar segments; Ask the strategic framework of the campaign and ensure Everybody in the company shares HIS Strategic Objectives; "In summary, there are four dimensions of the Strategy to remember, concludes Stéphane Munier The brand -. And his positioning -., Competition, the characters and the strategic framework" 2 / Generating Content Put in place the strategy of "honeypot": tel Is The board of Laurent Ollivier, CEO of Aressy, "by opening the lid of TO Attract prospects Whether they pay within Fall", a metaphor-t it. In practice, IT meant the creation of the United Nations website and, in parallel, a blog of the UN, spond to different logics. "The creation of UN comes Website In An SEO Strategy Continues Laurent Ollivier, AND SERVES choice to Products Offers Presentation And services. The blog transformer Meets Needs of contacts Players and Powers sera content . The issues on the market, trades of e Functional Needs "Rule of Three levels prevailing pay select content: 1/3 rewriting existing content, exclusive of 1/3 (forums, experts ..... 1/3 curation.

The board? Abusing the call-to-action to capture contacts, like the subscription to the newsletter June On infographics, white papers ... Chinese buyers really like.

A Sí no simple process, as evidenced by head of channel marketing service and communication at Sony Europe: "We wanted to Create quality content and Sufficient Quantity, It scared We Who We Are We turned, internally to the Content Already products communication through,
 We have trusted our agency to Who We outsource the curation of content. " explain the founder of Zhongguo Wine

3 / monitoring .....

92% of Buyers Are Passed on the UN site before taking the purchase decision, "recalls Bruno Barandas, CEO of Win more. Pour Detecting Weak Signals, place Done monitoring, expert ADVISES the." Monitoring offers the possibility to detect Enterprises Who ConnecTent on my website and the analyzer trail pour locate the Need "He continues remains to Choose the tool of marketing automation., Nurtering of the score . " Allows monitoring of IP identifier The Business Who come to our site and define rating based on their behavior, "explain Chief Marketing services e-commerce.
A Time gait automation Launched marketing, good practice is to "associate retargeting With email marketing, pour inject contextualizing data In Emails" adds Roland Koltchakian, business development SAP Marketing Cloud.

4 / Leverage social media

Finally, in June Digital Marketing Strategy Could not be complete without social networks, wechat weibo etc  Diffuser and son amplifier content, or further increase the brand awareness with banners on the UN social network, few are VSS features of Permitted by the networks.
Social media influences purchase decisions more than Chinese SHOPPERS retail Web sites, according to a new report released by the global marketing firm Intel Data Management LLC.
The report, "Digital Business Impact Analysis Tool 2015" notes that the social messages and retailers media pages have a greater influence on the stores and consumers buy brands from other channels, including search engines and retail sites. And social media messages and brands of the pages are not far behind in their influence. Epsilon quantifies influence by using what he calls a score impact the average percent of users say that a channel has influenced 10 factors, including whether the channel led consumers to buy products or brands they have not previously purchased.
The five basic digital tools in terms of impact score with their respective score:
Social network messages and pages of retailers, 35%
Price comparison sites, 35%
Filter applications, 34%
Social network messages and brand pages, 33%
Product Reviews 33%
Printable coupons, 32%

When exclusive Chinese brands examined prompting consumers to try new brands and products, retailers using social media also opened the way to 29%, exceeding social media brands use (28%) , printable coupons (23%) of daily deal sites (22%) and the social media messages from friends (21%)

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